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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wall light for the bathroom : water proof, LED , above the mirror , the sink

Wall lamp for bathroom
  • Features
  • Types
  • Design Type
  • Materials
  • Placing the sink
  • Styles
  • Installation
  • Tips on selection and placement

Bathroom Lighting should be enoughbright in order to make it convenient to use the mirror and create a life-affirming atmosphere, but at the same time blurred, comfortable and match the style.Artificial light sources can be positioned on the ceiling, on the floor and walls of the bathroom to divide a large room into different zones and to solve certain problems in terms of design.When choosing a thoughtful arrangement of fixtures and even a small area on the bathroom is comfortable and modern.And thanks to the power consumption of energy-saving light sources slightly increase the electricity bill.

Wall lamp in the bathroom


Wall lamps - the most common form of additional room lighting, which usually begins and ends each day.As in any other room in the fortified wall lights are quite capable of replacing a conventional chandelier and place the necessary emphasis, to highlight th

e most important area. If the height of the ceiling in the bathroom is small, the overhead lights visually further reduce it, so wall lamps - the most appropriate option. A wide variety of commercially available models interesnyhsovremennyh allows you to easily choose and lovers of avant-garde style, and admirers of brevity and elegance.You should not just forget that the lights will be placed in a humid environment, which means that the safety of their use must be ensured, as well as any other electrical appliance.

So, before fixtures for the bathroom, there are three main objectives:

  • Creating sufficient lighting;
  • Increased protection from moisture;
  • Safety.
Wall lamp in the bathroom
Wall lamp for bathroom


Classify lamps can be on various parameters, including the type of lighting:

  • direction of illuminating certain elements of the interior;
  • Scattered intended for general room lighting.
Classification wall lights Bathroom

Optimum illumination is created by a combination of these two types of devices.

The fixtures for the bathroom can be used by different types of lamps:

  • Conventional light bulbs;
  • Fluorescent;
  • LED;
  • Halogen.

¬ębulb Ilyich", although used in the lamps, but a modern energy-saving fluorescent lamp will last much longer and will extend the life plafonu.Vse increasingly popular LED lighting, efficient and attractive.

Wall lights in the bathroom with incandescent lamps
Wall lights in the bathroom with fluorescent lamps
Wall lights in the bathroom with LED lamps
Wall lights in the bathroom with halogen lamps

LED model has indisputable advantages:

  1. wide selection of wall lamps in all shapes and sizes;
  2. ability to adjust a comfortable degree of illumination;
  3. uniform illumination;
  4. low power consumption, therefore, profitability;
  5. Long service life;
  6. easy installation and removal;
  7. Resistance to moisture and heat.

to a small area with a high ceiling bathroom did not look like a well, on the wall a few feet from the ceiling pendant can be positioned with halogen lamps, some of which is directed upwards, and the other - down.Rotary lamps of this type can be positioned in the corners of the room and the mirror.These lights fit into any decor and will provide good coverage.

LED wall lights in the bathroom

Design Type

Modern lamps are practical, comfortable and original.

They can be divided into three types:

  1. The highest decorative effect, a variety of different forms of lamps - lamp, which is mounted on the wall using a special bracket. It has one or more of the lampshades made in whatever style - from classical to minimalist.Bra will not only highlight the area, but also to simulate the space to choose the right light direction of flow;
  2. trim the lamp is mounted close to the surface. harmonious and accurate model of this type are appropriate for any interior, in a small bathroom does not require much space.The most common near-wall lamps with rectangular, round and oval shades;
  3. relatively new design source of artificial light - spot, the purpose of which is to concentrate the light in a certain point in the creation of the light spot. This model resembles a table lamp fixed to the wall using the bracket and turn in the right direction.
Wall sconces for the bathroom
Pristennye fixtures for the bathroom
Spots - wall lights Bathroom


most reliable materials traditionally used for making fixtures for wet rooms, are metal, plastic and glass.But fantasy modern design is not limited to, for ceiling lamps and wall constructions can be made from different materials:

  • Tree;
  • Fabrics;
  • Bamboo;
  • crystal;
  • matt, colored or stained glass.
Materials for wall lights in the bathroom - metal fixtures
Wooden fixtures for the bathroom
Crystal wall lamp in the bathroom

Placing the sink

Regardless of the functional area bathroom sink with a mirror size requires special attention.Most often it is here and arranged wall lights, because the procedures performed daily in the mirror, require good lighting.

in this area lighting is recommended to strengthen the mirror, symmetrical on both sides, but so that they did not reflect the mirror.It will be appreciated that with color shades bras in the mirror area can not be used because they distort the skin, hair.Much better looking face if frosted glass or white.The light should not be too bright, so as not to dazzle the eye and soft enough to shade were not sharp.

And a few recommendations:

  • Square mirror blends well with a pair of sconces;
  • For rectangular, there are two options: one long lamp or two on the sides;
  • At the top you can position lamps, if the mirror is high;
  • oblong lamp mounted on the boom, is not only good soft light fills the mirror area, but also looks modern and stylish;
  • win-win option - to find a lamp, having an even number of light sources and mirror the same contours.
Placing wall lights in the bathroom


Fixtures for the bathroom, as well as for any other room, selected in accordance with the general style, as they are not only a source of light and design elements.

  • classic style is distinguished by elegant simplicity, naturalness and conciseness in everything: materials, shapes.Lamps must be harmoniously fit into the interior, without drawing attention to themselves;
  • Modern implies the absence of unnecessary and non-functional things and details, so chandeliers, intricate, pretentiousness in a bathroom is not appropriate, but the model with a bright light coming through the transparent ceiling, will fall by the way;
  • For Japanese style the best choice will be a geometric shape lamp with a soft, diffused light, corresponding to this calm and peaceful direction;
  • In the bathroom, decorated in the style of Provence, there is usually a window, a decisive day lighting problem, and for the evening is best suited warm yellow light elegant volume sconces or wall-mounted lamps;
  • ultra-modern high-tech style requires brevity, simplicity and ease of construction, so the fixtures inherent asymmetry of this trend, with clear lines, the metal gloss and glass, severity of forms and monochrome color palette, small size.
Wall lights Art Nouveau bath
Wall light for the bathroom in the Japanese style

Whatever style bathroom design is chosen, wall lamps make it comfortable and give a finished look.


lighting in the bathroom could not be comfortable if the installation is not all safety rules are met:

  • must be completely removed and the wiring contact sockets with moisture;wiring must be done hidden, and rosettes placed away from moisture;
  • luminaire design should be as airtight;
  • not install lights in the danger zone - close to 60 cm from the water source;
  • Grounding - a guarantee of security.
Safety rules when installing wall light in the bathroom

Before starting the installation of the model you like, you should disconnect the house or apartment and always check the absence of voltage indicator with a screwdriver.


  1. If lamp purchased unassembled, it should be collected by resorting to the help of the instructions;
  2. on the housing model has holes for fastening.It is necessary to attach the lamp to the wall and mark where you need to drill holes.If the cabinet is square or rectangular, handyman better to use builder's level, otherwise it will be difficult to hang the lamp smoothly;
  3. Make a hole in the wall for fixing the lamp desired depth and diameter.For concrete walls handy punch, while aerated concrete is fairly conventional drill;
  4. If luminaires are installed on drywall, should be used for fragile butterfly designs and plastic panels, concrete and brick - wall plugs;
  5. housing is attached to the wall, an electric cable inserted through a hole intended for this purpose, is connected to the terminal block inside the fixture;
  6. When finished, all manipulations, it is possible to resume the power supply in the apartment and check the operation of the lamp.

Mounting wall lights in the bathroom
Installing wall lights in the bathroom

Tips on selection and placement

For bathroom fixtures must be purchased, which is not afraid of splashes and high humidity.Specially designed models feature increased resistance and tightness.Solid materials from which they are made, are covered with water-resistant paint.

Metal parts are not subject to corrosion by coating them with a special composition, and the tree is processed mixtures, which do not allow to absorb moisture.Strong glass does not crack by temperature changes, if cold drops of water fall on it.

And a few more tips for choosing:

  • If several lamps, they must necessarily be the same for all the rooms, and if the bathroom is large, for each zone;
  • deciding how high to set them, you should take into account the growth of each apartment dweller;
  • For a small room it is desirable to choose a versatile small lamps, excessive originality and pretentiousness would be inappropriate.
Tips for choosing a wall-mounted light fixtures in the bathroom
Features selection of wall lights Bathroom
Recommendations for choosing a wall-mounted light fixtures in the bathroom

bathroom space can be visually changed with the lighting.

few tricks for this:

  1. The long bathroom sconces mounted horizontally on a narrow wall.Then falling apart beams "pushing" space;
  2. vertically placed lamps "lift" the ceiling, as well as highly placed sconces;
  3. If the lamps are closer to the floor, it creates a romantic twilight.

to use the bathroom, which design carefully thought out, comfortable, nice and easy.

Properties wall lights in the bathroom