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August 12, 2017 18:06

Towel in the bathroom : Wall Towel and other models , doing with his hands

Towel in bathroom
  • Types Towel and space for
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    • Floor
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  • Design
  • Installation Methods
  • towel How to make your own hands?

final phase of repairs in the apartment - it is a choice of various accessories.Lesson is very pleasant, because the most difficult work is done and now can only complement the interior vivid detail.Especially important is the process of selecting accessories for the bathroom, because the use of these items, we will every day.

few minutes spent in the bathroom in the morning, help us tune in time, gain energy and positivity, and the evening relaxing shower calms the nerves and helps to prepare for bed.In the bathroom, we spend a lot of time and, therefore, the interior design of this room should be paid no less attention than the kitchen or living room environment.For accessories purchased in the bathroom, there is one major requirement - they must be not only beautiful, but also functional.

Towel - This element of the interior, which is usually sold in a number of the

latter.And it is in vain, because today there is a huge variety of models, from the simplest to the original design structures that can set the tone for the whole interior bathroom.

Towel rail in the bathroom

Types Towel and space for


Such hanger gain when the free space on the floor and walls of the room and not have to use all means at your disposal surface.At the door you can hang a few single hooks or attach a long bar with hooks.This option is considered the most budget.Less of it is that the folded towel dries very slowly.A more modern alternative to hooks - Hanger as a ring, which can also be installed on the door.

Wall towel rack in the bathroom


may be mobile or stationary.It is a rack with multiple holders for towels.Made of metal, plastic, at least - of wood or other natural materials.Buying a hanger, make sure that your bathroom is enough space to place it.Number of Towel on a hanger to match the number of family members - that each towel can be deployed for faster drying.

Floor towel rack in the bathroom
Towel is located on the floor in the bathroom


Virtually every bathroom there is a place to put the towel on the wall.That is why this option is the most popular. There are two types of wall hangers:

  • tubular hanger - most often takes the form of a ladder, and is made of metal;usually at a hanger crossbar arranged one above the other is not, and diagonally, which provides faster drying towels;
  • Hanger-spinner - a mobile holders, which if necessary can be pushed aside;It folded it practically does not take place, and it is placed on the unfolded multiple towels.
Wall towel rack in the bathroom


beautiful and harmonious room looks decorated in the same style.Especially true this statement is for the bathroom, where every detail is visible.

That is why it is important to pick up accessories, combined with other elements of the interior - finished walls and floors, plumbing, furniture, door handles, etc.

Design towel racks in the bathroom

Towel have to choose after how you will form an idea of ​​the stylistic and color scheme of your bathroom. is better if you buy Towel simultaneously with soap holders, mixers, the bar for the Blind, and other accessories. Since different parts will overlap with each other - as well as be in the sophisticated interior.

Towel for interior bathroom

Huge selection of hangers for towels allows you to choose the right model for every bathroom.A room decorated in a contemporary style, fit the large, chrome-plated Towel correct forms.The bathroom in rustic style will look great stylized wooden hangers or hooks.For classical interiors in shops there is a large selection of towel-plated or gold-plated brass.

Wooden towel racks in the bathroom

For those who like to draw attention with unusual and striking details like designer towel rails. They can be very different: in the form of trees or antlers, human figures or funny animals.For information on how to make the original towel rail, we'll tell you below.

Designer towel racks in the bathroom
Design towel rails

Installation Methods

  • Open. The method generally used for mounting most simple models, such as hooks or hangers-wall bars, which in the construction through holes provided for fasteners.Installation is performed by open method is very simple: the hanger applied to the installation site, through openings scheduled attachment locations.Then, on a marking drill holes in the wall or in the door and fix the screws on the hanger.
  • Hidden. more modern way, which today has been used very often.It allows you to hide from the eyes of all the fasteners, which gives the finished design and aesthetic appearance.Models open method of installation are complete mounting, which are mounted in the manner described above.Then the fastening set itself hanger.
  • Suction cup mount. on suckers are usually mounted inexpensive plastic models.Since the "Velcro" - fastening very unreliable, then this is not a hanger to dry large towels.Use it as a towel holder for the face and hands.Plus this method of attachment - hanger can be quickly removed, and on the wall of her no trace remains.
Open way to install towel racks in the bathroom
Hidden way to install towel racks in the bathroom
Install hangers on suckers for towels in the bathroom

towel How to make your own hands?

make an original towel rail can be from any of the materials at hand, you only need to call for help his fantasy.In this section, we'll show you some interesting ideas that could bring to life even the novice designer.

Hanger tree. This hanger is good for rooms with solid walls.To begin, draw a sketch on paper, wood, providing it some leaves, hooks for towels.Then, transfer the outline of the picture on the wall.The circuit can paint any paint, but it looks particularly impressive this hanger in black and white.On the glue gun, attach the hooks for towels (hooks to choose the same color as the tree itself).

Hanger tree for towels in bathroom

-hanger clothespin. a good idea for the design of country houses or baths.Surely you have somewhere lying around a few large wooden pegs on which the dried towels are our mothers and grandmothers.Try to stick a few in a row of pegs on the wall or on the door (you can pre-paint them in bright colors).If we fix clothespins on double-sided tape or construction adhesive, can be hung on them is not very large towels.And if you had managed to attach a clothespin on a small screw, it will withstand even the weight of a bathrobe.

Hanger - clothespin clothespin for towels in the bathroom
Original hanger pegs of bathroom towels

hanger on the belts. This hanger like men, because it looks really brutal and minimalistic.In order to do it you need an old leather belt (preferably black or brown) and planed wooden stick - can be found right in the nearby woods or park, and you can use the cuttings from the garden tools.Drill two holes in the wall at a distance of a little less than the length of the stick.Cut off from the belt, two identical strips and fold them in the loop.Secure the hinges on the wall with screws and thread them through the stick.

Towel on the belts in the bathroom