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August 12, 2017 18:06

Closet-case for the bathroom : floor , angular , with basket and mirror

Closet-case bathroom
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  • Types
    • Floor
    • Suspended
    • Corner options
    • With laundry basket
    • With a mirror
    • Rotating
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  • Tips for Choosing

Keeping things inside the bathroom is always one of the most pressing issues.Choosing furniture in this room, many are thinking about buying foam enclosure.What good is such an option of furniture, what would be the pencil case in the bathroom and what should be found to purchase it?

Bathroom furniture with a pencil case


  • Pencil in the bathroom is functional and practical thing.This furniture makes it easy to maintain cleanliness in the room and make the room cozy.The internal "stuffing" of the cabinet, you can pick up on your own, making furniture such as convenient and useful.
  • This cabinet is easy to accommodate all the accessories that should be kept in the bathroom.It will be a place for towels, cosmetics, household chemicals and other things.Thus foam will take up room in a relatively small space.
  • Modern sliding cupboards for bathroom are made of moisture-resista
    nt material, so you can not worry about that closet spoiled by changes in temperature and humidity, as well as covered with fungus.
Closet-case for the bathroom and its advantages
Benefits of foam for a bathroom cabinet


Now on the market there is quite a lot Closet-case variations of differing dimensions, functionality, finish and other parameters.Typically unit as desired, can have from one to four leaves.It can also be equipped with open shelves.Such shelves are quite comfortable for the subjects that are often used.The color palette of the canister is vast - from the classic white to the colorful variants of cabinets with a variety of shades.


Such a standard option, which is often called the column, is preferred for large bath room.Most often it is a rectangular cabinet model on small legs or without them.Its advantage is the ease of installation.

Floor unit as desired for the bathroom


This pencil case - it is the best option for small-sized room or a bathroom in which a lot of furniture.This cabinet can be installed anywhere in the bathroom.An additional advantage of it is that such furniture does not take place on the floor.This is also important if the bathroom floor heating.

Pendant-canister cabinet is a classic (a closet usually put near the sink) a corner.Visually, this wardrobe looks like a lightweight design, so to him the interior will look not as congested as a floor plan.

Hanging closet -case bathroom
Suspended cabinets , cupboards in the bathroom

Corner options

This model-canister cabinet is often chosen in a small bathroom to use floor space for maximum benefit.Buying such a case, select the option with no sharp corners, then you will reduce his risk of injury.In addition, when you buy a corner model, be sure to look at the legs.They should be located a maximum distance from each other to the canister weight was distributed evenly on each.

Corner unit as desired for the bathroom

With laundry basket

Often this outdoor version of the cabinet with high capacity and good understaffing.It is indispensable for the bathroom, in which there is a washing machine.Shopping can be mounted in the door (in this case, it is put forward at the same time opening the door) or slide out of the canister on wheels.If you choose a pencil case with a basket, before buying, check whether you are comfortable it will be open.

Closet-case with a basket for the bathroom

With a mirror

These cupboards can be either floor or hanging, with their main feature - a mirror finish of the facade.This wonderful furniture fits into the bathroom, as a mirror in the room is very necessary.If the cabinet is high, then you have the ability to install full-length mirror.The mirror can be mounted on the front or top can replace the facade.There are also models in which the mirror is encased in the inner side of the door.An excellent option is to supplement the cabinet with mirror lights.

Closet-case with mirror for bathroom
Pencil case with a mirror in the bathroom
Closet-case bathroom with a mirror room


This pencil case is very easy to use and is very stylish furniture to the bathroom.Due to the mechanism of rotation of the contents of the closet you can get from anywhere in the room, which is important if the room is non-standard.And an outer surface, and the inner compartments of the foam enclosure used most efficiently.For instance, one wall can be mounted mirror, the second - the hooks.When buying a canister model, find out whether withstand the rotational mechanism of the furniture moisture.

Rotating unit as desired for the bathroom


The quality-canister cabinet affects not only the material that was used in its production, but also accessories.He grabs a glance at it, and it becomes clear whether this furniture will last a long time.

Buying closet, be sure to inspect the pens. best option will be the handle of the metal, because their lifespan is much longer than the other options. have glossy handles look more attractive, but they constantly have to wipe off fingerprints and smudges, so in many cases, preference is given to a matte handles.

Closet-case and accessories for him
What to choose for cabinet knobs in the form of foam in the bathtub

also important to look at and to the loops. best producers of such accessories are Italy, Sweden and Germany. But Chinese and Russian loops do not have good quality.

If the cabinet has legs, they also need to be carefully examined.Ideally legs should be able to regulate the height. Also note that the timing of chrome fittings service is much more than the parts made of plastic or with gold.

Accessories for foam cabinet in the bathroom


Variety modern canisters installed in the bathroom is very large.Such furniture is quite attractive and can decorate the room with any interior. choosing closet in the bathroom estimate characteristics such as size, shape, colors. main task is to choose a product that will look perfectly in the interior of the bathroom.

cabinet design in the form of foam for a bathroom
Designer wardrobe - foam in the bathtub
Closet-case , and his design for the bathroom

Tips for Choosing

  • higher is selected for your bathroom cabinet, a pencil case, the less convenient it is to use.Pick a product that height, so you could easily reach the top shelf.Most models of cabinets height varies between 150-180 centimeters.
  • assess the functionality of the cabinet that you want to purchase.It is unnecessary compartments and shelves in many models.Functional product will include a retractable basket in the lower part (it will be kept soiled laundry), in the central part of the boxes (they can hold bath accessories), and the top of the shelves (they can be kept clean underwear).
  • also paid attention to the quality of the cabinet, which you liked.Find out what material is made pencil case, as well as the quality of fittings used in it.Make sure that the material is water-resistant and moisture can not penetrate into the cabinet.
Tips for choosing a cabinet in the form of foam bath