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August 12, 2017 18:06

Floor mats , crocheted , in the bathroom and a toilet with his hands : design, circuit description

Floor mats , crocheted , in the bathroom and toilet
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  • Why is it better to crochet?
  • choice of material
  • Recommendations design
  • How to tie your own hands?

A few decades ago, almost every woman had a certain applied skills.Without the ability to sew, knit and embroider it was impossible to dress nicely and bring comfort to the house.But at the present richness of choice needlework it becomes just an enjoyable hobby, not a way of survival.

However, to this day most dear to our hearts and valuables - these are things made by hand.Moreover, only such things can be considered a truly unique.Homeware, presented in large stores - it is mass-produced products, including hard to find interesting and unusual thing.Design the same things are quite expensive and are able to strike a blow on the wallet of the average buyer.This is where we come in handy skill with a hook, thread, needles and other tools rukotvorchestva obtained at school the lessons of labor.After all of the materials at hand, you can make incredibly beautiful, and m

ost importantly, original things which can not be found anywhere else.

Crochet mat for bath and toilet

In this article we will talk about how to make an unusual bath mat, using a yarn, a hook and a little own imagination.


  • Savings . order to bind the mat for the bath medium in size, you will need no more than two skeins of yarn.Even if you choose quite expensive yarns of the highest quality, ultimately, self-made rug will cost you just as expensive purchased.
  • uniqueness . If you are already an experienced knitter, you can link the mat for a bath without any schemes, and then the second such products will not find anybody.But even in the accuracy of following knitting pattern, you can create an original thing, because yours is the choice of materials and colors.
  • Pleasant pastime . For many needlewomen knitting - a kind of anti-stress therapy.After one to two hours a day with a hook and yarn to relax, bring thoughts in order and to forget the troubles of the past day.During knitting, some like to listen to music, audio books or watch movies.
Knitted mat turtle Bathroom
Advantages crochet rugs for bathrooms and toilets
Pros crochet rugs for bathrooms and toilets
Benefits crochet rugs for bathrooms and toilets


Time investment . Choose and buy ready-made mat for a bath in the store can be a few minutes.The creation of a mat with your hands will take you more than one hour.Of course, everything depends on the experience of the needlewoman.On average, you can tie a rug hook for two or three nights.

Difficulties choice material. difficult to predict how to behave in this or that yarn at constant contact with water.Since we want to do the mat is not for single use, to material selection should be taken responsibly.In the store, consult with the seller - it will help pick up the yarn, which is good to endure frequent wetting and regular washing.

Disadvantages crochet rugs for bathrooms and toilets


  • piece mat yarn. those who are just beginning familiarity with the hook, it is best to start with this option.The easiest way - is a circular knitting, which scheme can be found in any magazine or on a dedicated website.Circling mat fit in very simple and fast, plus you can always stop when the product reaches the desired size.
  • mat, from a related motives.This option is like experienced knitters who have already mastered the different types of crochet.Of the few remaining skeins of different colors can be associated colorful, patterned carpet.Time it will take longer, but the result is worth it.
  • mat made of polyethylene. Modern needlewoman learned to knit from plastic bags all sorts of things - bags, jewelry and home accessories.To do this, use trash bags in different colors, cut into strips and connected to each other.Pad baths, connected from this material do not deform and will slide under the influence of water.
The one-piece mat yarn crocheted
Mats crocheted from motifs
Mats crochet polyethylene

Why is it better to crochet?

course, associate bath mat can be and with needles or using a knitting machine.However, the latter is not at all, and knitting - a process quite laborious.There are products that are better knit.Typically, this clothing - hats, socks, mittens, sweaters. knitting technique - more complex, so learn some other pattern other than a simple gum can not please everyone.

Crochet much faster and easier.Little practice, using the hook, you can learn how to create complex patterns.Furthermore, crochet more "plasticity", as can be the thing absolutely any shape in this technique.

Bath mats and a toilet crocheting

choice of material

So you looked through a magazine or watched sites devoted to needlework, and choose the appropriate pattern for the rug.

Now we need to determine the size of future products and calculate the required number of skeins of yarn.Next to the knitting pattern is usually specified as grams of thread required.

not all types of yarn suitable for use in the bathroom. example, natural wool from contact with hot water and steam can get hooked.Choose yarn that does not shed, and not "raspolzetsya" from washing.If you're going to tie a fluffy carpet, check to climb whether individual villi of yarn, otherwise then they will spread throughout the house.

The material for the knitted rug in the bathroom and toilet
Knitting rugs in the bathroom and toilet

Recommendations for future design

kind knitted rug depends not only on the selected pattern and material, but also on the thickness of the yarn and hook size.The same pattern of related threads of different thickness will look different, so be sure to follow the guidelines for choosing the yarn, which are close to the scheme of knitting.

In plain rugs look spectacular large patterns associated with thick thread and large hook, and for bright, open-work mat is better to choose a thread and tools thinner.

great importance is the choice of colors.The mat should be in harmony with the color of the interior bathroom.It can duplicate the primary colors of bathroom design, or, on the contrary, be a contrasting element, acting as a bright spot of color.

Recommendations on design crochet bath mat
Design carpet Crochet bathroom and toilet
Design Crochet a rug for the bathroom and toilet
Knitted bath mat
Forms crocheted rugs for the bathroom and toilet
Unusual forms of rugs crocheted

How to tie your own hands?


crochet technique allows you to create bath mats of different shapes and sizes.The most simple in execution - rectangular, round and oval mats, which can bind anyone who has mastered the basics of handling the hook.For more complex shapes require knowledge of the basic patterns, learning that as fairly easy.Finished knitting scheme can be found at one of the educational portals on needlework, the benefit of such a network exists in abundance.Suited also old magazines on knitting with schemes that are sure to cherish your mother and grandmother.

Scheme knitting crochet bath mat


  • Stored To start the necessary tools and materials: yarn, hook the right size, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread to match the yarn.
  • Before you start creating a carpet for a bath, it is recommended to link the test sample.So you can determine the size of the hook and, if necessary, reduce or increase the number of loops.Wash the finished sample, to make sure that the mat knitted from this yarn, in the case of wet, nothing happens.
  • Now you can start knitting a rug for the bathroom.Dial the required number of air loops and follow the knitting pattern.If something goes wrong, feel free to Tie up the problem area and bandaging.Even experienced seamstresses often rework the same thing several times.
  • finished product is recommended to rinse with warm water and dry in a horizontal position.So fluff yarn, loop and straighten the small flaws committed during knitting, become invisible.
  • can now put their hands bound mat in the space provided in the bathroom for him!
Stages of work on knitting a rug hook for bathroom and toilet