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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rubber anti-slip bath mats , washing machine .Bath mat with your hands

Rubber mat for bath
  • Purpose
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Types
    • Children
    • Massage
    • Antivibration for washing machines
    • Unusual mats
  • rubber base How to make a rug in the bathroom with their hands?
  • Care

In the bathroom, in addition to its core - hygienic functions entrusted many additional.At the same time it is a place of rest and relaxation, beauty salon, laundry, and storage and a variety of very useful things.That is why it is so important that, in the bathroom everything was subordinated to the issues of our convenience and comfort.

is largely dependent on the proper selection of furniture and plumbing, but also the role of accessories should not be underestimated.These useful little things we sometimes do not pay attention, but without them stay in the bathroom would not give us so much pleasure.For good reason the choice of curtains and shower soap dish or towel holder, we sometimes do not pay less time than more serious acquisitions.One such is not the primary but, nevertheless, are extremely useful el

ements bathroom interior - a rubber mat.


Probably hard to find a bathroom that would have done without him.Apart from the fact that some of the mats are a work of art and can decorate a room, they also perform several important functions.

Their main purpose - to prevent it from slipping.The rubber base provides a secure grip mat floor, so you can safely get out of the bath without fear of slipping on the smooth tiled floor.Often the rubber mats on the bottom of the stele bath or shower tray.

Rubber mats for the bath and shower
Rubber interior bathroom
A variety of colors rubber mats for bathroom

Not every bathroom has a heated floor.And it is so nice to touch his bare feet are not cold tiles, and the warm, pleasant surface!

Fluffy bath mat rubber-based coined it to your legs warm and comfortable. In addition, the textile surface perfectly absorbs moisture.

Some rubber mats can perform the massage function for the feet thanks to its corrugated surface.Such mats are usually placed, and a bath or shower and hygiene combined with a foot massage.

Massage bath mats and shower

Finally, rubber mats for the bathroom can serve as grounding elements for household appliances.They make use of the safe near water appliances, such as a hair dryer or electrodepilator.

about alternatives rugs for the bathroom, read our other article.

Tips for Choosing

When selecting a rubber mat for the bathroom you need to rely solely on their individual preferences.Surely you want that it does not only perform its basic function, but also fit into the interior of the premises.Try to choose a mat to color it in harmony with the color scheme of the room or, on the contrary, it created a favorable contrast. Not to be mistaken with the choice, you can buy a transparent mat, it will look great in any bathroom.

Worth paying attention to the shape of the rug.The bathroom, decorated in a nautical theme the place mat in the form of a shell or a dolphin.Simple geometric shapes to fit the modern interior.Material from which made the carpet, too, is important. most popular materials - is rubber and silicone. They differ not much: rubber mats slightly less slippery, and silicone - a little more resilient.For the rest of its characteristics, they are almost identical.There are several varieties of rubber bath mat, each of which has its advantages.

Silicone mat for bath
Transparent silicone mat for bath
Silicone mat for the bathroom



Of course, you can use the usual "adult" rubber mat for bathing children.He also firmly attached to the bottom of the tub and protects against accidental drops.Yet mat designed specifically for children, surely delight your baby.

Such mats adhere well to the bathroom with the help of suction cups, which are located on the back side of the rubber products. child can as much as necessary to crawl on his hands and feet - pad will not budge.The outer side of the rubber mat surface often has a massage - all kinds of relief elements will not only provide a gentle massage, but also help develop fine motor skills.

Children mat is able to entertain your baby while bathing. Usually they are very bright, with an interesting pattern.You can find rugs with a picture of the famous fairy tale characters, cartoon characters and comic books.Some mats are available in the form of marine life - fish, dolphins and frogs.The child will be with interest looking at a rug and do not even notice how will so unpleasant for many kids bathing procedure.

Pad for the kids with back
Rug and stickers for baby
Children massage mat


We have already mentioned the properties of massage some rubber mats for the bath.We will tell about them in more detail.

These mats are made of rubber or silicone.They stele at the bottom of the bath or shower.The massage effect is created thanks to a special convex elements - the bubbles, notching, etc.Contact with the relief surface increases blood flow to the feet.

This foot massage has little therapeutic effect:

  • prevents the development of flat feet;
  • strengthens the muscles of the legs;
  • at specific points on the feet affects the internal organs.
Massage points on the foot

Antivibration for washing machines

The bathroom is quite common to see a washing machine.It is not surprising, because in our apartments do not have much space to accommodate this not quite a small unit.Few people, equipped with a special room for washing, ironing and drying, so it is usually a washing machine is installed in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

For many, the availability of household appliances in the bathroom the room does not give absolutely no discomfort.But some washing machines may travel during the washing on the washing middle of the room, uttering at the same time an incredible roar.

solution to this problem many people find the use of anti-vibration rubber mats.This is a fairly large mats that are placed directly under the washing machine.They are soft and textured, so that the vibration is absorbed by operating the centrifuge, and the washing machine is on site.These mats not only reliably hold the unit from traveling in the bathroom, but mute the sounds that he makes in the course of work.In addition, rubber mats saves floor under the washing machine from damage.

Anti-vibration pad layers
Anti-vibration pad for washing machine
Mat against the washing machine vibration

Unusual mats rubber-based

Fans of natural materials in the interior design will appreciate rugs for bathrooms, which are made using natural ingredients.

bamboo mat - the right choice for those who appreciate naturalness combined with the comfort and beauty.Bamboo fiber recently considered in our country of this exotic.But today, at least one thing that made this amazing material, certainly is in every house.From bamboo leaf produce almost everything from socks and finishing fillers for pillows and mattresses.Bamboo and things settled down in the bathroom.Towels and bathrobes are made of bamboo, first brought from southern countries and then they appeared on store shelves.Bamboo fiber looks great, it is very soft and pleasant to the touch and, in addition, perfectly absorbs moisture.

Bamboo on the basis of rubber

mat pebble - another interesting solution. It will look great in the bathroom, decorated in the style of SPA-salon or a seaside resort.Rounded pebbles of different sizes creates a massage effect and evoke the feeling of walking on the beach.And if in the bathroom floor heating is installed, you feel like you are stepping on the sun-warmed sea, will be even stronger.

Rug Pebble Bathroom

In stores you can find rugs made with natural stones, or by artificial synthetic materials.Natural products tend to cost more, but it gives a completely different feeling.In order not to spend too much money, you can make a rug out of this pebble with his hands.

How to make a rug in the bathroom with their hands?

In order to make a rug for the bath of pebbles alone we need:

  • pebbles, you can gather up at the beach, bring back from vacation or buy in the store;
  • piece of rubber blanket can be used for that old linoleum;
  • good all-purpose glue.

begin the work with the preparation of pebbles.The stones should be carefully washed and dried.Then cut out your existing rubber blanket suitable in shape and size piece.Then you can proceed to the pattern laid out.You can arrange the stones in disarray, as if it were a cut piece of the sea coast.In this case, no prior training is not required, just lay the stones in random order.If you are thinking to create an original ornament or even decide to put a picture of pebbles, it is better to sketch a design on paper and then try to recreate it from stones, yet without glue.

Glue the stones to rubber simple: to lubricate the underside of the adhesive pebble and a few seconds to press it to rubber.When finished, we give our rug day to ensure that pebbles firmly entrenched on the ground.

Bath mat made ​​of stones with their hands
Spread on the surface of the stones
Glue the stones to the bottom

Another way of how to make a rug for the bath with his hands, in which the stones are attached with sealant, you can see in another article.


Caring for a rubber mat for the bathroom is not difficult, even for a child. Usually they are made of high quality materials and therefore with minimal care will last for several years.

Care of rubber mats in the bathroom
Rubber mat stone
Cotton mats with rubber base
  • Mats need to periodic dry - you can hang it on the night of the bath rim or tumble dryer.
  • If the rubber mat, after all water treatment, wipe it dry with any cloth or sponge.
  • Some manufacturers add to their mats antibacterial and antifungal components, but in order to prevent one or two times a month, you can wash the mat with a hot water and soap.
  • If the mat with a textile surface, as contamination can wash it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle.