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August 12, 2017 18:06

Modern bathroom accessories : the best ideas with photo ( 21 photos )

ideas for the modern bathroom
  • 1. Shower filter
  • 2. Timer shower
  • 3. Shower with illumination - in a blaze of rainbow
  • 4. Magnets Support
  • 5. Footrest
  • 6. curtain with pocket
  • 7. Blower bubbles
  • 8. Towel-little animals
  • 9. Notepad is not afraid of water
  • 10. Shower-massagers

can I make the bathroom even better, but the procedures themselvesmore fun?Of course!A variety of original detail, practical and fun, organically fit into any bathroom and lift your spirits.

1. Shower filter

Special shower heads allow you to filter the water of chlorine and other impurities of all kinds.The problem of hard water and the old communication is particularly acute in Russia.This small filter protects skin and hair from harmful, irritant effects of lime, chlorine and rust.

It has a removable cartridge, and is easily installed between the hose and watering can.

nozzle can be installed on a normal or hygienic shower.This nozzle often further enrich the water with vitamins, ions, disinfect and reduce consumption by up to 50%


Shower filter
Shower filter

2. Timer shower

first time you use remembers how long the host has spent in the shower.At subsequent times the device will reduce the time to 7 seconds.Very convenient for those who are always in a hurry, or concerned with the question of water saving.

There are models with numbers or indicator lights.First, the green LED on the half life of the color changes to yellow, and when it is time to finish the procedure - red.The gadget is simply placed on the bottom of the tub or fixed to the wall on the suction cup.If necessary, it resets the timer easily.

Timer shower

3. Shower with illumination - in a blaze of rainbow

Shower with illumination - a relatively new offering in the market.During the water treatment LEDs "paint" the water in the colors of the rainbow.It is possible to choose your favorite color, or change will happen automatically.

This rainbow shower enjoy both children and adults.And if the child does not like to wash their hands, it can be purchased separately mixer with light.

Shower with light - rainbow
Shower with illumination

4. Magnets Support

Love when everything is at hand?Holders with magnets can be placed directly in the shower and do not have to reach for the shelves of your favorite shampoo or shower gel.Attached to the wall, they create an atmosphere of lightness at the same time eliminate the clutter.

Magnetic holders

5. Footrest

little more for the convenience.Special footrest allows you to wash more comfortably.No need to bend down, sit down and lift up his legs.Its corrugated surface and ergonomic shape does not allow the foot to slide.

Use stand much safer than rely on the slippery edge of the bath.Especially appreciate this gadget girls and pregnant women.


6. curtain with pocket

The pockets can put anything you like.Place tubes, jars, brushes, sponges, decorative pebbles, shells, toys, and even store it phone or tablet.

The curtain with pocket

If you can not part with the internet or even in the bathroom waiting for an important message, transparent pocket will protect the electronics from water and at the same time will make it possible to use it.

The curtain with a pocket for a tablet

7. Blower bubbles

If a child does not like to swim, you can be interested in automatic bubble blower.The device can also emit a variety of sounds.Powered by batteries, and is attached to the suction cup.

way, it will be a wonderful gift for birthday child.

bubble blower
Blower bath bubbles

8. Towel-little animals

After bathing, so want to wrap in a beautiful large towel.But these towels are the ears, eyes, horns and tails.

Towel - bunny for your child

Just carnival costume!Especially will like towels, small animals children.

Towel - unicorn
Towels , small animals for children
The towel - animals for kids
Towel Frog for children

9. Notepad is not afraid of water

Waterproof notebook on suckers - guard your ideas.What a brilliant idea was born in the shower and flowed down the drain just because it was not possible to record them at once?Now you have your personal catcher ideas that will not allow thoughts to slip.

Waterproof notebook

10. Shower-massagers

These original slippers contain bristles of different lengths and pumice in the heel area.As long as you take a shower, your feet are massaged and washed.A great way to relaxation, which also saves time.

Sole slipper massager is equipped with suction cups, so you can not be afraid of slipping.Cottagers note!

Slippers for cleaning
Slippers with bristles