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August 12, 2017 18:06

The best Russian and foreign manufacturers of bathroom furniture , European firms

Manufacturers of furniture for bathroom
  • Akvaton
  • TIMO
  • Godi
  • Valente
  • Antonio Lupi
  • Villeroy Boch
  • Labor Legno
  • AkvaRodos
  • Aqua (De Aqua)
  • Akvella
  • Akvanet
  • Triton
  • Briklaer
  • Aqualife

range Wealth complicates the process of choosing furniture.I like a lot and it seems that each successive version better than the last.Bathroom should you like and savings is not relevant here: to relax and get the most out is possible only in a beautiful setting on the water treatment.In addition, the arrival of the guests certainly accompanied by a march to the bathroom, I want to make a good impression.

Each manufacturer is good in its own way and hard to answer, better to choose a manufacturer - foreign or domestic. The more that countries manufacturers use when creating their masterpieces interior materials as their own, and imported from other countries. Differences in the quality and range have each brand regardless of the country of production.

Manufacture of bathroom furniture
Bathroom furniture from the manufacturer - some choose

Russian producers are focused primarily on the consumer with a compac

t bathroom.And this is a huge plus as compact furniture fit in almost any Russian bath.There are, of course, small kits imported bathroom.

For a country house and the apartment with a large area of ​​the bathroom is the perfect choice of imported furniture.

cost of bathroom furniture from foreign producers is much higher than our Russian counterpart.This is due to the higher cost of goods and excise payments.It affects the price and exchange rate growth rates.

The Russian manufacturers can produce custom-made furniture for their individual sizes.This service is very popular, especially if the client has a bathroom custom sizes and shapes.

Manufacturers of furniture for bathroom


Russian company "Akvaton" has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable and refined furniture. material from which made the collection of eco-friendly and safe for our health.It is resistant to moisture due to the polyurethane enamel coating.Temperature fluctuations and the impact of condensate - is not afraid of the furniture "Akvaton".

All of the furnishings are equipped with legs.Thus, it is not in contact with the floor.

Product design is incredibly interesting.He boldly compete with foreign counterparts, while maintaining a relatively low cost.

At the moment, the company belongs to the Italian company Roca Group.

Bathroom furniture from Akvaton


of the world famous Finnish company that not only produces high-quality sanitary ware, showers, and a stunningly refined bathroom furniture. It transforms the interior, making it a truly gorgeous. fitting is made in gold and bronze.The alloy is treated special coating that prevents corrosion.An amazing combination of brevity and charm TIMO elevates to the rank of elite furniture.

Bathroom furniture by TIMO
Bathroom furniture by TIMO


Furniture from Chinese manufacturer Godi is the epitome of classic. not inferior to European standards.The material used natural wood (Malaysian oak is not under 27 years), combined with marble.Godi furniture - a tandem of new technologies and manual work, so each object it is exclusive.Despite the originality of the designs, all the home furnishings is quite comfortable.

Bathroom furniture from Water


Founded in 2002, the Russian company producing sanitary ware and bathroom furniture.The kit comes from Germany.All the latest technologies are certainly embodied in the product.This - the coating resin composition of wood, shells and tide table tops from liquid artificial stone.

quality at the highest level.It is complemented by bold design solutions. wide range and numerous collections allow to pick up the furniture in the desired colors.

Bathroom furniture from Valente
Bathroom furniture from Valente

Antonio Lupi

Italian company, which includes 10 leading brands for the production of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture.Antonio Lupi wonderfully combines minimalist Japanese style and Italian charm.The materials used in the manufacture of very high quality. The emphasis is placed on the glass, which is present in almost every collection.In addition to glass used steel, stone, wood.

production technology seamlessly furniture ensures its maximum moisture resistance.

Approximately 80% of the works are performed not machines, but human hands.This applies to the assembly, cutting, coloring.

production does not stand still, and every year brings something new: trim elements, color range and design.

Bathroom furniture by Antonio Lupi
Bathroom furniture Antonio Lupi
Bathroom furniture of the brand Antonio Lupi

Villeroy Boch

History of the German brand has more than 250 years.Currently, Villeroy Boch combines the quality, conciseness, the latest technology and modern design.A variety of shapes and colors allow you to choose furniture for almost any bathroom.

Furniture for bathrooms from Villeroy & boch
Bathroom furniture Villeroy & boch

Labor Legno

Products from Labor Legno primarily characterized by practicality.Natural color, quality and style - all of it is inherent to the Italian brand. abundance of cupboards and cabinets can accommodate everything you need and even more in them. Suitable for large area of ​​the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture Labor Legno


Furniture from AkvaRodos designed for small-sized bathroom.But, despite this, it is thoroughly planned.This allows the maximum use of the space.

Withstands moderate humidity.The material of manufacture is chipboard.

can say that the version of the budget.

Bathroom Furniture Aqua Rhodes

Aqua (De Aqua)

Skate Company - serial and exclusive furniture for bathrooms.Aqua - a domestic producer, working mainly in Moscow.

Waterproof materials are handled carefully painted from Italy. Therefore, they can easily cope with temperature changes.

The company is working on the creation of individual orders for the project owner.This is its advantage over many other manufacturers.

Bathroom Furniture De Aqua Room
Bathroom furniture by De Aqua


age of about 10 years.

distinctive feature of the manufacturer is that side, and front part made of MDF board imported from Spain. This material does not go in any comparison with the DSP.The product is obtained durable and high quality.Details are held together by special ties, rather than glue.If necessary, you can be replaced.

High humidity bathroom does not affect negatively on the condition of the furniture.It is durable.

environmental and safety, style and a harmonious combination of colors - all of which can offer a "Akvella" to its customers.

Bathroom furniture by brand Akvella


bathroom furniture from the Russian company Akvanet characterizes the powerful resistance to moisture, through the use of MDF and particleboard, which in turn are covered by special primer coating. materials delivered from Finland, the paint - from Italy. equipment used French and Italian.This combination gives excellent results: durability, reasonable price and attractive image.Especially because - it is a domestic manufacturer, and he, like anyone else, are well aware of the desires and possibilities of their potential buyers.

Bathroom furniture from Akvanet
Bathroom furniture Akvanet


Laconic in combination with modern design makes the furniture from the company Triton incredibly comfortable and beautiful.She will decorate a virtually any bathroom interior.

mounted mirrors in different shapes, all kinds of shelves and cabinets are the ideal solution for the bathroom.There are options for the classic, in gentle tones.But the expression of lovers too will find yourself kits to their liking.Provide comfort yourself is realistic.

used for the production of laminated MDF, which is subjected to facing by compressing vacuum.

Bathroom furniture by Triton


Brand "Briklaer" wonderfully combines all that so want to see every one of us in his bathroom.If you bought yourself a set, then no one would dare accuse you of bad taste.Each collection is carefully thought out.


  • quality due to the equipment that comes from Italy and Germany.
  • customers purchase is delivered carefully packed, with mandatory instructions for storage, assembly and operation.
  • The company is so confident in the high quality of its products, which provides a two-year warranty on their furniture.
Bathroom furniture by brand Briklaer
Bathroom furniture Briklaer


Finnish chipboard taken for the manufacture of furniture housing.

German laminated edge goes to the processing of the ends of the product.For the front of the MDF is used by the same manufacturer.Before you put on her Italian (Milesi) enamel passes priming procedure.


  • Hardware comes from Poland, Turkey and Italy.It is resistant to external influences, the outer cover is not erased.
  • Integrated lighting does not require much energy.It takes only 12 volts.
  • mirrors specially designed for rooms with high humidity.

Three designer collections are bathroom furniture - Spain, the Baltic States and Oceania.A set of shelves, cupboards, drawers and baskets make furniture from Aqualife ergonomic and comfortable.

To prevent damage to the product during transportation, it is placed in a very dense packing, which is a five-layer cardboard.

Bathroom furniture from Russian brand Aqualife