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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mini bath mats : Children on suckers , children and babies (13 photos )

Mini bath mats
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  • How to choose size?
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Bathroom - a special room, the place where we relax and give himself up.After a while the bathroom, we go back out clean, rested and refreshed.For daily water treatments bring joy not only to adults but also to children, it is necessary to equip the bathroom in accordance with the needs of each family member.

So if adult is very important quality plumbing and functional furniture, the child are important accessories.Bathing is calm and fun in beautiful, interesting things, which can distract while not always pleasant water procedures.

One of those things - it's a mini-pad bath.It was invented to make life easier for adults and kids to please.

Mini - mats for bathroom


Mini bath mats are designed primarily for children, but can also be used by adults. mats can be attached to any smooth surface - at the bottom of the tub, on the floor, walls, etc.The bath mats Mini trail to the child slipped and h

urt himself while swimming.Since the mats are very small in size, you can mold them to the bottom and walls of the font on some pieces.

the reverse side of the mini-pads have suction cups by which they firmly adhere to the surface. Therefore, even if the child is actively behave while swimming, mini-mat remains in place.

Another function mini-mats for bath - entertaining. Mats create for the kids, so they are all painted in bright colors and decorated with paintings.Funny zveryata, favorite characters of fairy tales and cartoons - all these familiar characters occupy the attention of the child, allowing parents to safely wash their child.

Appointment of a mini - mats for bathroom


Mini-mats are sold in sets of several pieces.Rugs from one set is usually combined a common theme, such as animals, alphabet, seasons, etc.It is very convenient, as it allows to combine swimming with educational games.In addition to the ordinary gaming models produced several varieties of mini-mats for the bath.

  • Massage - equipped with protruding elements. Walking on such mats is a good way to prevent all sorts of orthopedic disorders.Also massage during the bath improves blood circulation and has a beneficial impact on the child's body.
  • Mats puzzle - represent a kind of mosaic, which a child can assemble and disassemble, playing in the bath. The assembled puzzle add up to a full-fledged large mat, which may well take advantage of and grown.
  • change color - these rugs are not at all manufacturers, but they are interesting enough. When injected into the warm water gradually change color mats to close in the color spectrum.So, orange becomes yellow, purple - pink and blue - blue.This is a very good idea for the study of colors in the form of a game.
Massage mini bath mats
Mats puzzle bathroom
Bath mats change color


Mini bath mats made from waterproof, durable materials, well contact with carrying cosmetics and detergents.Rugs from reliable, trusted manufacturers are absolutely safe for children's health.The most popular materials for the production of mini-mats are:

  • Vinyl - PVC mats are considered the highest quality. They are well tolerated in long-term contact with water, it is difficult to cause mechanical damage.Vinyl mats often contain in their composition antibacterial additives to prevent the formation of mold and microbial growth.
  • Silicone - is the second most popular material. Silicone mats bright and pleasant to the touch.They are well bent and stretched, but at the same time is quite strong, so the child can not accidentally break a mat in the game.Silicon is neutral to all detergents and antiseptics, so if necessary, it can be disinfected.
  • Rubber - of this material children's mini-mats are made infrequently, as the rubber products have a specific smell.In general, high-quality tires to be safe and has some good performance, so the choice of rubber mats for the bath (not intended for use by children) is large enough.
Vinyl mini bath mats
Silicone mini- mats for bathroom
Mini Rubber mats in the bathroom

Additional features

  • Stimulation of physical activity - to stick a few rugs in different bath ends, you will encourage your baby to to move activelyin water, a bright moving from one subject to another.
  • development of fine motor skills - sticking-peeling mini-mats - it's a great exercise for little fingers, in fact trained to handle small objects must be from an early age.
  • Learning new words, concepts - with the help of colorful pictures on the pads, you can help your child learn unsigned words, letters, events, etc.So you can combine swimming with the educational process.
  • massage action - most carpets have a relief surface, which provides the contact with the effect of soft massages, so useful for all children.
  • aesthetic component - colorful mini-mats help make a bathroom and interesting place for your child, because all the bright and beautiful attracts the attention of kids.
Features a mini - mats for bathroom

How to choose size?

Mini bath mats are designed for children, so they are all quite small in size - from 11 to 15 cm in width. This is done to ensure that children's hands was convenient stick-unstick the product and play with it.

form mini-mats can be very different.There are standard round and square models, there are mats in the form of marine life, plants and animals, birds and insects.

It is best to buy a few rugs in different shapes and sizes to vary the bathing process.And if you are accustomed to using anti-slip mat for the bath, then look at the model-puzzle, which add up to one large mat.

Dimensions mini bath mats
Shape mini bath mats

Tips for Choosing

  • Choosing a mini-pad bath, especially pay attention to the material of manufacture.It should be non-toxic, durable and safe for children.
  • Try several times to bend and straighten the selected mini-mat.The paint should not flake off, and at the bend should have no faults.Along the edges of the product should be smooth, without protruding "burr".
  • Mini mat - it's not just an accessory for the bath, but also a toy, so purchase a model with whom your child does not get bored playing.If he likes to tinker with cars, choose a mini-mats in a variety of vehicles, and if he is crazy about animals, then let him toy zoo will add mini-mats in the form of lion cubs, elephants, whales, etc.
Tips for Choosing a mini bath mats