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August 12, 2017 18:06

Drawers under the sink : Surface- type , a washing machine , suspended

Cupboard under the sink for the bathroom
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set of bathroom furniture virtually unchanged over time.A special place is occupied by tables, which have always been and will be relevant.And even better, if they are installed sink.These items have the primary function, eliminating the unwanted accumulations in the room.


bedside table under the sink can be described undeniably ideal choice of bathroom furniture, and this is confirmed by the next of its dignity:

  • This is a great place to put all the necessary arsenal of accessories and items;
  • possibility of using table top as a table;
  • saving usable area of ​​the bathroom;
  • Excellent masking all communications;
  • versatility;
  • within easy reach under the consignment note and embedded under the sink;
  • There are options under which cabinet can even embed the washing machine;
  • reliability and durability.
Cupboard under the sink with a washing machine
Advantages of cabinets under the sink for the bathroom
Benefits under the sink cabinets


disadvantages of this type of furniture are insignificant.Many models of cabinets

can hinder repair of plumbing, if you suddenly show up faults.Some of the pedestals create difficulties when cleaning the room, namely the interior design.

Disadvantages cabinets under the sink for the bathroom


There are two kinds of cabinets under the sink, it floor and suspension.

latter species becomes more and more popular among consumers.These tables are perfect for small rooms, not burdening the space, and even increasing it visually.They are very easy to use, does not interfere with carrying out cleaning, do not interfere in case of flooding.The important point is the installation tables, it must necessarily be attached only to the capital cover or a brick partition wall with dowels or anchors.

Hanging cupboard under the sink in the bathroom
Suspended cabinets under the sink for the bathroom
Cupboard under sink hanging

Floor products, in turn, are divided into subspecies or another, different configurations:

Models on the legs. suitable for rooms with heated floors.They are easily installed by yourself, it is necessary only to attach it to the wall, if provided by the product design.To secure the legs in the furniture must be made of chrome-plated metal.

Floor stand on the leg under the sink

models with base. As with previous devices, they are easy to install.These tables are very stable due to the cap, but it is important that this element was a hundred percent protected against water, moisture and temperature changes, in order to preserve the integrity of the structure.

Cupboard under the sink with cap
Cabinets with cap under the sink

Corner model. This ergonomic and stylish bathroom furniture, especially small size.They look very original.Such cabinets under the sink are compact, but roomy enough.

Corner cupboard under the sink
Corner cabinet under the sink for the bathroom
Corner cabinets under the sink in the bathroom

Material requirements

functionality for cabinets under the sink, of course, is important, but at the same time the shape and material of furniture are also important.They give the interior a stylish bathroom and a unique view.Manufacturers are constantly updating lineup, so the requirements for them becomes larger.

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the practicality and durability of the materials for the cabinets.Their resistance to humidity and temperature variations must be absolute. If the furniture is made of wood, MDF panels or veneer, the surface is processed in two ways:

  • first - this painting. natural process automated.The material in this case treated with a primer and several layers of paint that certainly provides a good protection.
  • second - is the processing of moisture-resistant varnish and a special compound prevents the proliferation sorts of bacteria and mold.The inner walls of cabinets and shelves are also covered by the laminating film to protect them.
Painted cabinets under the sink for the bathroom
Lacquered cupboard under the sink in the bathroom

If for the manufacture of artificial stone used stone, the reliability is not in doubt.The main thing is that on the surface is not damaged: chipping, dents, scratches that contribute to the destruction of this material.

Drawers under the sink made ​​of artificial stone in the bathroom

further note that under sink cabinets also produce an array of different breeds , many of which are inherently possess excellent physical and performance properties.Due to the high density of the wood is not sensitive to virtually water and various kinds of microbes.

Cupboard under the sink , solid wood bathroom

selecting cabinet, do not hesitate to ask the sales consultants on the technical characteristics of materials.

Features selection

order not to err in the choice of cabinets under the sink, it is advisable to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The fact that the material of furniture to be water-resistant and resistant to corrosion, you know now, but do not forget to make sure there are no cracks, chips, stains and is not dyed seats;
  • Tightly sealed edges facades, if any, guarantee life extension;
  • Particular attention should be paid to the details of furniture.The metal-plated or aluminum fittings will serve you almost always in contrast to the chrome-plated plastic, which will lose the appearance in the first months;
  • closers on the doors and drawers will help to avoid a loud knocking at their closing;
  • Well, if you can stand to be a more functional, with all kinds of drawers, shelves, mirror, laundry basket, and of course the availability of all these compartments;
  • product color is also important and it should be in harmony with the general interior of the bathroom;
  • matters and the size of the sink, common dimensions are bowls from 50 to 80 centimeters;
  • We recommend purchase of the cabinet collectible editions, so that later you can easily purchase the missing piece of furniture, if you suddenly have a desire.
Tips for Choosing the cupboard under the sink for the bathroom
Recommendations for choosing a cupboard under the sink for the bathroom