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August 12, 2017 18:06

Blind for the bathroom with their hands , under the bath , decor sliding plastic curtains

Blind for the bathroom with their hands
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  • material requirements with ruffles
  • shutter under the bath instead of the screen
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    • Decoupage on plastic

bathroom accessories play a very important role.They not only make our everyday hygienic procedures more comfortable, but also participate in the formation of the general style of the room.In addition, the accessories - is a great way to update and refresh the interior of the bathroom without it sets out a global repair.

Curtain to the bath with his hands from the cloth

Despite the fact that the choice of a variety of interior bathroom is very large, to find truly original and beautiful thing is difficult.What do you do when designer clothes are incredibly expensive, and acquire a bright, stylish accessories still want to?Output is obvious: much of what is sold in the shops interior can do with their hands.Investing a little time, and calling upon all their creative abilities, you can create unique items that will decorate your home.We suggest you start with the

independent production of curtain for the bath.

Curtain to the bath with his hands
Curtain to the bath with his hands
Curtain Bath with ruffles their own hands
Curtain to the bath with his hands

Material requirements

The most important thing when creating curtains for bath - this is the right choice of material.To him are presented fairly stringent requirements:

  • it should be waterproof (or even better - a water-repellent).After the shutter is set in the immediate vicinity of a bath, and is designed to protect the floor, walls and furniture in the bathroom from the dripping water.
  • to be undemanding in care. shutter bath is in constant contact with water, soap and other cosmetic products, so it inevitably formed smudges.Therefore, the material should be selected such that it is well tolerated by regular cleaning using different detergents.
  • should be such that you can work with it on their own, using the tools and instruments that you have at home (for example, to sew a fabric curtain may be in the home, but the professional equipment required for glass works).
Curtain in bathroom

With Ruffles

One of the easiest ways to create unusual curtains for the bathroom - it is to sew on a ready-made curtain purchase beautiful ruffles.To do this you will need:

  • otrez waterproof material;
  • Tailoring scissors or a cutter;
  • sewing machine;
  • safety pins;
  • pencil;
  • line.
Curtain with frills in the bathroom

must act in the following order:

  • Apply markup curtain, which will be attached ruffles.The number and width of lanes depends only on your wishes.
  • then cut out of waterproof fabric of the appropriate size band (the bands length should be 5 cm longer than the length of curtains).Now
  • fabric strips should nazhivulit a curtain on the markup.
  • frills sewn to the curtain from the front.Starting work should be from the bottom row, and move up.Beautiful and unusual curtain for the bath is ready!
Making ruffles on the curtain for the bath with his hands - the markup
Making ruffles on the curtain for the bath with his hands - the markup
Making ruffles on the curtain for the bath with his hands - crepe ruffles
Making ruffles on the curtain for the bath with his hands - sew frills

shutter under the bath instead of the screen

Storck of waterproof fabric can be not only a story on the ledge and isolate her a bathbut also use it as a screen under the bath.


have such a product will be lots of advantages:

  • shutter will cost you much cheaper plastic, and even more so, gypsum or glass screen under the bath.If you're strapped for cash, it is best to buy a piece of high-quality waterproof material beautiful color than satisfied with faded plastic partition.
  • Hang curtain under the bath is not difficult even for those who have not the slightest experience in the repair.While for the installation of the screen, you may need professional help.
  • shutter does not need special care, enough to wipe it from time to time, but once in a few months to rub off on hands or in the washing machine.
  • Unlike hard screens curtain can be hung under any bath, regardless of the shape or size of the sanitary device.
  • door ensures easy access under the bath.If there is a need for plumbing repairs or cleaning under the bath, the shutter can be simply pushed into a corner or completely removed from the loop - it takes less than a minute.
Reveal a bath

tailoring technology

to sew the curtain under the bath with your hands, you will need:

  • otrez waterproof fabric;
  • roulette or sartorial meter;
  • scissors;
  • cornice (or wire clothesline, etc.);
  • sewing machine.


  • First you need to determine the size of the future product.To this bath we are measuring space and cut out at an appropriately sized piece of fabric, making the overlap length of a few centimeters.If the fabric is "spreading" on the cutting line, you need to bend the edges and stitch them on the sewing machine.
  • loops sewn on the upper edge of the article.Loop size depends on the method of fastening the curtains.For eaves to do more loops and rope enough the little loops.
  • mounted under the tub ledge or stretch the rope after fixing screws in the wall.Another option - adhesive glue gun to the bath Velcro, but on the curtain sew Velcro.
  • Now you can hang the curtain in place.

get comfortable and original alternative to the screen under the bath!

Fixing curtain at the bath
Reveal a bath with his hands


If you do not want to mess around with a sewing machine and other tools, you can buy ready-made curtain to bath and change it beyond recognition, making of it a true work of designart.You can use any available materials and decorative elements, which, for sure, are you at home doing nothing.So, to decorate curtains can float:

  • lace;
  • foil;
  • sequins;
  • shells;
  • buttons;
  • fragments of mosaic:
  • beads;
  • stones;
  • and more.
Decor curtain bath with his hands
Curtain Bath
Decor curtain bath with his hands


Application - a kind of arts and crafts, with which most of us first met in kindergarten.We invite you to remember the skills of handling with paper and scissors and to experiment with the design of curtains for the bath.

for decorating a plastic curtain, you will need waterproof glue and clear varnish.Selecting image remains on your taste.It may be abstract shapes out of colored paper, family photos, fragments of wall-paper or magazine clippings.The main thing, stick, applications not from the bath, otherwise, all the beauty will last for long.

Decor curtain bath with his hands

Decoupage on plastic

decoupage technique today is particularly popular.Perhaps the point is that, with a little practice to master it can be anyone.In addition, supplies for decoupage cost quite inexpensive.

Decoupage by plastic curtain

Contents in decoupage technique can be almost any piece of furniture, including a plastic curtain for bath:

  • First, the entire surface of the shutter should be painted with acrylic paint.Color choose depending on the overall colors of the bathroom and the selected image.Wait until the paint dries.
  • Then prepare decoupage card: Cut or tear the pictures carefully and soak them with water.
  • Mix PVA glue with water and prime the surface of the curtain to give a solution.
  • until the glue has dried, apply decoupage card to blind and flatten them, smoothing from the center to the edges.
  • If the image is too much stand out, shading them with any color (you can use gouache or watercolor).
  • result needs to be fixed with varnish.The more layers of varnish you apply, the better, but they should not be less than three.

idea how to sew beautiful curtains for the bath, look at the video Olga Nikishechevoy.