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August 12, 2017 18:06

Weatherproof spotlights Bathroom : Ceiling recessed

Weatherproof spotlights for bathroom
  • What is the difference from the usual?
  • Pros Cons
  • types
  • Types according to the method of fastening
  • Grouping
  • Where to place?
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation

Selection of lighting is not the last place in the process of repair.Sometimes this is what defines important points at the decision finishing the ceiling and holding wiring.Appointment of the room determines the requirements to the functional light.

Spot lights are becoming more popular because they successfully solve the problem of small spaces, not "eating" space.In the bathroom it is particularly important, and in comparison with the Soviet version or the ceiling proudly hanging from the ceiling lamp Ilyich spotlights is particularly aesthetically pleasing, and even festive.

Weatherproof spotlights for bathroom

What is the difference from the usual?

Also mark on the product box and a larger price tag than conventional lamps, lamps for bathrooms distinguished by the quality of performance and the availability of additional means of protection. rubberized parts, insulating and concealing all wiring, water-resistant, tight fit of parts - all this is a sure sign that you hold in the hands of special lamps for lighting wet areas.

The difference point damp proof luminaires for the bathroom from the ordinary luminaires


It is the protection of human and lamps from the negative effect of the interaction of metals, power and water to each other - this is the main advantage of the spotlights. Such protection ensures even and long service life and replacement of such lamps have to do less.

And how such systems like the designers!Here the solid mass of advantages: it is possible to zone the space visually increase the room, to make a truly royal prosaic toilet facilities!Also spotlights divert attention from something less than beautiful, elegant make emphasis on specific parts of the interior.For example, multi-level ceilings, honey bath, a large mirror.For illuminated mirror can earn the gratitude of the female half, and for men it is very functional.

Comfortable eye illumination level is useful, including for health, reduces eyestrain and provides psychological relaxation.Doctors strongly against the savings on lighting.

Advantages damp proof spotlights for bathroom
Advantages of spotlights for bathroom


  • attachments. When certain types of lamps require the use of transformers (this information will be on), that is a little bit to reflect the choice is necessary.
  • replacement lamps. mechanism damp proof devices does not like additional contacts.Therefore, the first time to quickly screw and unscrew the bulb will not work.
  • installation. If you live in an apartment with low ceilings, then install spotlights on the ceiling without special hinged ceiling systems, it will not be possible.

But if in the concrete ceiling slab you have large voids, can pave the wire and install spotlights in them.

And of course, the cost of a one-time investment for the purchase of lamps is big enough.

Disadvantages spotlights for bathroom

In Defense spotlight on the whole we can say that all these manipulations must be done less frequently, especially if you are targeting for high-quality brands and work with experienced craftsmen, who can give sensible advice on yourroom.


Now for spot lighting manufacturers offer bathrooms:

  • incandescent lamps;
  • LED lighting;
  • fluorescent lamps;
  • halogen lamps.

In practice, the last three popular options.

LED lamp for damp proof spotlights in the bathroom
Fluorescent lamps for spot lighting fixtures in the bathroom damp proof
Halogen lamps for spot lighting fixtures in the bathroom damp proof

Why not incandescent?They are good in light scattering, and it is necessary to use devices with elongated and pear-shaped for spotlights.To size was less than the "save" on power.However, the energy consumption of their relatively large (20-30 W per 1 square meter), and they burn out faster than other lamps.Therefore, users are rarely interested in the option of lighting rooms where lights are needed, "Ilyich".

have energy saving, halogen and LED methods supporters equipment much more.These variants consume less electricity, last longer than described above.Halogen bulbs use up to 10 W / sq., More capricious, because their body reacts negatively to direct contact with the human body (arm), in addition they need to provide a separate recycling.Fluorescent also demanding for the last point, but it is more economical in power consumption.LED - the most compact and "hardworking" lamps, they are the most expensive.As well as energy saving, "eat" up to 6 W / sq.Still, the pros outweigh, otherwise how to explain the number of fans?

important nuance: the diodes are usually the addition, they are used for decorative purposes, zoning. colored diode lamps easier to find, and thanks to the small size of it with proper placement are resistant to mechanical and thermal effects.For the usual understanding of the lighting preference is given to energy saving and halogen lamps.

Types of point damp proof fixtures in the bathroom

Types according to the method of fastening

In the present diversity of the styles used in the interior, it would be strange to have only one option for lighting a bathroom.The specialty store eyes just run away, but in practice it is much easier.Waterproof lamps differ according to the method of fastening, mean groups placement and type of lamps used.

swivel and swivel. By the method of attachment and release spotlights swivel lamp.Rotary can change the direction of the beam, allowing you to choose the place of illumination, manually adjusting the lamp.This option is often used in other types of facilities, and is also used in the chandeliers high-tech style.this method is not always appropriate to the bathroom, and with the lights construction is more expensive.

The second option involves the rigid connection, so a beam of light falls on a specific area and adjust it after the installation is no longer possible.Therefore, the connection point lamps make the schemes to be able to choose the scenario, providing illumination in the zones or the whole room in general.Lamps also here will have to use more than in the first case.

Rotary waterproof fixtures for the bathroom
Turning point waterproof fixtures for the bathroom


By type of group can be divided into three options:

  • single;
  • mortise;
  • outrigger.

often use either option depends on the location.Single suggest lighting a wall sconce with a small number of lamps, functional decoration is limited to the premises.Mortise lamp "hide" the wires for the skin, they are often placed on the ceiling, because no other part of the room can not afford to "eat" space so that it was not so noticeable.On the walls, furniture cabinets used remote mount with a compact design and mounting connections.For larger spaces decorators use outdoor lighting, but it is more rare than the norm.

Single waterproof spotlights for bathroom
Tapping point waterproof lights in the bathroom
Remote point waterproof lights in the bathroom

Where to place?

Our bathrooms are rarely large, infrequently they have windows, so the question is particularly acute.Actually everything is compact to fit on the square meters of the most necessary.Therefore, many people choose ceiling light. Even if you use the built-in options for fixtures, their design will be hidden hinged ceiling or special panels. It is also functionally: additional insulation from the damp air.This option will give a good background light, but some of the rooms can seem dark.

Recessed lighting is used for furniture and in the bathroom.For example, cabinets, to a greater extent this applies to the mirrors. Since many bath - room for a stroke, the desire to "highlight" the mirror is quite logical.When designing many women will think only about how to make the area near the mirror light, to be able to apply make-up in a comfortable environment.Shave so convenient too, since the possibility of failure of the angle becomes lower.

significantly less likely to use our people in the bathroom area lighting vertical surfaces - walls, catwalks, ledges built baths. Serious figurines and volumetric composition in this room are placed only wealthy citizens, who are invited for design professionals.Yes, and wall lamps as likely to suffer from proximity to wet surfaces and penetration of water inside the device.In large rooms dampness less use of this option will be easier and safer.Because of the need to use the space of the room and freedom to spread light floor devices can also afford only the owners of the huge bathroom.In a small room floor lamps lost, but because such an option under normal conditions becomes losing.

Placement point damp proof fixtures in the bathroom
Location point damp proof fixtures in the bathroom

Tips for Choosing

give a definite conclusion, a lamp used to be impossible.Everyone used to use the bathroom at its discretion. However, the choice depends on the spotlight:

  • functional. If the mirror in the bathroom only need to clean teeth, then highlight it is not always necessary.But if you want a quality of reflection, the mirror can not do without lighting.Similarly solved questions zonal lighting.
  • Value. Besides buying replacement bulbs, you need to consider how to install.The total cost will be rather big, however, it is a long-term attachment, and therefore justified.In order not to regret the money spent, it is necessary to consider 2-3 drafts of lighting.This allows to compare the potential value and usefulness for you personally.
  • harmony and beauty. Lighting does not exist separately from the room, its design, color and purpose of the room.Therefore, giving preference to any embodiment of spotlights, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of the visible eye.Manufacturers tend to use generic colors - chrome, bronze, gold, and copper.Think about what "noble" metal will be combined with the color of furniture, tiles, sanitary ware?Matte or glossy?The value has the overall style of the room and selected luminaire.
  • accommodation and destination. Protection of interaction with water in different lights.Even very neat hosts water sometimes gets a mirror.When using local illumination appears and the risk of circuit or electric shock, so security is becoming a priority.You can certainly make a minimum of movement to the water spray is not scattered.And you can come up with a mind and choose good moisture-proof lamps, which like all home.For example, the label on the packaging IP 44 means that such devices are adapted to a rare interaction with water, but tolerate high humidity in the bathroom.But IP 55 design ensures durability for long-term "irrigation", these lamps can be placed in close proximity to a water source.
  • lamp power. The cost mentioned earlier.You can roughly calculate how much light is recommended for comfortable lighting.Standard consumption per square meter is indicated on the box, knowing bathroom sizes can readily determine the necessary amount.
  • Quality. Low cost is often synonymous with poor performance and frequent replacement.When choosing the type of luminaire and lamps give preference to proven brands.Many brands, entering a new market, offering lower prices for their products.However, in this case, quality and adherence to technology standards and provide difficult.
Tips for choosing a point damp proof fixtures in the bathroom
Recommendations regarding the selection of point damp proof luminaires for the bathroom
Features selection point damp proof fixtures in the bathroom


If we are not talking about false ceilings, tie-lamps, the installation and design of light sources, a relatively simple task. Built lamp post is possible only in the repair and installation of the surface, where it will be placed spot light.Such work is best left to professionals. exact calculation will help ensure security: only in this case, the conductive parts are "sunk" and isolated from the moist air.

When you work with halogen lamps can not touch the glass containing quartz.Fat traces chemically react, which violates the security and integrity of the lamp.And the service life due to this reduced significantly.

Set point damp proof luminaires for the bathroom

If it is necessary to hold the replacement lamp with the "hidden" body, you can take advantage of this recommendation. Inspect the bulb body and get on it retaining springs.Firmly pressing them to the body of the lamp, insert the element into the hole in the socket.Once released fingers lamp, "petals" for securing unfold and lock the housing design.

there some controversy about how to install different power lamps.For spotlights maximum power, experts advise to buy and protective devices, which, if a problem occurs, shut off lights in the room and fault protection.In addition, such a device has a function to save power consumption.But when choosing a low-power version of the energy consumption of electrical recommend the use of an adapter - a transformer that will adapt the lighting to the voltage difference.

Mounting point damp proof luminaires for the bathroom

Bathroom - one of the attributes of a comfortable life for the modern man.Repair in this room make for a very long time, so take a responsible approach to the issue of the design and choice of lighting is extremely important.Giving preference to modern technology and quality materials, you can add sophistication to everyday life.Bathroom use several times a day.Add beauty to your interiors, treat yourself and loved ones!

Spot waterproof fixtures for the bathroom
Spotlights in the bathroom