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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mirror in the bathroom with light : with shelf , cabinet , vanity and wall

The mirror in the bathroom with light
  • Types
    • Wall
    • with shelves
    • with lockers
    • Cosmetic mirror
  • backlight type
    • LED
    • Internal
    • Decorative
  • Forms
  • Dimensions
  • How to make your own hands?
  • How to connect to electricity?
  • How to Hang?



Wall mirror - an inexpensive option."Highlight" is the mirror difficult. As a rule, for this purpose mounted lighting lamps, such as lamps. Most importantly, they should not be too cumbersome.

Wall mirror with lighting in the bathroom
Wall bathroom mirror with light

with shelves

mirror with shelf - not only beautiful, but also comfortable.Shelves accommodate all the primary items of personal hygiene.

Usually this mirror has a shelf, at least - two.Most often shelf is made of glass. Ideal for any style of interior.The useful element is located below or to the side portion of the mirror structure, but possibly a combination of both in the same model.

Mirror with shelf and lighting in the bathroom

with lockers

mirror in the bathroom can be built into a locker. It is a mirror of his door. His placement in the bathroom - it is the desire of the owner.It can be pos

itioned over a sink or simply as an element of the interior.The ideal option in this case the backlight is down light.

Mirror with cabinet

Cosmetic mirror

cosmetic mirror is very practical.This type of mirror is not the main element of the interior.It is used as needed. It can be two-way, one of the parties has a magnifying effect.Such a mirror is useful when creating a make-up and so much loved by women. Before buying pay attention to the adequacy of light in it.

Cosmetic mirror with light Bathroom

backlight type


LED strip lights and incredibly popular these days.Any special care they require. consumes little power and do not pose a threat to life.

LED lighting in the bathroom mirror
Backlit mirror in the bathroom of the LEDs


to create internal illumination LED lamps are used, or tape that are attached to the back of the mirror and give the necessary light intensity. He scattered by passing through the opaque mirrored surface.

Mounted Lighting design for such mirrors the perimeter, the side or top.How I wish the owner himself. material for the manufacture of backlight is aluminum profile. His deposition can be quite varied from silver to gold.Profile aesthetically hides from the eyes of all the components and wiring makes the design a beautiful and complete.

Interior lights in the bathroom mirror


illumination of this type is not intended to perform the lighting function as such.Rather, it is a complement, their muffled brings an element of romance.It can cover any particular section of the mirror, as the unusual design solution.

Decorative illumination of the mirror in the bathroom


mirror shape can be very diverse.It all depends on the desires of the owner.The main thing is the convenience and the combination with the interior style.For the bathroom in a classic style perfectly round mirror.Rectangular fit into the modern.Mirrors asymmetrical and irregular shapes - ideal for high-FEC.

Forms of light mirrors in the bathroom
Mirrors unusual shape illuminated bathroom
The form of the mirror illuminated bathroom


Before buying the mirror, you need to decide what size to purchase.Typically, the mirror positioned above the sink.So first of all you need to start them this option.If the mirror is no special shelves, it will have to buy it separately.Leave this for 35-45 cm. The width of the mirror can be flush with the sink, and maybe go beyond it.There is already a matter of taste and preference.

Dimensions mirrors illuminated bathroom

How to make your own hands?

independently produce mirror with light possible.Of course, in this case, some times it is better to perform the same experts, for example, cut out for you is the mirror of the form that is required.

Once the mirror is already available, to determine the lighting.What will it be?This may be a lamp, which is mounted on the wall or on the mirror itself or crashes into a mirror part.

If the backlight LED ribbon is taken, you will need to purchase specially made for this profile of aluminum.LED strip is placed directly into it.

Note that the surface of the wall, which made hardware mirror should be completely flat.

Illumination for a mirror with your hands in the bathroom
Setting the backlight for the bathroom mirror with your hands

How to connect to electricity?

Connecting to a power source - a very important element of the installation. main thing in it - security.Water should not get to the wire.Their defense should be very reliable. Otherwise, a short circuit may occur and cause a fire.Generally, all the bathroom appliances shall comply with the second class of the level of protection (IP44, no less).

wires must have a protective coating.

source of electricity is supplied to the mirror in the first stage.The second is connected luminaire.

Connecting the lighting in the bathroom mirror to electricity

How to Hang?

Drill holes are drilled in the appropriate places.Then they put the dowels.And only then the screws, which provide reliable fastening elements.

the presence of complete shelves, it was originally attached.Mirror - last.

Installation of illuminated mirrors on bathroom wall