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August 12, 2017 18:06

Plastic curtains for bath : sliding , swinging , setting their own hands

Plastic curtains for bath
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After repairs in the bathroom, we are always happy to proceed to the choice of accessories.Original shaped mirror, fluffy mats, soap dishes unusual, bright curtains for bath - all this creates a comfort and originality.However, to bathroom it was both beautiful and comfortable, it is important to choose accessories based on not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for their practicality.

good example - it's curtains for the bath.The most popular are the soft curtain, made of waterproof material.They cost quite inexpensive, so many people like to change them every year, thus making the interior of the bathroom variety of rooms.But there is another kind of curtains for bath - glass and plastic walls.

Unlike fabric blinds, they can not be changed very often, but this is not necessary.They are reliable and durable protection against water and steam.At the same time, the shutter of the solid materials look stylish and original.

Today we talk about plastic curtains for bath: study and the advantages and disadvantages, as well as deal with mounting features.

Curtains made ​​of plastic in the bath


  • Plastic curtains are considered more reliable protection against water droplets and hot steam, as they are firmly fixed on the ground and do not have large gaps.
  • This type of blinds for the bathroom undemanding in care.Plastic curtains are well cleaned of contaminants mild detergent.
  • Unlike its glass counterpart, tonneau plastic is completely safe to use.Even if it is broken during use (for which you need to make significant physical effort), the pieces are non-acute, and can not harm you.
  • Plastic shutter its good static.Many know the unpleasant feature of fabric curtains for bath: getting wet, they stick to the body.Plastic bulkhead this shortcoming deprived.
  • shutter made of plastic to create a beautiful geometric bath frame is sure to appeal to fans of strict forms.Made of a transparent or translucent material, it makes a space game more light, thereby increasing its volume visually.
  • Plastic - a very light material, moreover, the blind structure is quite simple, so installation is made easy.
Advantages of plastic curtains for bath
Advantages of plastic curtains for the bathroom


  • If we talk about the price, the plastic curtain located at an intermediate location between the curtains of polyethylene or PVC and glass shutters.Price tags on the model of plastic from just two or three thousand.
  • Curtain fabric bath is one or two years - the period depends on the quality of the material.Glass curtain able to work out for you a few dozen years (of course, with a neat and careful handling).The lifetime of the plastic curtain is significantly greater than that of tissue, but less than that of glass.
  • Plastic curtains are considered budgetary bathroom design options (compared with glass products), so many owners of plastic partitions complain about the unreliability and fragility of the structure.When you buy should give preference to the proven, well-established manufacturer.
  • In the operation of plastic products, as a rule, lose their original appearance: yellow plastic, there are divorces of water and soap.To clean it you will need to purchase specific products.
The disadvantages of plastic shutters Bath


Stationary shutters - is a monolithic, fixed structure. It protects the surface of the well and equipment bathroom from splashes.It should be noted that those who prefer to take a shower instead of luxuriating in the bath, this kind of plastic curtain is unlikely to have the liking - by careless movement could damage the structure.

Stationary plastic curtains for bath

Sliding shutters are the most popular kind of plastic partitions, as have familiar and comfortable design-cabinet compartment.They are perfect for small bathrooms, where every centimeter of space counts.The only drawback of this type of curtains - the possibility of breakage of the roller mechanism.

Sliding plastic curtains for bath

Swing plastic blinds are less popular, despite the fact that the open-close mechanism from them much safer.This is primarily due to the fact that our bathrooms rarely have an area sufficient for convenient operation of blinds varieties.If you do decide to install a hinged shutter, make sure that on the contrary she had no fragile objects - mirrors, glass shelves, etc.

Folding curtain bath is also called "accordion". This kind of plastic partitions created specifically for small bathrooms as well as a folded such construction takes not much space.Number of wings in the curtain-accordion can vary.

Hinged plastic curtains for bath
Складная шторка "гармошка" в ванную

Tips for Choosing

  • choosing a plastic curtain, be sure to take into account the parameters of the bath.Since plastic models have a rigid structure, they can be installed only on the standard bath.If you have a font of irregular shape, plastic partition will have to make to order, or to restrict curtain fabric.
  • Select model plastic blinds should be based on the size of the room.In small bathrooms would be inappropriate swing structure and a stationary blind in the big bath will be perceived as excessive minimalism.
  • While in the store, check the reliability of the mechanism for opening and closing the valves in the chosen model.It is important that the door slid easily and effortlessly, without making at the same time extraneous sounds.
  • If you want the curtain of plastic lasts as long as possible, stop your choice on the most simple model: the less it has moving parts, the greater will be its life.
  • Before purchasing carefully examine the product from all sides: plastic panels must be straight, without distortions.Surface should be smooth, do not have the scratches and chips.
Features selection of plastic curtains for bath
Tips for choosing a plastic curtain for bath


Plastic curtains for baths are usually sold as standard: side mounting profiles, vertical frame members, the horizontal frame members, flaps, set of fasteners.

Installation curtain wall and the bath is done in the following order:

  • first collect design frame.For that horizontal support elements are fastened to the structure by means of vertical screws.
  • Then place assembled sash.Typically, the width of the slats is different, so the installation start with the narrowest.Side profile is not set.
  • Next make marks on the walls and on the bath rim.This is usually used side installation profile.With it, determine the height of attachment.
  • next step - is the drilling of holes.It is necessary to make four holes in the walls - one at the top and bottom on both sides of the tub.
  • To the collected frame mounted side installation profile.Now, the whole structure can be set in place.
  • Before you proceed directly to the installation of curtains, place future joint sealant is recommended to treat for a bath on the basis of silicone.
  • collected partition is set into place and attached to the wall on the screws.
  • Attach the remaining elements - handles, hooks, etc.Only then remove the protective film.
  • The final stage of the design check for leaks: for this you need to go to the bath and direct the stream of water on the joints of the shower.If you find a leak - again go over the seams with sealing compound.
Installing plastic curtain on the bath