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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fixtures for the mirror in the bathroom : on the mirror wall , LED

The lamp of the mirror in the bathroom
  • Why is it needed?
  • lighting performance
  • Types
    • Wall
    • mirrors with integrated lighting
    • LED backlight
    • Led-tape
  • Advantages of LED lamps
  • Accommodation
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation

Why does he need?

Bath room - this is one of the few places in the house, which did not penetrate the sun's rays.In the absence of natural light especially become important sources of artificial light.Ceiling light is often the only lighting in the bathroom.This, of course, economically, but not very convenient.The best option - it is the presence of two fixtures - the primary and secondary.

Fixtures for the bathroom mirror

Additional lighting is often installed next to the mirror.At this point, the device can perform several functions:

  • lamp mirror provide the necessary illumination for daily cosmetic and hygiene procedures (shaving, applying make-up, etc.);
  • if you want to relax and spend some time in the dim light (for example, taking a bath) the lamp will become the source for the mirror pale, soft light;
  • night light for the mirror may be responsible for emergency lighting bathroom.
The lamp of the mirror in the bathroom
The lamp of the mirror in the bathroom

lighting performance

mirror in the bathroom - it's kind of a work area where the correct alignment of the lighting plays a big role. There are some basic rules regarding lighting in the bathroom mirror:

  • luminaires should be positioned so that the light illuminated the entire working surface, at the same time without getting in the eyes.
  • When simultaneous operation of the main operation of the lighting fixture and mirror must create the most uniform illumination without disturbing the shadows.
  • Most artificial light sources distort colors.If you are used to be painted in the mirror in the bathroom, the purchase for the light bulb, the light by which the color spectrum is closest to natural.
Rules illuminate the mirrors in the bathroom


There are several options for lighting the working area in the bathroom.

Wall Sconce - a traditional lighting fixture, which can be installed in any room of the house, regardless of its destination - in the corridor, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, etc.special waterproof wall lights, which can be used in conditions of high humidity are available for the bathroom.Bras create a soft diffused light, so this type of lamps like those for whom the bathroom - a zone of privacy and relaxation.

Wall okolozeralnye fixtures for the bathroom
Lamps near the mirror in the bathroom

mirrors with integrated lighting

novelty on the market of equipment for bathroom like home furnishings can not be named, but they are not yet ubiquitous.Options for combination mirror + light there are so many and they all look very impressive.Mirror with integrated lighting will be the main decoration of your bathroom.Integrated lighting frees up space that would be set aside for wall lights - and this is one of its main advantages.

Mirrors in the bathroom with built-in lighting

LED backlight

LED fixtures for the bathroom can be the most different kinds - a wall, and built or tape.In stores you can find LED lighting designed specifically to illuminate the mirrors (they are used for lighting of paintings).These lamps provide even light, no glare and do not distort the image.

LED lighting in the bathroom mirror
Mirror with LED backlight


LED strip is actively used to organize a variety of lighting elements of the interior - stairs, paintings, podiums, decoration of facades of buildings, etc.Led-strip includes LEDs with resistors on one of its sides coated adhesive composition.To fix it near the mirror in the bathroom is enough to cut the ribbon on the part of the desired size, remove the protective film and stick it to the desired location.LED tape is very thin and plastic, which allows to implement the boldest design fantasies.One thing to take into account - it is poorly compatible with the old electrical equipment.

Led- tape for mirrors in the bathroom

Advantages of LED lamps

  • LED bulbs help you save on electricity bills.They consume much less energy than incandescent bulbs and modern energy-saving lamps.
  • Despite the fact that power LED bulbs less than other types of lighting, the light level that they create no lower.
  • service life of LED lamps is very high.They are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, but they work ten times longer.
  • LED bulbs are considered the most optimal for use in the bathroom, as they tolerate temperature fluctuations and high humidity levels.
  • are commercially available LED light bulbs in different colors, which will certainly appeal to fans to experiment with lighting.
LED spotlights for bathroom mirror
LED lights for the mirror in the bathroom


There are two ways of lighting near the mirror arrangement.Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Above mirror

This arrangement of lamp is the most advantageous in terms of space savings. place above the mirror usually remains free, while on the side of it can be hung cabinets and shelves for toiletries.The disadvantage of such a light source arrangement is that the light incident on, illuminates all skin defects.Of course, this practice does not bring harm, but the mood in the morning can spoil fairly.

The lamp above the mirror in the bathroom

side mirrors

fixtures located on both sides of the mirror, creates lighting effects, as close as possible to natural daylight .That is why, for women who prefer to apply makeup in the mirror in the bathroom, is the location of lighting is considered preferable.Less of this embodiment is that the wall fixtures occupy a lot of space.Furthermore, the mirror side of the lamp is not enough for uniform illumination, it is necessary to install two.A is - twice installation work.

Lamps on either side of the mirror in the bathroom

Tips for Choosing

There are several determining factors that influence the choice of lamp mirror in the bathroom:

  • degree of protection from moisture. only waterproof lamps should be chosen in the bathroom.Is this your chosen luminaire indicated on the package.Abbreviation IP and two digits indicate which class of protection against dust and water belongs to the lamp.For use in the bathroom suitable lamp with a protection class of not less than IP 44.
  • brightness. Both men and women use the bathroom mirror, above all, to bring myself up.To the result of all hygienic and cosmetic manipulation has not turned completely opposite to the expected need to provide sufficient illumination of the room.The brightness of the light is measured in lux.If you add up all the brightness of the lighting in the bathroom, the amount should have no less than 200 lux.
  • Design. defined with the required technical specifications of the lamp in the bathroom mirror is easy, but to choose the design - the problem is much more complicated.The lamp should be adjusted to the rest of the interior bathroom, including finishing materials, furniture and sanitary ware.The lamp can be a bright accent in the interior, or, conversely, not to attract attention.Huge selection of lighting products that offer construction hypermarkets and online stores, allows you to find what you need, even the most demanding customer.
Tips for choosing fixtures for bathroom mirror
Recommendations regarding the selection of fixtures for the bathroom mirror
Design fixtures for bathroom mirror


In this section, we'll show you how to install a wall lamp mirror in the bathroom.

Determine the installation site, you should take into account the growth of each family member.Select a position the fixture to face it looking bright and evenly covered.Installation requires a wall lights hidden wiring going to the place where you want to hang the lighting fixture.To carry out the hidden wiring is necessary to break through the wall Stroebe, they pave the wire, cement and seal the Stroebe disguise ceramic tile or other finishing materials.Usually this work entrusted a professional electrician.

So, the installation sequence:

  • turn off the electricity in the bathroom;
  • assemble the luminaire in accordance with the guidelines;
  • attach the lamp housing to the wall and make a layout for fasteners;
  • in accordance with the marking drill holes in the wall;
  • through mounting holes to fix the lamp on the wall;
  • power cable coming from the wall, passed through the lamp housing and screw terminal block;
  • include electricity and test the lighting device.
Sequence of installation of the lamp above the mirror in the bathroom
Install the lamp in the bathroom mirror