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August 12, 2017 18:06

Countertops for bathroom : sink made ​​of artificial stone , marble , acrylic

Countertops under sink in bathroom
  • Selection Criteria
  • Materials
    • Natural stone, marble
    • Glass
    • MDF
    • Tree
    • Plasterboard
  • role in the design
  • methods and how to install
  • Advantages
  • variety of shapes and designs
    • floor
    • Wall
    • Decorative
  • worktop made of plasterboard with their hands

Sanitary and furniture trends for bathrooms allow us to make this room more functional and comfortable.Very fashionable and profitable solution is to install in the bathroom under the sink countertop.It will be an important element of the interior, and excellent storage space, moreover it can be placed on a variety of subjects, without which it is difficult to do in the room bathroom.Under the table top can set the washing machine or organizers with shelves to make the space comfortable and ergonomic.

Table top with shelves in the washing machine

Selection Criteria

When you start talking about the tabletops, once an association with the kitchen, but in recent years under the sink countertop become a well-deserved popularity in the bathroom.The main purpose of co

untertops - to combine several elements into a harmonious unity.For example, the table top can be combined into a single module or two sinks combine sink and cabinets.

Table top two sinks

The bathroom countertops strength is not so important as in the choice of kitchen countertops, which is primarily to be impact-resistant and can withstand enormous loads.In this regard, it may be used in the manufacture of a variety of materials.

Countertops made of artificial stone

When choosing countertops should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • high resistance to high humidity in the room;
  • lack of response to the impact of sudden changes in temperature in the room;
  • minimum predisposition to the appearance of mold or mildew;
  • ease and simplicity of maintenance.
Option countertops under sink

materials in the production of table tops using a variety of materials.Very popular natural stone countertops, often marble or granite countertops expensive showy made of onyx and travertine.No less demand for wood worktops, MDF, glass and artificial stone.Countertops can be made independently of the moisture-resistant drywall and oblitsevat mosaic: ceramic or glass.

Now let's look at each material separately.

Table top made ​​of onyx

Natural stone, marble

most durable material for countertops, because he is not afraid of no damage.Marble or granite can be matte or glossy.The main advantages include excellent appearance, excellent impact resistance, wear resistance and durability.The disadvantages - high cost, the huge weight of the material and is very time-consuming installation of the structure.

Table top made ​​of natural stone

has virtually all the benefits of natural stone, but in appearance it quite easy to distinguish.In the manufacturing process used marble, granite or quartz chips, which connects or acrylic resins.The use of composite materials allows you to create a very strong and beautiful countertops of different shapes and sizes, Ktorov important advantage is the ability to order molded countertop with sink and avoid unnecessary seams and joints.

main advantage of countertops made of artificial stone, compared with natural marble or granite, is a reasonable price. This material is durable and is not afraid of moisture, and the appearance of scratches on them can easily get rid of.Today, there are surface polishing technology with a special paste that fills the scratch and returns the original appearance of the product.

Countertops made of artificial stone


glass top has become very widespread, due to the low price and full compliance with the material conditions in the room bathroom.The advantages of glass soleshnits include:

  1. high strength, countertops made from tempered glass;
  2. a great resistance to the different nature of injury;
  3. they are not afraid of high humidity;
  4. produced a huge range of forms and modifications;
  5. they can easily decorate.For decoration you can use the bottom of a special film with a picture or without.

Unfortunately, the glass has a slight drawback - after the water has dried stains remain, so clean them frequently.

Glass countertops for the bathroom with light


Not everyone can appreciate the advantages of using table top made of MDF, as it is assumed that the fiberboard briefly served in a room with high humidity, but today this material is covered with a laminated layer, which serves as a reliableprotection from moisture.

However, it should be noted that this layer can be damaged and then moisture gets inside and it will cause the material unusable within a few months.Therefore, before you buy countertops made of MDF is necessary to think about the possible disadvantages.

Table top of MDF


wooden worktop is the best material for countertops than MDF.It has a greater resistance to moisture compared to the MDF.The protective layer of varnish or paint protects it from moisture and scratches with worktop not soon come into disrepair.Restore damaged wood surface can be alone for just half an hour with a brush, varnish or paint.

Wooden countertops


worktop plasterboard lined with mosaics, will be the best option for people who like to equip their own housing.Mosaics made of ceramic or glass, so it is strong and characterized by a large useful life.

Using imagination, you can create real masterpieces of any form of the investment of a small amount of cash.This kind of countertop has some disadvantages.

Table top made ​​of plasterboard

Note that fragments of mosaic seaming and select the appropriate moisture repellent grout for joints.The basis under the table top is made of gypsum boards and the need to acquire only moisture resistant plasterboard green.

role in the design

worktop is one of the central elements in the design of the bathroom. With it you can combine different, seemingly incompatible objects together.

Usually all the furniture in the bathroom matches the style of the interior and the various elements and modules perfectly complement each other.Although you can manually create and harmony of the individual modules, shelves, drawers, cabinets floor or suspended.Therefore, under the sink and countertop Bathroom facilities are also to be combined with all furniture.

There is a huge variety of table tops:

  • rectangular,
  • corner,
  • asymmetrical,
  • combined.

can choose the appropriate model depending on preferences in design and pricing policy.

So, all countertops can be divided into:

  • low-end models,
  • products made to order,
  • piece design models premium.

width and height of countertops determined by the buyer, which provides a selection on the basis of measurements of the bathroom and the growth of family members.

shells, which are installed on the countertop, and encouraging a wide variety of forms: symmetrical or asymmetrical, right or left, single or double. worktop can be represented in interior as a complement to the cabinet or a separate element that is mounted on the long legs and secured with brackets.

Most countertop custom
Table top in high-tech style
Table top with legs

very popular double sinks are among the buyers, because they allow simultaneous two people to carry out hygienic procedures, it is very important in the morning, when all the members offamilies rushing to work or school.Sink can be placed on a countertop or built into it.Depending on the type of shell stone structure changes, which is attached countertop.

Built-in sink in the countertop

For small bathroom spaces often use the kit with the cup.This option can save you a small space bathroom and make it functional.

Worktop with sink - bowl

methods and how to install

are several ways to install countertops can be distinguished:

  1. With bracket fasteners produced solid countertops, as it is characterized by a great weight.
  2. Securing worktops finished by the cabinet.
  3. installation method allows you to create a secure attachment.The wall mounted rack-installation, and then on it is already clinging plumbing.Then decorate the wall lining.
worktop suspension

countertop installation depends on its species: floor and wall.Floor installation is fairly easy, because it cost only by the level adjust the length of the legs.

Wall mounting countertops will take longer and will require additional tools.But that does not stop producing fasteners countertops yourself, if there is such a desire.You can also take the help of a specialist, who in a short time will make reliable installation of countertops in the bathroom.

Table top with legs


In today's market you can find a model in which the worktop and sink - this is one solid construction. This embodiment has many advantages:

  • These worktops are characterized by high strength, since the surface is made of the same material and has no seams and joints.
  • module is completely sealed, which is important for bathrooms.
  • countertop with sink, you can buy any shape, size and colors, allowing you to support any style of interior.
Monolithic countertops

variety of shapes and designs

should pay attention on the basis of countertops, because it is made in two versions for convenient operation countertops in the bathroom - floor and wall.Form a basis affects the functionality of the entire countertop.

Floor and wall base under the tabletop has one purpose, and differs only by the method of fixing.worktops length depends on the tastes and imagination of the customer.Some bathrooms countertops can be made virtually the entire perimeter of the room or conveniently mount them in niches, making maximum use of available space.

Long Countertops for bathroom


floor worktop is in demand on the market of furniture.Its installation is rather simple.It is necessary to put it in the place where the wash basin.With legs adjust the height of the level.And then make a shell connection to sewerage and water supply.

A significant advantage of this form can be called a large capacity.The cabinet can be folded many useful things for water treatment, detergents, or store items overall.Some models can be found already installed drawers or shelves.

outdoor tabletop


tabletop Wall-hung on the wall, using the anchor.This kind of countertop has the same characteristics as the floor worktop.But the difference still exists, because of the way it has fastening smaller, can withstand light weight and therefore can accommodate smaller items.

Wall countertops


should also highlight another group tabletops - decorative.They have no lockers or cabinets.They are represented in the floor and wall models.For outdoor countertops are special long legs and wall products - special brackets.For decorative countertops should be selected and appropriate plumbing, for example, chrome siphon, that it looked harmoniously in the same direction.

Decorative countertops

worktop made of plasterboard with their hands

Using drywall can make their own beautiful and original tabletop, which will be original decoration of any bathroom.Its main feature is that the material should not be modified under the influence of moisture.Use epoxy solution to reliably protect the product from humidity.It is also very popular water-resistant gypsum board, which is designed precisely for this purpose.If you are using this type of drywall, then additional processing is not necessary to apply.

Table top made ​​of plasterboard lined with mosaics

To create a table-top bath, you should acquire such materials as:

  • drywall sheets (preferably washable);
  • profiles to create a basis countertops;
  • plywood;
  • putty water-resistant;
  • protective solution against moisture;
  • brush to apply the solution to defend against moisture;
  • jigsaw;
  • brackets;
  • epoxy adhesive.
Production bases under the tabletop

When all of these materials will be at your fingertips, you can move up to the technology of the tabletop.

  • First we need to make a measurement of the space where you plan to install countertops.With these dimensions determine the height and width of the future product.We turn to the creation of a metal frame or wooden slats.The main feature of the frame - it is the strength and reliability to the design was stable.
  • to create a plan for future products taken plywood, which is resistant to moisture, and it is drawn on the contour where the sink will be.With the help of a jigsaw you must make a hole on the circuit.When the veneer sheet is ready, proceed to the creation of the two forms of the gypsum board, with one of them must also have a hole under the sink.
  • Attach two brackets to the wall, and install them on the cut sheet of plywood.Then followed attach a sheet of drywall with a hole.Another sheet of drywall that has no cutout is attached below.
  • When gypsum boards are securely locked, then you should create a concave end.To make it, you will need a strip of drywall.She made cuts through one centimeter.Then this piece is attached to the inner face of the future countertops.
  • When the countertop is ready, it should be covered with a special mixture, which has a waterproof function.For reliability should make this procedure twice.Then wait for dry products and can move on to the last stage - decoration countertops.
  • The final step is to install the sink in the countertop.To sink the bull firmly fixed, it should be installed on a special legs or attach to the wall using special supports.Availability of support is necessary for the tops, which are quite high, reaching more than one meter.To create a support medium can come from a metal tube.