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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom furniture Akvaton room : the pros and cons , real quality

Bathroom furniture Akvaton room
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room bathroom specifically because of excess moisture and high temperatures.In this regard, the bathroom furniture must be very high quality to withstand such impacts.Domestic company "Akvaton" adheres to these requirements in the manufacture of its products.

Bathroom furniture Akvaton room


  • versatility (can be selected and a large bathroom, and a small-sized);
  • Price (furniture can be called economy class, it is cheaper in 2 times, than from foreign producers);
  • Stylish design (incredibly beautiful appearance).
  • richness and variety of colors.
  • Installing directly to the bathroom, for which it is not necessary to pay (all free plant experts will perform).
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Possibility of internet order through the company's official site.
  • Manufacturing of furniture to order.
Advantages of bathroom furniture Akvaton
Benefits of bathroom furniture Akvaton room

entire production process, from design development through final takes place at the plant.


Despite the advantages, there are a

lso significant drawbacks.

  • Firstly, the budget - this is not always the highest quality, like an expensive European brands of furniture.
  • is not always practical.
  • life is short: 2 to 4 years.
  • hard to beat on the repair warranty card.

Features production

  • All production steps are controlled so that they are carried out in accordance with the technology.
  • Company seeks to combine beauty and functionality.
  • Furniture has a wide price range.Thus, the buy products possible, taking into account their own financial means.
Features furniture for bathroom brand Akvaton

Product Quality

2009 brought us the title of the Russian brand №1.The popularity is due to price - performance ratio.For the production of plates are taken, are made of compressed wood chips having a high moisture resistance class (VDSP) and MDF board.

VDSP laminated plates, MDF carefully painted on several layers.Priming in multiple layers provides a strong resistance to moisture furniture.

polyurethane waterproof adhesive provides high-quality products processing edges.

surface gloss molds, not dimming over time.

Fasteners and hardware are supplied by foreign manufacturers.

Quality bathroom furniture Akvaton room


most popular collections are called "Amerina" (60M and 60H). color scale - from black to dark brown.Shells are rectangular in shape.Headsets are provided with drawers (2-3).Cabinets are equipped with legs and hanging cabinets and closets-stands allow to accommodate a lot of things needed in the bathroom.There are lockers for small items.

very interesting model of "mini York 50". presence of wooden decor, facade European fittings, mirrors, illuminated - all this is offered at a relatively inexpensive price.Pedestals are offered as to the lack of legs, and with them.Stability they provide steam sheds whereby pedestal attached to the wall.

Комплект мебели для ванной комнаты Акватон - "Америна"
Комплект мебели для ванной комнаты Акватон - "ЙОРК с раковиной mini"

«Remini 60". Sinks to this set provided by the Spanish company Roca.The color scheme - black and white.Mirror provided with a backlight, which is operated by a touch pad.

Very easy system connection to sewerage and water supply: suggested 2 options (bottom and back).

cabinet Column suspended on the wall.Depending on the location of the owner himself determines in which direction it will open: left or right.If necessary, the cabinet just flipped.

Мебель для ванной комнаты Акватон - "Ремини 60"

addition to the standard models, the company produces the angular variations.An example of such "Alpina 65".

Corner benches to the bathroom from Akvaton


Opinions about the product "Akvaton" varied.No wonder they say: "How many people, so many opinions."

Overall, however, the picture is as follows:

  • furniture looks nice and looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • price quite attractive.
  • Factory marriage happens, and the service center does not respond promptly.
  • quality is not very high, but the price of this inexpensive furniture.
Reviews of bathroom furniture Akvaton room