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August 12, 2017 18:06

Built in the bathroom : mounted , built-in, corner , under the sink .How to hang

Built in the bathroom
  • Options
  • Materials
  • solves the problem of high humidity
  • Sliding wardrobes
  • Mirrored cabinets
  • We hang furniture

Bathroom is the place where morning starts most ofus.Therefore, to the morning was good, it is necessary that everything in the room was perfect.The same applies to the cabinets, since the size is not very large bathrooms and all the necessary hygiene and toiletries must fit here.

Veneer set of bathroom furniture


cabinets bathroom may differ from each other not only material, but also the basic parameters and purpose.They planned to place hygiene products, cosmetics, household chemicals and other details.This will greatly save valuable space in the bathroom.Just lockers solve a number of aesthetic problems, complementing the modern interior views.

Cases for the bathroom are:

  • Attachments - are the most popular.They come in both standard and corner.They are mounted on special brackets.And for those cabinets where it is supposed possession of heavy elements, an additional locking s
  • Built - used in those areas where there is a niche, or other depressions in the wall.They help rational use of space in the room.
  • SLR - usually hang them over the sink.Such cabinets are generally made of only the door glass.They are not only roomy, but also have an attractive appearance.
  • Corner - rooms are suitable for small size and installed in any corner.
  • Closet-case is simple and easy to use.
  • cabinet under the sink - enough practical solution, especially in tight spaces.They may vary in shape and size, have drawers, as well as laundry basket.
Wall cabinets Bathroom
Built-in closet in the bathroom
Wardrobe Bathroom
Wardrobe case for the bathroom
Cupboard under the sink
Mirror cabinet


Furniture that will be used in the bathroom shouldpossess a number of qualities.It should be durable, resistant to moisture and temperature changes, environmentally friendly and durable.When choosing a cabinet for the bathroom it is important to bear in mind that it must necessarily be durable and made of water-resistant elements.

For their production, the most commonly used:

  • chipboard (laminated chipboard) , which is produced by pressing wood and adding additional resin.This material is absolutely humidity resistant due to lamination.As varied colors such furniture.
  • MDF is made from wood fibers and synthetic adhesive.It is characterized by resistance to water and temperature extremes.Therefore, this furniture will serve you a long time.
  • glass (mirror) often used to decorate the facade of the cabinet.Such furniture also not afraid moisture, as this material has not high hygroscopicity.Choosing such a case, you need to make sure that the mirror has a special protective coating that prevents the formation of fragments when damaged.However, it should be noted that the glass need regular maintenance, because it will be even the slightest traces of water droplets.To avoid this quite regularly cleaned with a dry cloth.
  • Natural wood looks quite luxurious, but such furniture can not be called practical.This is due to the heat, the tree quickly deformed, being in a room with high humidity.Give preference to the furniture is made of wood only, if your bathroom is spacious and has an excellent ventilation system.Typically, such products belong to the premium class and is quite expensive.
Beautiful bathroom furniture
Design kits for bath furniture
bath furniture made ​​of MDF
Stylish bathroom furniture
Natural wood furniture
Furniture of plastic

Bathroom furniture is used daily, it is important that sheIt was robust fixtures and fittings.

solves the problem of high humidity

Every bathroom is a source of moisture.Every time we take a shower or bath, environmental furniture may get water droplets.The steam which is formed is deposited on all surrounding objects, including furniture, in the form of condensate.But these problems are easy to handle.To combat the high humidity, it is enough to install the fan in the exhaust port.Install the towel warmer in the room also contributes to the fight against humidity and condensation.It can be connected to a stationary or heating system powered by electricity.

Bathroom furniture rain

To your furniture in the bathroom was not afraid of moisture, should abandon the models that are made of natural wood, and give preference to chipboard or laminated MDF.Built of wood, which are treated with a water-resistant protective coating, can be used in bathrooms of any size.

Choosing furniture should pay attention to the shelves, walls and other components.They should be fully protected.In no case there should not be cuts of wood that will absorb excess moisture, and subjected to deformation.

To get rid of misted glass and mirrors, it is possible to establish a quality ventilation.This can establish a forced ventilation system.As the surface of the glass can be treated with a special tool, which you can buy at the store or make your own from glycerin and gelatin.

Moisture-proof mirror Bath

Sliding wardrobes

Sliding doors are suitable for bathrooms large and have several advantages:

  • Due to closets, the room will look neat and beautiful asthings are hidden behind a sliding door.
  • Inside this cabinet, you can easily hide the washing machine or other large equipment.
  • Mirrored closet doors this area visually increase the room.Also it is very convenient for women when applying makeup.
  • Inside this cabinet fits a lot of things: cosmetics, household cleaning products, towels, a mop and a rag for cleaning, etc.
Wardrobe compartment in the bathroom
Cabinets coupe indoor bathroom
Open cabinets for bathrooms

Mirrored cabinets

tempting solution for creating interior can become a mirror box, which will combine the practicality and attractive appearance.

This furniture has a number of advantages:

  • possibility of increasing the working surface by installing special shelves inside the cabinet.Here you can place all bath accessories that previously took place on the edge of the sink, etc.
  • assembly combinations multifunctional.Mirror cabinet can be installed on the floor, in a corner of the wall.
Mirror hanging closet
  • Possibility of installation of internal lighting.
  • These cabinets are made of high quality material, which is completely protected against moisture.It can be made in any color and different textures.
Mirror cabinet with hinged doors
Wardrobe with a mirror for the bathroom
Mirror cabinet with lighting for bathrooms

have mirrored cabinets and drawbacks:

  • They require special care.
  • Mirror subject to mechanical stress and can easily break.
Mirror surrounded by furniture in the style of Provence

Mirrors visually increase the space.

Mirrored cabinets can act as an independent element of decor and complements the existing interior.To do this, you need to properly combine it with the rest of the furniture and even the plumbing.Also, choosing a mirror cabinet need to take into account some optical effects that can create big mirror surface size.

It should be noted that for such furniture is needed particularly careful care, because the mirror must be clean, otherwise it can have a negative impact on the general perception of the interior.

The furniture in the Art Deco style
Modern furniture set Bathroom
Furniture Set with cabinets of different types
Futuristic furniture set
A set of furniture in the style of Provence
Furniture set Purple

We hang furniture

cabinets bathroom combine compactsizes with lots of shelves.Hang it is usually not difficult and it can handle any man.

All you need:

  • drill,
  • punch,
  • level,
  • Roulette,
  • screwdriver.


  1. First you need to apply markup, measure the width of the furniture and using a level to move on the horizontal exact coordinates of the cabinet.
  2. Install fasteners in pre-designated areas.To do this you will need a drill or a hammer.
  3. The resulting hole plugs are inserted and screwed hooks intended for the cabinet.