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August 12, 2017 18:06

Plants for the bathroom with no windows and windows , color options

Plants in the bathroom
  • What plants can grow in the bathroom
  • to the bathroom with a window
  • Without windows
    • Names
    • Care
  • Designated accommodation
  • General recommendations

reading the namearticle, some may ask: "And what is actually necessary to place the plant in the bathroom."

Plants have the following useful properties:

  • This is a very useful attribute of any enclosed space, as it can release oxygen to kill bacteria, improve the water-gas exchange and absorb particles of heavy metals.
  • Plants deodorize the air bathroom.
  • Fresh flowers and plants are always reminded of the summer and thus improve mood.
  • Finally, flowers, and other plants can be an important element of the interior design of the bathroom, which is not placed, you can not fully realize the designer's idea.
Flowers and other plants for the bathroom

From the foregoing it follows again the question: "Is the plant will survive the bathroom, where there is usually hot, humid and dark?" The answer is simple: Will.Moreover, there are many plant species that require such c

onditions.These include almost all kinds of tropical plants.

Plants for the bathroom
Tropical plants for bathroom
Bathroom with plants

What plants can grow in the bathroom

So, plant that you would like to place in your bathroom, should havethe following characteristics:

  • It should love the heat and moisture.
  • can grow without enough light.
  • must approach the interior bathroom.
Characteristics of plants for bathroom

to the bathroom with a window

bathroom with a window following houseplants fit:

  • Decembrists.
  • Fern.
  • Phalaenopsis.
  • Spathiphyllum.
  • Orchids.
  • Dracaena "Lucky bamboo".
  • Yucca.
  • Bamboo.
  • Croton.
  • coconut tree.
  • Palma chamaedorea.

In this case, you can choose any liked plant that tolerates high levels of humidity.

Fern bath room with a window
Yucca bath room with a window
Orchid bath room with a window
Plants for the bathroom with a window
Dracaena bathroom with a window
Potted flowers bath room with a window

No plant can not live without light. therefore very important to provide them with the right amount of light.Below, we consider the basic rules of care for plants, the bathroom with a window and without.

Plants bathroom with a window requires the following rules of care:

  • If under the window in the bathroom has a window sill, where you can put a pot with a plant, put them there, because the sun's rays streaming through the window, is the best source of light forplants.
  • regularly ventilate the bathroom, opening the window.
  • Watering moderately.To avoid stagnation of water before you pour, check the soil for moisture.Pour, if the land is dry.
  • Transplant and feed as well as other houseplants.
  • winter, these plants do not need fertilizing.
Caring for plants in the bathroom with a window

Without windows

hard to believe, but in the bathrooms too, really grow plants without windows.


To those plants are:

  • Ferns.
  • Ficus.
  • violets.
  • Dieffenbach.
  • Alokaziya.
  • Philodendron scansorial.
  • usual small-leaved ivy.
  • Decembrists.
  • Chrysanthemums.
  • Calathea.
  • ctenanthe.
  • Stromanta.
  • Maranta.
  • Aspidistra high.
  • Chlorophytum.
  • Araceae plants.
  • Hoya.
  • Fatsa Japanese.
  • Monstera attractive.
  • Ekzakum.
  • Cyclamen.
  • Aglaonema.
  • Kordeliany.
Violets bathroom without a window
Plants for the small bathroom without a window
Fern bathroom without a window room
Large plants for the bathroom with no windows
Plants for the bathroom without a window
Potted flowers bath room without window


  • in a bathroom for a good growthplants need to install fluorescent lighting, which are cheap, or special fitolampy designed specifically for greenhouses.Fitolampy are the best source of light for the plants in the rooms with no windows, but their purchase and installation are costly.
  • Another option for plants at least some amount of light is an option with regular "walk" the plants: in the afternoon from the bathroom to the kitchen or balcony, and in the evening back.
  • such Watering plants need moderately.Watering only when the soil is dry.Such plants are better to spray.

It should be noted that the limitation of light, extends the period of flowering plants.

Caring for plants in the bathroom without a window
Backlight for plants in the bathroom
Terms of care for plants in the bathroom without a window

Designated accommodation

Despite the limited space in the bathroom, variants of disposition of plants in the bathroom enough:

  • on the floor.
  • On the windowsill.
  • on the shelves.
  • on pedestals and cabinets.
  • on the sink.
  • on the walls.
Placing potted flowers and other plants in the bathroom

General recommendations

  • Place the plants in pots on window sills and other flat surfaces.
  • ample plants hang loose on the wall so that they will not interfere with use of a bathroom.
  • Do not place plants close to the sink, bathtub and shower, as, firstly, you can have them accidentally hurt and drop, and secondly, not all plants love direct and frequent entry of water in their leaves, stems and base.
  • not recommended to put the plant near heat sources: batteries, heaters, etc.
  • Do not place potted plants on the washing machine.
  • For plants, not tolerate drying out the coma, use the hydrogel.In
  • make granular fertilizers as top dressing.
  • If the plant accidentally drops of soapy water or toothpaste, be sure to wipe them.
Placement of plants in the bathroom
Terms of placing plants in the bathroom
plant location in the bathroom

course indoor plants, including plants in the bathroom, need attention and some hassle, but it's worth it.Flowers and any other vegetation gives the charm and elegance of the bathroom, making it cool the interior more warm and comfortable, and the air is clean and fragrant.