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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mirror in the bathroom with their hands : how to decorate , decor and beautiful design

Mirror in the bathroom with their hands
  • Making mirror moisture resistant
  • Decor own hands
  • scrap materials
  • frame fabric
  • Decoupage
  • painting
  • Mosaic
  • Tips

When large-scale construction work on repairbathroom is finished, it remains the most pleasant stage of space arrangement - the choice of furniture and accessories.Interior decorations, created by the hands, make the house really cozy.Only self-made things can be fully considered unique.

And, if you make your own cabinet or chest of drawers for the bathroom, the strength is not for everyone, then build from scrap materials unusual decoration for the home can be anyone.Surely you have an old house, is irrelevant, but the favorite things that it is a pity to throw away.We propose to give these things a second life, a little work on them.In this article we will talk about how to make a mirror out of the old original and stylish bathroom accessories.

Mirror handmade bathroom

Make a moisture-resistant mirror

All furniture and decorations, which are acquired for the bathroom, must comp

ly with one main demand - to be water-resistant. In this room "climatic conditions" are substantially different from all the other rooms of the house: here is stored permanently high humidity, changes in temperature take place, and all the furnishings come in contact with water and steam.

condensation formed on the surface of furniture and accessories, not to harm them if the home furnishings are coated to protect them from moisture.mirror is recommended to get to the bathroom, whose surface is treated with a special composition that preserves the mirror deposition in original condition.Stand such mirrors much more common in the home can not achieve a similar effect. But you can protect against moisture and frame reverse side of the mirror.To do this a few times to treat the surface with waterproof paint or varnish.

Moisture homemade bathroom mirrors

Decor own hands

The easiest way to update the old mirror - is to decorate it with various decorative elements. can decorate both the frame and the canvas itself a mirror. Using various techniques of arts and crafts - from the most basic to more complex, can be arranged in any mirror, love your style.

Dressing mirror with your hands bath
Handmade - decor mirror for the bathroom with their hands
Decoration mirror in the bathroom with their hands

scrap materials

To decorate a mirror in the bathroom should be selected decorative elements, which are not afraid of moisture. It can be beads, buttons, old jewelry, crystals, water-resistant stickers, etc. All this, certainly, there is in your box for needlework. adhesive counterfeiting should be selected, depending on the material, as long as it does not lose its qualities from the constant contact with water.

The bathroom looks perfectly mirror decorated with ornaments, extracted from the deep sea.Having been on vacation, we often bring with them shells, corals and shells, which are then gathering dust somewhere on a shelf.All these marine wonders well tolerated exposure to water and moist air.Glue can be in the liquid nails or any other building waterproof glue.

Scrap materials for self- decoration in the bathroom mirror
Materials for decorating a mirror with your hands

frame fabric

It is interesting to look photos and pictures inserted into soft textile frame.Why not experiment and make a frame for the mirror in the bathroom?

It is very important to choose the right material - it should be moisture-proof, like the one from which sew curtains for the bath. basis for the frame can be done independently (plywood, laminate, chipboard, etc.).You will also need padding polyester, glue, scissors, thread and needle.

first fabric you need to carve out a kind of "cover", which we will strap a frame.Then coated with an adhesive frame and wrapped with synthetic padding (the more layers syntepon you use, the more volume will be the frame).Now the frame be packed in a bag made of cloth.To view the product was in complete, the fabric must be carefully stitch along the outer edge.The finished frame can be decorated with buttons, beads or fabric flowers.

The frame for the mirror in the bathroom of the fabric

Decoupage Decoupage - a decoration of things with the help of paper clippings. image is cut out of paper glued to the PVA on the surface previously painted and varnished. using decoupage technique can decorate almost any piece of furniture and mirror - is no exception.To begin to master this technique is best with special decoupage cards.A bit of practice, you can move on to the napkin, photos, magazine clippings, etc.

products, decorated in decoupage technique, not well tolerate high humidity so if you want to hang in the bath mirror, decorated using this technology, the pre-coat it with several layers of waterproof varnish (ideally, there should be a 10-12 layers,but try to put at least 5).

Bathroom mirrors decorated with his own hands in the technique of decoupage


Those who are able to draw a little, certainly easily cope with the task of painting the mirror.Selecting the picture can be anything - from landscapes and scenes to simple abstract patterns - depending on your artistic abilities.Draw the best acrylic paints, as they are well transferred bathroom conditions.

addition to paint, you will need a palette for mixing, brush set, contours and nail for the final coating.To create different textures specialists also use a foam sponge, cotton buds, toothpicks and other materials at hand.

Painting the bathroom mirror with your hands


The most common material for finishing floors and walls in the bathroom - a ceramic tile. tiles residues remaining after the repair, you can make an original frame for the mirror.The more different elements will be in the mosaic, the more effective it will be. can therefore go through the DIY stores and collect debris there tiles;also fragments of pottery, glass stones, beads shells impressive look.

mosaic elements are glued to the mirror or on the frame, and the space is filled with grout in tone between them.Pattern select on the basis of a common bath room style: it can be a simple geometry, floral ornament or nautical theme, and you can just throw pieces of the puzzle in artistic disorder.

Decorating the bathroom mirror mosaic
mirror decorated with mosaics with their hands for the bathroom


How to hang on a wall mirror in the frame, even a child knows, but what if you decide to do without this element of decor? mirror without a frame can be fixed to the wall with liquid nails, most importantly, apply sufficient adhesive so that it can withstand the weight of the mirror.You can also hang a mirror on the wall fixed screws. However, this will have to include a mirror in the workshop that it drilled holes for fasteners.

The stores sell special wall mounts for mirrors. They are mounted to the wall so that they remain virtually invisible at the same time firmly holding the mirror.Mirror looks glued to the wall, but in reality it is firmly fixed on the holders.

And if you fix a mirror on the wall so that it is flush with the tiles, the effect is simply stunning.So you can visually enlarge the space and create the impression of an endless bathroom.The main thing - not to frame a mirror, let it be "merged" with the wall.

How to hang a mirror in the bathroom made ​​with their own hands
Installation of an improvised mirror in the bathroom
Tips for installing a mirror made ​​with their hands in the bathroom