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August 12, 2017 18:06

Italian bathroom furniture , BelBagno, Kerasan, Antonio Lupi

Italian bathroom furniture
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At all times, Italy has always been associated only allthe best.Italian art, Italian cuisine, Italian clothes - all this and to this day is considered a model of quality and taste.No less known and Italian furniture.Production and export of furniture in Italy have a very ancient and rich history.Italian furniture is always eager to get to their homes the most sophisticated connoisseurs.

Today furniture from Italy is available to all who are willing to pay for the quality of the bid. And if a few decades ago, focused on the environment living room, bedroom and kitchen, but now people began to attach great importance to the appearance of the "intimate" space as a bathroom.It caught the mood and furniture manufacturers, so today, in stores a huge selection of elite sanitary ware and bathroom furniture.Products Italian companies among this variety has a special place.In this article we will introduce y

ou to ideas for the bathroom, which offer Italian producers today.

Italian furniture in the bathroom


standard set of bathroom furniture includes a cabinet under the sink, mirror hanging locker and storage container for towels. permitting the bath area, you can buy sets of furniture with a lot of elements: broad and long tops, shelves, hanging shelves, chairs, etc.

Italian bathroom furniture features a large variety of choice."Own" set of furniture will find a buyer with any purse. Regardless of the class of products - whether it's luxury or economy - Italian-made furniture will serve you for decades.This is due to the fact that manufacturers pay great attention not only to the choice of materials, but also the quality of the hardware.

Carved Italian bathroom furniture

Italian designers are known for their rich imagination and sense of style, so that even the most ordinary objects of interior in their hands acquire beauty.Italian furniture in classical performance traditions choosing judges: antique style, Baroque and Rococo are considered timeless classics and do not lose their relevance for several centuries.Interior in modern and fusion now very popular, and the Italian designers will not stand aside from the global trend.

Assortment of Italian bathroom furniture
Sets of Italian bathroom furniture


As we have said, the furniture made in Italy perhaps the best-selling in the world.Therefore, in the arsenal of the Italian manufacturers have all possible materials, as in the different countries prefer different materials.Somewhere care about protecting the environment and prefer to buy furniture made from recycled raw materials or synthetic materials.Somewhere prefer to furnish the house furniture is only natural, natural materials.

Italian bathroom furniture
In the last century Italian masters are actively used in the decoration of furniture tortoise shell.Furniture inlaid with tortoise shell, and sold today, but it is very expensive, as the capture of this species of turtles have banned more than thirty years ago.Some producers were reserves of this precious material, so the elite furniture from a tortoiseshell finish produced to order.Such furniture is a real luxury.
Italian furniture in the bathroom and the materials for it
Materials for the Italian furniture in the bathroom
Materials for furniture from Italy in the bathroom


modern bathroom is a harmonious blend of beauty and comfort.

Even the most spacious bathroom should not make furniture and fixtures so that was not a free meter space.But, at the same time, in the bathroom should be a place to store a lot of things - household appliances, cosmetics, cleaning products, robes and towels, as well as other accessories.

Italian furniture meets all the requirements of ergonomics. It allows you to organize the storage of things in the most convenient manner.Meanwhile, Italian-made furniture is elegant and compact, so everything is perfect for our small bathrooms.

Functionality of Italian bathroom furniture
Functional Italian bathroom furniture


In Italy, there are several hundred companies producing bathroom furniture.However, only few of them managed to get fame and establish itself as a world leader in this field.


Bathroom furniture Aima by firms is the result of the activities of Russian-Italian cooperation. Manufacturers are focused on the use of your own, patented material called Polititan.It is environmentally friendly and is ideal for the creation of interior items for the bathroom. Polititan has an excellent moisture resistance and ductility.The latter quality makes it possible to create furniture for the incredible shapes and configurations.

Italian bathroom furniture brand Aima


products of this Italian company refers to the average price range.The company is developing two lines of bathroom furniture: Moderno and Classico.Inside the lines regularly appear furniture collection that meet all the modern trends. BelBagno products meet the highest European quality standards. In addition to furniture, the company manufactures plumbing for the bathroom, so you have the opportunity to choose the interior, harmoniously combined with each other.

Italian bathroom furniture brand BelBagno
Italian furniture BelBagno in bathroom


Kerasan Company was founded over 50 years ago in the municipality of Civita Castellana.Starting with the production of simple ceramic sinks and toilets, the company gradually expanded its range of products. Today it produces almost all types of equipment for the bathroom, including furniture and sanitary ware.Products of this brand has its own distinctive style, the work of several talented designers. Every item of furniture in the collection has personality and is a small work of art.

Kerasan Italian bathroom furniture

Antonio Lupi

products from this manufacturer belongs to a class "lux".The company Antonio Lupi is particularly known for its careful attention to the choice of materials for the manufacture of furniture. She prefers expensive natural materials: rare wood and natural stone.The decoration also used metal, glass and ceramic items. addition, the company develops synthetic materials characterized by high performance.

Italian furniture Antonio Lupi in the bathroom
Italian bathroom furniture Antonio Lupi