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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cloth curtains for the bathroom : the choice of curtains and textile design ( 25 photos )

White fabric curtain for the bathroom
  • What curtains in the bathroom?
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • These different shades
  • Tips for Choosing
  • How to Hang?
  • How to care?
  • Application design

curtains - a mandatory attribute of many Russian bathrooms.It's not even in the beauty and love of textiles and cosiness.In a small bathroom this veil - it is a real necessity.

Cheap and variety of curtains are sold in small shops and large supermarkets, so do their own - the lot-perfectionists designers.How to choose and what to look for the common man?

Cloth curtains for the bathroom

What curtains in the bathroom?

Russian realities modest spaces: bathrooms are small so that there is not always possible to turn around, and some apartments have to use the combined bathroom.

Therefore curtain in the bathroom are used for the following reasons:

  • shy: fabric allows the bathroom to pull away from the other visitors (in the combined room and a large family this is true), remain invisible during the reception procedure, covering his nakedness.
  • guidance and protection: shade creates a natural mechanical barrier for water and reduces water spray and steam, which settle on the furniture.Many of the materials in the room are designed for high humidity, but with a bucket of water (when unsuccessfully used the shower) them deal more complicated than with a couple of drops.This will prolong the life of interior life, to get out after a visit to the bath is also not necessary.
  • Decorative-Applied: bright curtains create a mood, decorate it and help separate area for relaxation from the rest of the space.
Dense fabric blinds for the bathroom
Decorative fluffy white fabric curtain for the bathroom

Strengths and weaknesses

Curtains in the bathroom and a good thing is good:

  • Cheap.All make curtains using polymeric synthetic fibers and therefore they are inexpensive in comparison with the curtains from natural materials.Change this item can be inexpensively.
  • durability.Thanks all the same non-natural composition, the material is durable and hardy.It is easy to deal with moisture, it just washed.Like many products from polymers web may be decades.
  • Secure: almost all products are tolerant of temperature changes, inert, does not absorb water, are resistant to the appearance of mold, mildew.Many have special treatment and impregnation.However, poor-quality samples are sometimes placed on the market: if the curtain exudes an unpleasant pungent smell that does not pass in a few hours, it is better to get rid of it.Most likely it is made of cheap plastic, which is just not safe.
  • Lightweight associated with tissue properties.Most inexpensive materials light, so the total weight of the final product a little.
  • Large assortment: find curtains for sale is easy, and a lot of images - for every taste.
  • Easy installation - another advantage.Cope could even women and children, without the use of force and any tools.
Blind tulle fabric in bathroom
Two-tone white and yellow fabric curtain in the bathroom
Dense tissue brown curtain for the bathroom

Disadvantages of such designs they occur due to careless use.If you do not send a strong jet on the fabric up close, do not pull down sharply canvas and hang on the curtain or a cornice, then this you will not know.Lightweight fabric can deliver strong directional jet.Therefore, using the shower, still careful not to "aim" for the blind.

White fabric curtain in the bathroom with the colors of the fabric

These different shades

variety of materials, which are used for the manufacture of curtains.The most affordable - polyethylene, however, because of low weight and density, it is also the most "problematic", it is "one-time" option.It is much easier to choose vinyl or polyester curtains.They are safe and hygienic.But natural materials due to moisture irrelevant.Still for sale are exclusive curtains and bath textiles, such as linen and cotton fabrics treated with a special water-repellent compositions.

Close drawing on fabric curtain in the bathroom
White- pink fabric curtain for the bathroom
Small picture on white fabric curtain in the bathroom

curtains figure also differs: clear, plain, with a large plot or a fine pattern.Subjects varied pattern: geometric patterns, vegetable, fantasy, sea stories.Popularity gain "useful" curtains on which there is some specific information: scientific formula, the rules of grammar or date.

Recent trends in the curtain for the bathroom: models magnets and weighting on the bottom.First create a reliable shield for the weak points of conventional design (sides and bottom), the latter - better able to cope with occasional jets of the shower.

Fabric blinds for the bathroom of different textures and different colors

Tips for Choosing

Choose to your taste and purse fabric for the bathroom easy.It is necessary to measure the length of the bath and its height to be guided in size.

If water treatments are alone, you can select and clear options.And if you're behind a screen to hide from the curious, the need dense colored curtains.

Tissue transparent curtain for the bathroom with a frill at the bottom
Lace transparent white curtains in the bathroom

better if the figure will coincide with the theme and style of the rest of the idea of ​​space.For a large room suitable options for great pictures and even colorful paintings on the curtain, and in a small room in the tone appropriate to the web or base color with a small figure.

White fabric curtain in the bathroom with a large picture

How to Hang?

Usually curtains for the bathroom are sold complete with plastic rings (at least - made of stainless steel), which are inserted into prepared holes in the material.Then these rings strung on a special ledge (hollow tube, at least - the line, twine, rope).Thus the curtain and hung up.

The curtains of cloth in the bathroom - how to hang

Fixing the cornice may be different: the old model and detached shower baths had a special riser pipe, which is attached to the round rod.In other cases, the nails used for fastening the tub boundaries.On the nails thin thread tied twine or strong, on them "went" blind.For corner bath uses a special "horizontal bars", as well as the spring construction.For heavy curtains it is used pipe and nails.Now in use telescopic tubes which simply stretched and fitted to the size.The kit included detailed instructions.Such a method is functional and aesthetically pleasing.On the weight of the fabric support is sufficient.

Fabric curtains for the bathroom hooks
Rings fabric curtain in the bathroom

How to care?

Curtains in the bathroom is very undemanding.If necessary, you can simply wipe the stain with a damp cloth.Easy to wash them by hand in the usual soap solution, thick heavy curtains can be washed in the machine at low speed.But better to dry in a natural way: if you hang back on the pipe, then they are perfectly smoothed under its own weight.Fabric curtains usually have not rumpled.

Combined curtain in the bathroom of a dense and thin fabric

But with a strong paint should be careful.Poor properly clean hair dye and other funds with strong pigments.Oil paint and construction too difficult to deduce: the composition of the tissue is sensitive to strong solvents.If still stained curtains in a paint, the test with the edge of a small area.Cheap plastic curtains will be easier to replace than cleaned of heavy chemical pollution.

Brown textile curtains in the bathroom - leaving
Fabric bi-colored curtains in the bathroom - care for them

Application design

curtains in the bathroom - it's a bright spot of color that helps to zone and serves as a screen and decoration at the same time.However, it is to some extent "eats" space, especially if it is a bright color accent.

Beautiful curtain fabric in bathroom

Elegant curtains still better than nothing: they freshen the interior and open it, set the mood in a room and support topic.Typically, the bath is decorated in a restrained and classic style, so the screen - the largest color spot, which can be in harmony or to resist the main color scheme, creating a bold combination.

Sometimes textiles used in the bathroom for "cover" instead of doors on pedestals and cabinets.The spacious room is quite appropriate, and in one color with a large curtain - still beautiful.

Tissue light curtain
Fabric Curtains with decoration in bathroom

The easiest and quickest way to change the bathroom - it is to hang new curtain with a nice pattern.It's easy and affordable!

Bathroom design using fabric curtains and accessories