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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath mat with your hands from stones , pebbles (9 photos )

Bath mat with your hands from sea stones

Homemade bath mats, made of river stones, often have many drawbacks:

  • too smoothly polished stones, due to which the mat becomes dangerous when wet and slippery;
  • for mat used hot glue, which is not able to withstand long operating time;
  • nowhere to drain excess water.

Take mat for our instruction, he is deprived of these disadvantages.

The sealant for the manufacture of the mat


You will need:

  1. Floor rubber mat - with holes or openings for water drainage.
  2. smooth stones from the beach - make sure that they are porous and not slippery.The amount depends on the size of the rug.Stones can be found near the river, the sea or in a local store, "Skillful hands".
  3. Waterproof silicone sealant - as you need it to be able to withstand water and to detain her.
  4. polyethylene protective film or an old shower curtai

on the front of the selected pad has a raised pattern, so it is best to turn to work with the smooth side.

Floor rubber mat with holes
Mat with holes
Mat with holes to drain water

Step by Step

Work on a polyethylene protective film or an old shower curtain.


  1. Place your stones on the mat, make sure that they will last.The work is very similar to the folding puzzles, so be patient!Be very large stones over the hole in the mat.Water will continue to drain, but the holes will not be visible.
  2. Once you have placed all the stones, go to one of the corners, take the stone, squeeze a drop of silicone sealant to the back of the stone and put it back on the mat.
  3. Press and hold a few seconds, and then repeat the same procedure with the remaining stones.
  4. The sealant guide states that it solidifies after 3 hours, but best to wait 24 hours before moving the mat and start to use it.

This is a great way to add to your bathroom design one with nature.When looking at a rug you will remember your favorite trips to the beach!

We have stones on the mat
Apply sealant on the rocks
glue the stone
Large stones block the openings