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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sconce Bathroom : lamps , sconces in the classic style of the mirror , wall

Wall lamp for bathroom
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • requirements
  • Types
  • Styles
    • Classic
    • Antique
    • Baroque
    • Modern
    • Hi-tech
    • Pop art
  • Location
  • Design Tips for choosing
  • Installation

Wall light for some time almost completely disappeared from our apartments - they were replaced by spot lighting, which have gained popularity due to its compactness.Today sconce gradually return its position, because, as time has shown, they have many advantages over the built-in lights.In this article we will talk about the features of wall lighting, their varieties, as well as give some guidelines for selecting and installing sconces for the bathroom.

Wall lamp for bathroom


  • Unlike popular today mortise lamps illuminate a sufficiently large amount of space.Spotlights are used to illuminate the individual small areas of a bathroom, and a pair of sconces is able to illuminate the entire room completely.
  • For sconces ceiling height does not matter, while built-in lamps and even ordinary chandeliers require fairly high ceilings.
  • When sconces can help organize highlighting specific areas or elements of an interior bathroom.
  • Wall sconces and perform a decorative function.In contrast to the rather monotonous embedded lamps, wall lamps are available in many different variations.The store offers a wide variety of choices of fixtures of this model, many of which can be a highlight of the interior bathroom.
Advantages of wall sconces for the bathroom
Benefits sconces bathroom


  • for lighting, installed in the bathroom, needed equipment hidden wiring.And, if the wires are embedded ceiling lights are hidden behind a tension or plasterboard ceiling, then to install sconces have wiring hidden inside the wall.To do this, you need to punch in the wall of small channels, then put in the Stroebe electrical cables and re-seal the cement them.
  • permanently retained increased level of humidity in the bathroom.Moist air negatively affects the state of appliances installed in a room.The housing recessed luminaires is protected from external influences a second ceiling and the housing wall light inevitably comes into contact with moist air.
Disadvantages of wall sconces in the bathroom

Requirements Requirements for wall lights are due, first and foremost, "climatic" characteristics of the room in which they are used.For bathroom humid weather, frequent changes in temperature, exposure to vapor and spray water, condensation can form.Therefore, special attention is paid to material lamps, designed for installation in the bathroom. He must meet two basic requirements:

  • be moisture-proof;
  • not deform due to temperature changes.

Wall lamp for bathroom often made from plastic, glass and other sustainable materials to external influences.The metal parts of the product must be protected against corrosion and wood - treated with substances that prevent rotting.

Requirements for wall sconces in the bathroom


Thus, superior quality lamps for the bathroom - is the ability to work in contact with water, that is, the presence of moisture protection. degree of protection indicated on the product packaging or in the user guide.It is denoted by the abbreviation IP and two digits.The first digit represents the degree of protection against ingress of foreign bodies, and the second - moisture protection.

In total there are 9 degrees of protection from moisture lighting - from 0 to 8. The luminaires marked IPX0, will not withstand the slightest contact with moisture, and light fixtures marked IPX8 can be used under water at a depth of several meters.

For use in the bathroom fit bras, the degree of moisture protection which is in the range of 4 to 6.

Weatherproof sconces in the bathroom


Depending on the type of the ceiling, are distinguished:

  • sconces diffused light - also known as general lighting lamps; form at the ceiling lighting data is such that the angle of the luminous flux is 360 degrees, so that the light is scattered throughout the room, and not concentrated in any particular place.
  • lamps are directional light - is used to highlight your favorite places or subjects bathroom interior; shape lampshade limit light output and allows you to ask him a certain direction.
Wall bathroom with ambient light
Sconce Bathroom directional light

By type of arrangement isolated:

  • horizontal lamps - wall lamps, which are usually installed above or below any piece of furniture, and provide its illumination;
  • vertical sconces - traditional models of wall lamps, with open top shades serving to illuminate the entire room or a specific area.
Horizontal sconces bathroom
Vertical wall lamp for bathrooms


Wall lamp - a classic piece of furniture, which, meanwhile, used for decoration of bathrooms in many different styles.


For classical interior is characterized by simple and elegant form combined with precious materials.Bra classical-style décor are traditional elements of the rare species of wood, metal coated with a gold or bronze, crystal.Classic wall lights are often made in the form of candlesticks and candelabra.

Bra bathroom in a classic style


Antique Style has always been considered a model of harmony and beauty.Interior decorations in antique style massive enough, but at the same time concise.Wall lamps in antique style remind us of the ancient Greek sculptures or ceramics.Often these products are decorated with a simple floral ornaments.

Wall sconces for the bathroom in antique style

Baroque Baroque - it is a very "decorative" style, who likes a large amount of jewelry and parts piling up.Someone accessories Baroque seem provocative lush and pretentious, but when combined with the restrained interior, they look just awesome.

Bra bathroom Baroque


Nouveau - a style that combines elegance and bold experiments with form.For lamps Art Nouveau used expensive and beautiful materials: metal, colored glass, semi-precious stones.Plafonds stained glass - a characteristic feature wall lights Art Nouveau.

Bra bathroom in modern style


style of high-tech does not tolerate decorative frills, and focuses on the functionality of the interior.Wall lamps in the style of high-tech have a simple design and austere, geometric shapes.For the production of lamps used mainly chromed metal and safety glass.

Wall bry bathroom in style hi -tech

Pop art

Pop art - this is one of the most memorable styles in the history of decorative arts and design.For wall-mounted fixtures in pop art style is characterized by rich, pure colors and unusual shapes lampshades.Perhaps the use of stylized images of animals and humans comics.The main manufacturing material - plastic.

Bra bath in pop art style


Above mirror

Zone near the mirror - the most popular location for wall lights.Above the mirror is most convenient to place horizontal directional lamps glow.It is only necessary to direct the light output so that it does not enter the eye, and lighted work area.It should be remembered that the light coming from above, emphasizes all facial skin defects.

Location wall sconce above the mirror in the bathroom
Location sconces on the mirror in the bathroom

the side of the mirror

placing two wall lamp on either side of the mirror, you can create a complete, symmetrical composition.If you set the side of the mirror is only one lamps, the lighting is uneven, plus the inevitable will be shadows that will interfere when applying makeup or shaving.

Location sconces on either side of the mirror in the bathroom

contrast mirror

Bra placed on the opposite wall from the mirror, interior designers are estimated ambiguously.On the one hand, the light reflected in the mirror enlarges the area of ​​the bathroom, and make the room lighter.On the other hand, daily cosmetic and hygienic procedures will prevent glare, falling squarely in the eye.

Placing sconces in the bathroom on the opposite side of the mirror


choosing bras in the bathroom, you need to pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the luminaire, but also an aesthetic component.

  • Design wall light should be in harmony with the rest of the decor of the room.This does not mean that we can not allow the mixing of styles, but even for an eclectic interior should be carefully selected furniture and accessories.
  • addition bra style orientation, should take into account its size.Dimensions of the lamp should be proportional to the size of the room and the mirror, around which it will be installed.
  • If the sconce is only an additional source of light in the bathroom, it is necessary to select a main lamp (typically a ceiling light fixture).Well, if they match the style and harmony in color.Ideal - is to buy all the lights from the same collection.
Design wall sconces bathroom
The design of bras in the bathroom

Tips for Choosing

compile information on wall luminaires can be by formulating a few tips regarding the choice of wall lamps for the bathroom.

  • luminaires, which are purchased for use in rooms with high humidity levels, must be made of corrosion-resistant and rotting materials.
  • sure to pay attention to the labeling, informing about the degree of water resistance you choose bras.Optimal for wall lights in the bathroom protection - from 4 to 6.
  • Determine in advance the future place of the luminaire arrangement.If you are going to place light fixture above the mirror or highlight certain elements of the situation, then choose a sconce horizontal type.For all other cases, the vertical fit bra.
  • in lighting stores you will surely come across a huge variety of assortment of wall lights.When choosing proceed from the overall styling of the bathroom, to the new bra perfectly fit into the existing interior.
Tips for choosing a bra for bath


Mounting wall light in Vaneau is not much different from the installation of lamps in any other room of the house.The only difficulty that may arise - is drilling holes in tiles.But anyone who has minimal experience in the construction and repair works and has the necessary equipment to do the task without difficulty.

  • first to be put on the wall layout, on which we will drill holes.To do this, putting a bracket, which is mounted on the lamp against the wall and mark the places where there will be mounting holes.
  • Armed with a hammer or a drill, performed in the wall mounting holes.Pre-need to turn off the instrument fight, not to damage the ceramic tiles.Drilling in concrete can have with the included battle.
  • Set the bracket into place using a set of fasteners, bundled with the product.
  • Next, perform the connection of the fixture to the electrical wiring.Simply interconnected wires coming out of the wall and those that are in the device.
  • Now you can screw the light bulb and replace the cover.
Installation sconces in the bathroom
Installing wall sconces in the bathroom