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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a tumble dryer with your hands : how independent creation

How to make a tumble dryer with your hands ?
  • Types
  • Materials
  • Doing their own hands
    • Rope
    • Mobile
    • Heated
    • Ceiling
    • Overlaying bath

Today, the choice of location for drying clothesIt is no longer a big problem.Almost every apartment has large balconies and walls height allows you to have a garment dryer from the ceiling without the useful space in the house.

device used for drying clothes, as there are so many.In the shop are options that can be used with ease even in the smallest housing.Modern clothes dryer is made from plastic, stainless steel and other materials resistant to moisture.Available in ceiling, floor, wall and combined models.

Original outdoor clothes dryer

Prices of these products depend on the material, functionality and, of course, on the design of the manufacturer.The most high-quality clothes dryers are usually more expensive.

Original clothesline dryer can do with their hands out of scrap materials.Established own device is not less reliable and comfortable than ready to purchase a dryer.

Homemade clothes dryer


  • Ceiling - traditional laundry dryer in the form of the ceiling stretched string or metal tubes, mounted on brackets attached to the ceiling.
  • Floor - foldable, mobile design that can be installed anywhere in the apartment, and after the use of folded and put away.
  • Wall - laundry dryer, mounted between two opposite walls;It may be foldable or retractable mechanism, so the entire length and width is expanded only when needed.
  • wall and ceiling - a combined model, which is mounted on the ceiling, two brackets and a retaining wall bracket;this design is very functional, because it can lower and raise the blinds like - to make it easier to hang clothes.
Ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom
Outdoor clothes dryer in the bathroom
Wall dryer in bathroom
Wall & Ceiling dryer in bathroom


For the production of linen dryers metal and plastic used most frequently. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of dryers made of the most popular materials.

Plastic dryer - this is a budget option. They are lightweight, easy to carry and install.Less plastic models is that they are not sufficiently strong, and their lifetime is usually very short-lived.

dryers made of stainless steel - the most expensive but also the most reliable option. Stainless steel - a very durable material, so this dryer does not deform under the weight of the laundry.Typically, the design of stainless steel have a chrome finish, so the bathroom interior, they look just fine.Aluminum

a dryer combine lightness and strength plastic stainless steel, however, and these models are not without drawbacks. fact that aluminum - this is not the most suitable metal for use in damp conditions.Being in constant contact with the wet stuff, it begins to oxidize, resulting in clothes and linens appear indelible stains.

Metal clothes dryer in the bathroom
Plastic clothes dryer in the bathroom

Doing their own hands


disadvantage of traditional rope dryers is that under the weight of wet laundry rope sag, that does not look very aesthetically pleasing.We invite you to make a stronger analogue rope clothesline drying, can withstand a lot of weight "wash."

Materials Needed:

  • two pieces of stainless steel pipe cross-section of 20-30 mm;
  • sawn into 4 equal parts block of wood 60-80 mm thick;
  • metal springs (4-8 pieces, depending on the future dryer width);
  • skein strong rope.
Rope homemade clothes dryer

Two pairs of wooden bars will serve for our construction brackets.For this purpose, the keeper bars need to drill holes of equal diameter metal tube.Anchoring bars at both ends of the pipes.The entire length of the pipe drilled holes through which will pass clothesline.The distance between the holes should be 10-15 cm.

Fix the pieces of wood together with pipes on opposite walls.Under pipes, approximately half a meter drilled holes in the wall, which must be placed directly below the holes in the metal pipes.The screws inserted into the holes, which tie the rope metal springs.The other end of the rope is threaded through the holes in the tube and displayed on the opposite side.Skipping rope through another metal tube and bind to the spring.Repeat this for all springs.

lower part of the structure will look very unsightly, it is recommended to mask it with decorative panels.

Durable rope clothes dryer with their hands
Rope clothes dryer with their hands



  • wooden lath or strip to create a frame;
  • few wooden bars;
  • plywood, drywall or wooden board for the foundation;
  • one or two hinges for furniture;
  • simple folding mechanism;
  • furniture handles and hooks for towels;
  • set of fasteners;
  • water-based paint or acrylic.
Mobile clothes dryer with their hands


  • to start in two opposite elements of the frame drill holes equal to the diameter of a wooden rod.Fix the bars inside the frame.It is important that the bars have the same length.In order to fix them in the holes it was more convenient, you can whittle down a little at the ends of the bars.Then we assemble the frame, nailing parts together with nails.
  • now preparing the ground.It should be longer and wider frame 100-150 mm.Attach the bottom of the frame to the bottom of a furniture hinge (if the design has turned the large, use two loops).
  • Getting painting.You can paint the whole dryer in one color, and can be used to frame rods and a base paint of different colors.Wait till the time required to complete drying.
  • The upper part of the structure set up locking the lock, and on both sides - the folding mechanism.It is necessary to choose the opening angle of the folding mechanism - that unfolded dryer is not hindered to move around the bathroom.
  • to the bottom of our new dryer is screwed or glued holders for small items of clothing and underwear (it can be hooks or small furniture handles).
  • Drill a hole in the wall and install the dryer in place.
Mobile home-made clothes dryer
Mobile home-made clothes dryer in the bathroom
Mobile dryer in the bathroom with their hands



  • two strips of wood (suitable as particleboard and MDF);
  • metal pipes 10 (one half of the diameter must be larger than the other);
  • 7 pairs of wooden spikes;
  • wooden plugs for pipes;
  • instant adhesive.
Homemade clothes dryer heated


  • We measure the battery, which will be installed dryer.Dimensions of the dryer should be slightly larger than the radiator size.
  • at the top of each of the planks drill blind holes 5, designed for studs.
  • applied to the front side of the panel holes layout (4 holes should be placed at the same distance from each other).Drill holes, alternating blind and through.Repeat these steps for the other panel.
  • in blind holes glue in wood studs.
  • Once the glue is dry to fasten those spikes pipe whose diameter is smaller.
  • The remaining holes of larger diameter pipe is inserted.A part of them should be attached to the spikes, and another part - to pass freely through the through holes.
  • If your battery has a temperature controller, in one of the bars of the dryer is necessary to provide an opening for him.
Homemade clothes dryer heated



  • two wooden strips (approximate dimensions: length 40 cm, width 15 cm, thickness 2 cm);
  • 5 pairs of screws in the form of rings;
  • hank of clothesline;
  • varnish for wood.
Ceiling clothes dryer with their hands


  • first drilled in a block of wood to 5 through holes at equal distances from each other.
  • holes cleanse from sawdust and insert screws into these rings.Screws have to sit tight, so strengthening them with plastic clamps if necessary.
  • Now you need to set the bar on the ceiling.To do this, use the hammer and the dowel-nails.
  • We cover strips lacquer and wait the time required to complete drying of the composition.
  • Now chop clothesline into 5 equal pieces and stretch the lengths of rope between the screws.
Ceiling clothes dryer with their hands
Ceiling clothes dryer with their hands

Overlaying bath

for drying small items, such as underwear, socks and tights, you can make a device, which, if necessary, can be applied to the bathand then clean in a secluded place.


  • two long pieces of wood (slightly more than the length of the bath) and a few short (on the bath width):
  • nails;
  • water or acrylic paint.

make the design similar to a ladder of wooden bars.In this short bars need to be nailed over the long - so the device will be more stable.The finished cover with paint dryer.After drying invoice dryer is ready for use.

Wooden homemade dryer superimposed on a bath