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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wall dryer in the bathroom : folding , rope , sliding ( 28 photos )

Wall dryer in the bathroom
  • Forms, their pros and cons
    • Foldable
    • sliding
    • Electric
  • Materials
    • Rope
    • Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Plastic
  • Wall & Ceiling
  • original design
  • Accommodation
  • Installation
  • How to make your own hands?

question "Where dry clothes?" Is no longer so acute, because with the development of technology, a host of user-friendly solutions to this problem.More recently, the only suitable place for drying clothes in the urban housing was a private balcony or strung from the ceiling of the rope, and now compact and functional dryer can be installed in any corner of the apartment.

most suitable location for the dryer - it is a bathroom.First, there hung the laundry will not be evident to outsiders.Secondly, in the bathroom is usually installed a ventilation system that helps get rid of excess moisture.Even if your bathroom is very small, there still exists a space for installation of the device, as commercially available models, designed specifically for small spaces.

Owners of small bathrooms sho

uld look at the wall model dryers.They are attached to the wall, so much space for them is not necessary, and assembled wall dryers are practically invisible.This article focuses on the existing varieties of wall linen dryers, especially their placement and installation.

Wall dryer in the bathroom

Forms, their pros and cons


Foldable design - a modern modification of the rope strung over the bath, which was dried underwear our mothers and grandmothers. It consists of two plastic panels stretched between the two ropes. panels are mounted on opposite walls (most of all - on the ceiling).When the dryer is not necessary, one of the parts removed from the wall and is attached to the other. Ropes is automatically drawn into the panel.Depending on the model, at your disposal there are 4 to 6 rows of ropes.

Foldable wall dryer in the bathroom


  • low cost;
  • possibility of installation in small bathrooms and bathrooms with toilets;
  • ease of use.


  • the maximum load that can withstand folding dryer is 7 kg;
  • at the low-end models not equipped with a pull-up mechanism, the rope may sag under the weight of the laundry;
  • low-quality plastic can crack after a few crackers;
  • if the dryer is very high, hanging her underwear will be extremely uncomfortable;
  • if the dryer, Placing on the font hang linen, then as it dried, you can not take water treatments.
Folding clothes dryer on the wall in the bathroom
Foldable wall dryer in the bathroom


sliding model has a more interesting design. It is made in a metal console that folds and unfolds on the basis of an accordion. elements sliding dryers are interconnected by means of reliable rivets.Between the two folding parts are several metal tubes, which serve as holders for the laundry.

Sliding wall dryer in the bathroom
Sliding dryer in bathroom


  • compact design;
  • strength;
  • ability to withstand a lot of weight;
  • ease of use;
  • can be used as a holder for towels.


  • small size retractable models do not allow to dry her clothes many or large items.
Sliding wall dryer in bathroom


Electric dryer is commonly used as a towel warmer, but it can also be used for drying small articles of clothing. Electric driers attached to the wall in any convenient place bathrooms.It is a kind of ladder of metal tubes. number of spokes may vary depending on the model.

Electric wall- dryer in the bathroom


  • opportunities for installation;
  • Electric driers can be switched off if necessary;
  • low heating temperature protects against scalding;
  • possibility to use as a heater.


  • the installation and operation of this species dryers need to follow the rules of the use of electrical appliances in areas with high levels of humidity;
  • lack of space for drying large items or bedding.
Electric wall- dryer in the bathroom
Electric clothes dryer in the bathroom



Rope dryers are considered the most efficient.Make like you can own hands, good material (clothesline) is worth quite a bit.Rope dryer usually long enough so they can dry laundry from several washings.

Rope Wall dryer


Steel clothes dryers typically have a chrome finish, so they look spectacular and are able to decorate the interior of a bathroom.steel dryers are very robust and reliable.The only difficulty is in taking care of them - to keep the original luster of chromium have to buy specific products.

Steel clothes dryer in the bathroom

Aluminum Aluminum dryer considered a budget option of steel structures.They are also quite strong, but weigh much less.However, the weight and washed clothes that they can withstand is also much smaller.

Aluminium clothes dryer in the bathroom


plastic clothes dryer, in spite of the lack of strength, are still popular.They are inexpensive, have a simple design and low weight.In addition, in contrast to all other materials, plastic is presented in a rich color range.

Plastic wall dryer in the bathroom

Wall & Ceiling

wall and ceiling dryer has two mounting options: the two opposite walls and the ceiling.The first option is usually used for installation on the balcony, as there attached to the ceiling dryer is problematic.

as holders for the laundry are the thin metal tube, through which is threaded a rope. holders can be lowered and raised on the principle of the blinds by pulling the special rope.As part of the structure can be moved up and down, such a dryer is called "lift".

Number holders can range from 4 to 10. This will determine the weight that can withstand the wall and ceiling dryer.On average, such models are calculated on the weight of 20 kg, which is quite a good indicator.

Wall & Ceiling dryer in the bathroom

original design

  • Folding dryer can be mounted on any vertical surface. If you do not need it, you just need to pick up the dryer - so it looks like a strange mural.Throwing dryer can dry on her towels and small items of clothes.
  • Nadvernye - as the name implies these dryers are mounted directly on the door. as fasteners used hooks, so after using the dryer can be removed from the door and removed to a private place.
  • Mobile dryers are called ladders. They are foldable triangular design, which is put on the bath rim.The lack of such dryers is that while the laundry is dry, you can not use the bathroom.
  • For batteries - this kind of dryer is fixed on the heaters through a pair of hooks.Since bath battery rare, such a model is set in other areas, and often is used mainly for drying towels.
Folding clothes dryer in the bathroom
The original wall dryer in the bathroom
The original wall dryer in the bathroom on the battery
The original wall dryer in the bathroom on the battery
Nadvernaya dryer in the bathroom
dryer in the bathroom on the battery
Dryer is fixed to the heaters in the bathroom


  • Mostwe erases all accumulated over a certain period of laundry in a single day, making several "approaches" to the washing machine.Thus, the laundry dryer is just a few washes.To experience the interior walls of strength, choose to install the dryer main wall, the best - carrier.So you can be sure that under the weight of wet laundry wall starts to crumble slowly.
  • Choosing a place for the dryer, keep in mind that it will be decomposed from time to time.While drying clothes, you should be provided free treatment for all plumbing fixtures and cabinets.
  • Try to place the dryer as close as possible to the ventilation system - so the laundry will dry faster and the excess moisture - steaming time.Keep an eye on the state of the fan, clean it periodically.
Placing wall tumble dryer in the bathroom
Location wall tumble dryer in the bathroom


  • mounting wall of the dryer should begin with selecting the most suitable location.About requirements to placement, see the previous section.
  • Before proceeding, please read the installation instructions.It contains recommendations on precisely this particular dryer model.
  • Now take the bracket, which is mounted design, and attach it to the wall at the selected location.Through-holes mark the locations of future fasteners.
  • In accordance with a marking applied to the wall and drill the required number of holes.
  • Fix the brackets on the wall, using a set of fasteners bundled.
  • Fix brackets on the remaining part of the dryer, following the recommendations set out in the assembly manual.
Mounting Wall dryer in the bathroom

How to make your own hands?

Method 1: rope dryer

The most basic version of a makeshift wall of the dryer - a system of hooks and ropes, stretched over the font. For starters purchase in the economic department of all the necessary materials (instead of hooks, you can use a thick twine or wire beautiful).Then do the layout on two opposite walls, which will be secured our dryer.Note the location of the hooks: they should be located in line at an equal distance from each other.Then drill a hole, which then fix hooks.Cut the rope in the same parts and strings between the hooks.Rope dryer is ready!

Rope dryer in the bathroom with their hands

Method 2: Invoice dryer

In order to build a capital structure, you will need more time and tools to work on wood. dryer we do wooden slats of 2 cm section First you need to saw components of the design:. Cut the two bars of equal length bath and 6-8 bars, equal to the width.Napilennye oshkurivaem bars.

Long bars are spaced slightly less than the width of the tub and begin to beat them short bars.It was short and bars will serve as holders for the laundry.You should try to keep the same distance between them to the dryer was not only reliable, but also beautiful.Ready dryer can be painted in any color that matches the decor of your bathroom.

Dryer in the bathroom of the bars with his hands