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August 12, 2017 18:06

Top 10 Accessories for arranging the bathroom : do it convenient ( 44 photos )

Ideas for arranging the bathroom

Many original design decisions can be made with their own hands.They not only add flavor to the interior of the bathroom, but also very practical to use.

As a rule, all materials are readily available and inexpensive.Many of the materials you probably have on hand right now.

Read our ideas, invent their own and implement them!Let your bathroom is is well equipped.Ergonomics and comfort - our motto.

1. mat pebble

This rug from river stones and still has a massaging effect for feet.Stones can be completely arbitrary, but preferably rounded and flat shape, so they will be easier to attach.You can buy decorative stones in the store or on their own to gather up on the banks of a river or the sea.In the latter case, the mat will be a pleasant reminder of your holiday spent.

Carpet of stone with their hands
Bath mat made ​​of stones with their hands
Bath mat made ​​of stones with their hands

To work required:

  • rubber or plastic mat with holes (to prevent water from dripping between the stones, not accumulate beneath);
  • silicone adhesive or a hot gun.

first stones laid on the mat, to s

elect their optimal location.If the stones of different colors, you can put a picture in the form of a mosaic.After that, each stone individually glued to the mat in place.Once the glue dries, you can lay a mat on the floor in the bathroom.

Read our article on how to make bath mat made of stones with their hands.

Bath mat

2. shelves baskets

Conventional wicker basket can turn into different shelves.If they flip, the side walls will act as an army.Keep them can towels, jars and more.Mounted to the wall nails, screws or glue, depending on the material of the finishing bath.

Drawers in bathroom

As an option, can be attached to a basket of special loops.Thus, it may be broadcast as a shelf on the wall, and remove and use as a container, if necessary.

Instead baskets can be used shelves for spices.The same function can perform and light wooden boxes.

Shelves of baskets
wicker drawers in the bathroom
Shelves for spices in the bathroom .
Drawers in bathroom
Shelves in the bathroom

look great, such banks, they can be hand-painted.

The shelves of cans

3. Cornice is no more than

Install the wall bathtub another ledge.It can be hung sponges, brushes, toys and rubber mats.On the one hand, there is an additional storage space, the other - will allow them to dry well.

The second ledge for storing little things in the bathroom

On this ledge you can hang a special organizers, who make sense of clutter on the dresser and shelves.

The second ledge for storing little things in the bathroom

4. Glass jars for storing small things

usual small glass jars, for example, mayonnaise or tomato paste can be used to store cotton swabs or balls, pins, ornaments and all the little things.

There are two ways to store organization using the cans.

In the first case to the wall mounted wooden bar to which are attached via screws clamps.These clamps are inserted into the banks.Covers use is not required, but the content will not gather dust with them.Cover can decorate themselves with the help of stickers, rhinestones, beads, or just paint in one color.

Banks on the wall in the bathroom for storage of small things
Banks on the wall in the bathroom for storage of small things

In a second embodiment, the banks need to screw cap.If you have wood cabinets or shelves to the outside of the bottom of the cover are attached to cans of adhesive or liquid nails.To attach a jar with the contents, it just need to screw in a light bulb cover.

5. Decorative stairs

light metal or wooden ladder can be used as a hanger for towels or clothing.In contrast to the nails, it does not damage the wall, does not fall as hooks on tape or suckers, while it can be moved or even removed from the bathroom.

Stairway to store little things in the bathroom

If step ladder flat and wide, they can additionally be used as a storage shelf.

Stairway to store little things in the bathroom
Ladder towel in the bathroom
Stairway to store little things in the bathroom
Stairway to store little things in the bathroom

6. The original design of the mirror

Ordinary dressing mirror surface or the frame can radically transform itself as a mirror, and the entirethe whole bathroom.For example, the frame can be repainted in the colors of the room, decorate with sequins, beads, decorative pebbles, seashells, rope, etc.

Mirror with shells

If your bathroom is decorated with homemade mat stones, then the same can be decorated with stones and mirror frame.All decorative elements are attached to a conventional adhesive.

If the mirror without a frame, then the edges can be applied through a stencil drawing of paint. This can be a miniature image of plants, marine animals, beautiful ornament or geometric shapes.The pattern may overlap with the overall bathroom design, patterned wallpaper, textiles or just blend in color.Stencil can be done independently, print and cut.Attach to the glass better than masking tape.Paint over the stencil is applied with a brush, sponge or spray from the spray.

Painted frame mirror

If you decide to just paint the frame, the area near the mirror frame is sealed with masking tape.This will protect the surface of the paint, and the work itself will be done more efficiently and accurately.

Now on sale there is a lot of different designs of mirrors with marine notes.

Bathroom mirrors suspended
Bathroom mirrors how the wheel

7. Paint the outside of the bath

If the outer side of the bath is not hidden curtain or screen, it may spoil its appearance even newly renovated.Especially if it's an old cast-iron bathtub.The outer side of the can just paint.But if more and figure deal, even boring, simple bathroom interior immediately begin to play.

Some paints, toxic substances, and indeed the private bath area does not give the opportunity to properly dry out and erode the smell.Therefore it is better to buy special paints.

Drawing on the bathroom

any staining method: brush, roller, spray from the spray.Figure is applied with a brush or through a stencil.

Drawing on the bathroom
Drawing on the bathroom

most daring can oblitsevat cast-iron bath decorative mosaic.

To do this, you must remove the old paint, prime the surface and only after that to strengthen the mosaic tile adhesive.Such decoration looks especially good in the interiors with oriental and Mediterranean design.

Bath mosaic
Bath , decorated with mosaics
Bath , decorated with mosaics

8. The original curtain

Sometimes it is enough to change the shower curtain to transform the entire bathroom design.

Shower curtain

shutter can be performed in their original form, such as simulating the window blind or have flounces, ruffles and even slots.

Modern printing capabilities make it possible to print any image on a fabric curtain for the bathroom.This photo can be, beautiful, funny pictures, etc.

Curtain with ruffles bath
The curtain with a cat
Curtain with ruffles bath
Curtain with photo Bath
Curtain with photos bath at social networks

And how do you find such a curtain with spikes?When water gets them, they stick out, recalling that go into a bath when it washes the other person is indecent.

Curtain with spikes

curtains can be done independently of the normal cotton fabric and acrylic paints.Do not limit your imagination!

Cotton shower curtain in the tub painted
Cotton shower curtain in the tub painted

9. All in identical bottles

All care products and household chemicals can be poured into special decorative bottles.No ill-matched in color and form packs!

can purchase special banks or make them yourself.For example, you have many of the same bottles from a particular cosmetic product or of a food product.

on cans need to stick pretty stickers with the name of tools, or easily confused.Also, you can decorate bottles painted or decorate.

The same jar in the bathroom

10. Fresh flowers

probably room flowers in the bathroom can be attributed to the exotic.Most Russians bathrooms rooms have no windows, and the sunlight plants need.If the problems with natural light there is, the flowers miraculously transformed the bathroom, giving her comfort.The small islands of fresh green look bright and original.

Flowers in the bathroom
Flowers in the bathroom
Flowers in the bathroom

Flowers in the bathroom - a great idea for a revival of the interior.Read about it in our other article.

Flowers can be placed on the window, shelves or hung on the wall.As the pots can be used ordinary glass jars on the collars, the pots of plastic bottles or cans.Additionally, you can decorate flower pots in the general style of the whole room.

Plants should be chosen unpretentious, Shade and moisture-loving.Otherwise, potted plants may simply die.