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August 12, 2017 18:06

Corner curtain bath : shower curtains for a corner bath , with eaves , glass

Corner Bath Curtain
  • When set?
  • Materials
  • Types
  • Design Tips for Choosing

The bathroom each person spends a lot of time, it gets a charge of vivacity and good mood in the morning, and it also relieves stress after a long day.Therefore, it is important that this room was comfortable and functional as possible, especially if its area is small.Today, the choice of different equipment for the bathroom is unusually wide.

Corner curtain for the bathroom

When set?

Corner curtain will need to protect the floor from the bathroom soap and water sprays in the following cases:

  • Classic bath is located in the corner;
  • Bath oval or round;
  • Bowl has a compact triangular shape (gidroboks);
  • Regular bath must be combined with a shower;
  • installed mixer with waterfall effect, tropical shower;
  • bracket shower head is high.

When choosing curtains should be guided primarily by considerations of practicality, cost and functionality, not forgetting about aesthetics, according to the style of the bathroom and the home in general.

Corner curtains can be soft and hard.Soft attached with hooks, loops on the metal or plastic rod having a semicircle shape or curved at a right angle.

In some cases, the shutter angle is set for bath


Made of:

  • light fabric (polyester), good drape and having an additional water-repellent layer;Vinyl
  • - polymer films which may be transparent, with various figures simulate different surfaces: fabrics, and other stone.

If soft curtains for some reason do not fit, you can set hard, made of:

  • tempered glass;
  • Polycarbonate;
  • light-transmissive plastic.

surface of these materials is smooth, for which it is easier to look after, corrugated, more attractive, but difficult to wash, spectacular opaque matte, film-coated, with pictures and patterns.A good design solution may be a combination of materials with different types of surface.

Material curtains on corner bath
Fabric corner curtain for the bath
Corner bath curtain made ​​of tempered glass


By the principle of action of the hard corner curtains are divided into three main types:

  • most popular models - sliding,arranged like a closet, where one or two panels, and sometimes all moved on rollers.The design is compact and is appropriate in almost any bathroom, but its most vulnerable spot - the rollers, their quality need to pay close attention.
  • second most common - swing when the curtain opened simultaneously in both directions or in one of them.Reliable, easy to install, leak-proof if the rubber seal between the bath rim and the bottom door seals the crack.Requires additional space in the bathroom.
  • Curtains, folding on the principle of an accordion, as well as sliding, do not require open space, folded, take up very little space, but you need to choose the high-quality models, as cheap analogues deteriorating rapidly.

Number of wings of any model can vary from two to six, but the best - no more than three.Strong frames are made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Sliding shutter corner bath
Swing shutter corner bath
Corner blind accordion - bath


creative approach to the design of rigid shutters, especially glass, to create a luxurious interior of a classic style to the laconic minimalism.This may be a combination of different surfaces: smooth, matt, grooved.Repeatable Tile patterns and patterns on the walls, the connection structure in a transparent and colored materials.For a variety of textures uses a special water-resistant adhesive tape.It should be noted that the transparent curtains visually does not reduce the space of the bathroom, and the matte surface scatters light and requires additional lighting.

Design of rigid corner curtain for the bath

Tips for Choosing

to choose can only be properly weigh the "pros" and "cons" of different types of curtains:

  • Soft materials are attractive brightness and variety of colors,affordable, especially vinyl.They can and should be changed frequently, because their life is low, they quickly lose their color, the bottom of the curtains is got fungus;
  • Tempered glass is hygienic, easy to clean, looks nice, custom made from it can make the blind of any shape, but one careless movement, it shatters into thousands of small pieces, and its installation and replacement are not cheap;
  • curtains of modern plastic - inexpensive alternative to glass.Visually reminiscent of the glass, but eventually will quickly lose appearance and transparency due to scratches.They will be less noticeable if you select a model with a bright pattern;
  • Polycarbonate is lightweight, strong, durable, very tolerant of high humidity and temperature changes, easy to clean, but is unstable to mechanical damage.

From the right choices made depend on the warmth and comfort in the bathroom, and, consequently, a good mood and harmony in the relations of all the inhabitants of the dwelling.

Tips for Choosing a blind corner bath
Recommendations for choosing a blind corner bath