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August 12, 2017 18:06

Children bath mat : on suckers and anti-slip , mini pads and puzzles

Children bath mat
  • requirements vannomu mat for children
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Types
    • Mini mats
    • Mats puzzle
    • mat heated
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Asuse children's rug?

Bathing the baby in the bathroom - it is not an easy task.To it must be approached with great responsibility.To children bathing process a little easier, came up with a special children's bath mats.They are intended to ensure that the child is not slipped in the process of water treatment in the bathroom, that is, in order for this process to be fun, not bodily harm.Such mats greatly reduce the fear and concern about the adult that the child will fall.In addition, mats bring warmth and comfort to the Bathing room.Thus, children's rugs are a convenient and useful thing, for both children and adults.

Children bath mat

to vannomu mat requirements for children

There are two basic types of mats:

  • a bathroom;
  • the bathroom.

first type is placed on the surface of the floor bathroom that came out of a warm bath or gidroboksom, the child did not feel

the cold, wet floor, and slipped.The second type is placed directly on the bottom of the tub.They ensure the safety of children in their bathing.

Requirements to vannomu mat for children
Requirements for the new children

All litter must meet the following requirements:

  • They should not slip.This is the main requirement to provide bulge and suction cups on both sides of the mat.Suckers, they attach themselves to the bathroom, or floor surface.
  • Mats required to warm the baby's legs, preventing their contact with the cold floor and bathroom.
  • They should be exciting.Colorful and uniquely decorated mats with pictures of animals and toys of any kid interested in, thus combining a pleasant experience with helpful.
Requirements to stand for children in the bathroom


Children's mats or mats for the bathroom are:

  • cotton;
  • wool;
  • rubber;
  • vinyl;
  • polyester;
  • wood;
  • acrylic;
  • and made of foamed PVC.
Materials Children

model Cotton bedding is made in the Bathing room warmth and comfort. They give a feeling of warmth when they are found to be safe, easy to absorb moisture and quick drying.Silicone coating on the reverse side will not let slip mats.They can be washed in a standard washing machine.

Cotton children

microfibers stall mats are made from polyester dissected. They perfectly absorb moisture and have a texture, which is very pleasant to be.

Baby bath mats made ​​of polyester

Another popular material for the manufacture of tires is considered vannogo mat. rubber products differ in their composition and types of rubbers, of which they are made.So the first thing to consider when buying a rubber mat, it is part of.You can not buy such a litter, which was used in the manufacture of industrial rubber.Make sure that a part of no harmful additives.

All mats have several advantages:

  • Due to suction cups on the back side they are well attached to the surface of the bath, and do not slip, even if a long time in the water.
  • to massage the feet.
  • There are a huge number of shapes, colors and designs.
  • is easy to clean and long serve.
Children rubber bath mat
Children rubber mat for the bathroom

rattan mats made tsinovochnye.They look such mats is very interesting and has all the useful qualities of wood products.They are a warm and safe.

Mat Rattan bathroom

Acrylic rugs are also very soft and pleasant to the touch texture. Their main advantage is durability, which is explained by the quality of the acrylic.Acrylic rugs for a long time will not lose shape, color and original appearance.They are characterized by antibacterial coating that is applied with special solutions during production.When buying these rugs is better to choose those mats, whose composition is 85% acrylic and 15% polyester.

«Foam" or PVC mats are made of PVC foam. This material is sold in rolls of building supermarkets.As part of PVC no toxic elements that can cause allergic reactions.These mats do not slip, tactile and unpretentious in use.They are not afraid neither heat nor cold, nor the frequent use and even the laundry in the washing machine.PVC does not break, and a long time and retains shape and color.Besides, now you can find a very bright models PVC mat with an interesting surface, imitating the form of weaving, patterns, etc., that make perfect foot massage.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material that has a great ability to kill bacteria. bamboo mats absorb water, and then it is evaporated.For a long time do not lose their quality and appearance.

Children acrylic rug in the bathroom
"Пенный"детский коврик для ванной комнаты
Bamboo mat for children in the bathroom


not the last criterion when buying children's bath mats is their design.Today difficult to find a rug that matches and your desires and in harmony with the interior of your bathroom. But much more important to the mat came to love your child. Bright, colorful mat in the form of animals and fairy tale characters or their image will delight your child and will make the process of bathing in a certain game.This applies both to large and to the very young children.For newborns bright and interesting design of the rug will be on top, and a good source for learning, promoting its active movement in the bathroom, and development in general.

Design vannogo mat for children
Design baby mat for the bathroom
Design rugs in the bathroom for kids


Mini mats

Mini rugs called small rubber or silicone products in different shapes Velcro or suckers. They can have the form of animals, fairy tale characters and objects.They can stick to a bottom of the tub, and on its sides.These mini-mats will be interesting, as the young children and large.They will make swimming more fun.Some mini-mats have a sucker on both sides.One side is designed to be attached to any surface, and the other for toys or toiletries.

Mini - mats for the children to the bathroom

Mats puzzle

Such mats have characteristic notches at the ends. They consist of several parts, which you want to connect, resulting in a picture will appear.Mats, puzzles designed for children from 6 months, that is, those who are already sitting and possibly crawl. They are for them a kind of educational toys.For the manufacture of carpets, puzzles, usually only apply safe, insulating, lightweight and durable materials.The gathering is often absent sharp corners and sharp smell.They do not break down and are easy to clean.They can be used in the bathroom, and just play with them in the nursery.The process of folding puzzles promotes the development of attention, memory, intelligence and fine motor skills of the child.He begins to distinguish colors, to make decisions, and, in general, give him the opportunity to usefully spend a lot of time.The unassembled puzzle mat takes up very little space.

Mats , puzzles for children in the bathroom

mat heated

interesting inventions made producers bath mats. They released a collection of heated mats fitted a heating element, which serves as a completely safe infrared film for flexible person. heats the surface of the mat to 40 degrees, so the burn is simply impossible.Floor mats with the heating consists of several layers of high quality carpet coverings.

Children bath mat with heating

Tips for Choosing

By buying baby bath mats must be taken seriously.After all, it determines the safety of your child while bathing. Below is a collection of some of the recommendations, following which you will be able to confidently buy this product:

  1. first parameter when buying children's carpet is the material and its quality. in this matter should be guided by the age of your child's first, and then the accessory functionality.Textile pattern mats are not recommended for use when bathing children under 3 years.For them, the better choose either silicone or rubber mats of high quality.The presence of harmful additives in the content material, sharp strange smell and washes off the paint is not acceptable.For greater certainty you can ask the seller a certificate of quality, confirming the safety of the product.
  2. second quality, which necessarily should be in rugs - a non-skid coating on both sides. On the other side, which will be laid on the floor or bottom of the tub should be the sucker that will hinder the movement of the mat.The other side must also be a relief to the child on it does not slide.Besides relief surface massages the foot.
  3. Choose soft and pleasant to the touch model. They need to warm the baby's legs during and after the adoption of water treatments.
  4. Another parameter to be considered when buying this accessory is the size. calculated for a newborn baby baths instance, is not suitable for a large child.Therefore, buy on the basis of the child's age.
  5. When buying rugs look for those samples in which the characters or animals are depicted liked by your child. This will not only attract the attention of your child, but it can become a major satellite in the bathroom.
  6. Some bath mat coated with an antibacterial coating. They prevent the spread of bacteria, germs, and mites.It is better to give preference to such rugs.
  7. presence of many functions not necessary for a rug for the bathroom, but there are features that may facilitate the process of bathing the child. For example, some models for young children and has built the back of the handle.Some feature termonakladkami whose color changes depending on the degree of water.
  8. Finally, it does not hurt when the selected pad will fit into the interior style of your bathroom. Since the mat should not be a single day, and well-chosen model will add to the comfort room, new paint and perhaps a new flavor.
Tips for choosing a baby mat for the bathroom
Features selection of children
Recommendations for choosing a baby bath mat

How to use children's rug?

  • Lay the mat should be only on a dry and clean surface of the floor and the bathroom.
  • Once you redeem the child, collect the mat or its parts and rinse them thoroughly.Textile and PVC mats can be washed in the washing machine.Rubber and silicone mats better to wash by hand.Place them directly on the walls of the bathroom to dry it faster.Remember that sucker attached weaker if they left the soap.
Terms of Use of Child rug in the bathroom