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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tables for the bathroom : types, styles , washbasin with mirror

Beautiful dressing table in the bathroom
  • Possible styles
  • Umbra Aquala
  • Selection Criteria
  • number of shells
  • strength of the material
  • color combination
  • Stability
  • drawers and bedside tables
  • Mirrors
  • With a mirror
  • Manufacturers
  • Tips

Dressing tables are modern and stylish look of accessories, bringing comfort to the room.That element of the decoration of the room you make the room unique and emphasize the bath in it a peaceful atmosphere.In addition, any of them with hygiene, napkins, tubes, bottles and accessories will always be readily available.

Table Bathroom

However, we note that the dresser is not a part of the interior, which easily fit into any bathroom.Those who have very modest housing options, setting the table, is likely to be unavailable pleasure.To choose the right table to the bathroom, it is important to consider a combination with the design of the room, the room size and other nuances.

Possible styles

texture and color dressing tables may surprise you with its diversity.Select the appropriate will focus on styles bathtub.

new element of the interior must not only be in the same color tone and harmony with the other decorations, but also complement the space.

Table for bathroom in harmony with the interior

For example, in the bathroom or the traditional English style of Baroque will look beautiful curly and ornate table, decorated with ornaments and gold.The modern interior fit the steel table, complete with neon lights.Eastern style suggests ethnically stylized version.

Tables for the bathroom with gold
Table with lighting for bathroom
Table as a decoration in the bathroom

Umbra Aquala

However, one square meter in the bathroom is not enough, not necessarily completely abandon the idea of ​​adding to the interior of the table.Of course, artsy marble vanity is not for you, but about Umbra Aquala table is thoughtful.

Table Umbra Aquala bathroom

This model is suitable for absolutely any bathroom because it is more like a shelf that is installed on the bath.

If we reject the idea that the table must have legs, Umbra Aquala may well serve as an excellent substitute for traditional dresser. This model is mounted on the bath rim, keeping them with steel handles.Since the width can be adjusted, product suited to the bath with any width. Worktop in Umbra Aquala is made of durable and resistant to moisture and bacteria material - bamboo.It is further treated by impregnation, therefore completely protected from germs and mold.

Table Umbra Aquala on bath

on countertop Umbra Aquala has a recess, into which you can put shower gel, soap, scented candles and a glass of champagne.Also, this model is supplemented countertop holder, which is convenient to put a book or tablet.

Functional countertop Umbra Aquala bathroom
Table Umbra Aquala bathroom , top view
Compact hinged table Umbra Aquala bathroom

Selection Criteria

To choose the right table to the bathroom, take into account the following criteria:

  • size

  • mirror

  • material

  • number of shells

  • resistance table

  • boxes and tables for details

  • color combination with plumbing

A table with a sink for the bathroom

number of shells

have dressing table can be one sink, but also offered model with two sinks and more, are better for families in which there are at least 2 children.

Beautiful bathroom vanities
Tables for the bathroom with two sinks
Elegant table with one sink in the bathroom

strength of the material

It is important to buy a table to the bathroom was quite reliable.

In this regard, the best one is the artificial stone.

Stone countertops in the bathroom

color combination

Plumbing fixtures and other interior parts in your bathroom should be in harmony in color.

Color solution in bathroom
Wooden tables with a sink in the bathroom
Elegant table bathroom


If its design is poorly stable to use this table may not be safe.

Reliable vanities in the bathroom

drawers and bedside tables

They store cosmetics, and various small items.Number of boxes to be best for you.

To choose a model table with a suitable amount of boxes, is to make a list of things that they will be stored.

Elegant table in the bathroom

Even better, if the capacity of the table is greater than the moment you need.

Functional bathroom vanities
Dressing table for small items in the bathroom
Comfortable and functional tables in the bathroom


It is the main decoration of the dresser, so be careful with his selection - on the mirror should be no defects or damage. Choose a quality product, which has a smooth surface.

Bathroom vanity with mirror

With a mirror

To successfully put in the bathroom dressing table, equipped with a mirror, you need to ensure that such conditions are:

  • product should be in a well lit area
  • desirable to close waselectrical outlet
  • value of the mirror should be related to the size of the table

If the window has a bathroom, the best place for the table will be just next to the window.Complete the table with suitable lighting fixtures and a comfy chair.

An additional table lighting for bathrooms
Large bathroom with vanity
Lighting for the dressing table in the bathroom
Dressing table in the bathroom with a window
The window in the bathroom and good lighting for the table in the bathroom
Table complete set of bathroom


Traditional models of tables produced by Italian factories.For its production and use talyantsy ancient processing techniques, combining them with modern types of finishes.

Dressing tables in the bathroom - beauty and functionality

Although the choice of configurations and models of such furniture is very diverse, designer products are very popular , because take into account all the wishes and customer preferences.

Many companies offer to make a dressing table for the order by selecting the material and components.Also note that the personal order table very rescue Lefty, because most products in the shops are suitable for right-handers.

Quite often for countertops such tables are choosing granite or marble.Natural stone with the help of cutting is converted to a countertop any form.

Marble countertop in bathroom
Table top made ​​of natural stone for the table in the bathroom
Dressing tables in the bathroom made ​​of natural materials


If you choose a table with a deep sink, countertop will always be clean and dry.

Dressing table in the bathroom

If bathroom space is limited, but you still feel like a dressing table, a better choice would be the personal order corner table. also a good option for small bathrooms will table in the form of hinged shelves and model with folding top.

A corner table in the bathroom
Compact tables Bathroom
Functional dressing tables in the corner of the bathroom

Since indoor bathroom humidity is often raised, is to choose a table from the water-resistant materials, as well as take care of sufficient ventilation.

Reliable tables Bathroom

table from not too strong and reliable material can be delivered to the guest bathroom, because it is used less.