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August 12, 2017 18:06

Feet bath : a cast-iron , acrylic and steel baths ( 19 photos )

Bath on vintage legs
  • How to choose the right feet for the bathroom?
  • Types
    • Under the cast-iron bath
    • Under steel
    • Under acrylic
  • Install bath on
  • feet Features Operating
  • Results and conclusions

Bath, standing on legs - a constant attribute of the royal palaces andaristocratic houses.Interestingly, the bath has become commonplace in the house only in the 17-18 centuries, before the European nobility, and commoners do not really complain about a habit to wash more than once every few years.Popularization of personal hygiene coincided with the appearance of the Baroque style, a favorite element of the decor which are supports for the furniture in the form of lions' paws.On the gilded clawfoot rested beds, chairs, sofas, and, of course, the baths.

Royal Vintage Tub

If you want to feel like a real aristocrat, the bathroom in one of the European retro style, which will be the main decoration clawfoot bath - this is definitely your choice.But for fans of other styles bathtub, standing can be an excellent solution to

the legs.It is only necessary to determine the right design - legs, bath and accessory equipment.The same lion's paws, but not gold, and covered with white or silver enamel will look great in a bathroom in the Art Nouveau or Art Deco.

for modern bathrooms in the shops there is a huge choice of chrome support legs under the bath.

prefer country or Ecostyle?Install the bath legs from a tree or imitation.If you want something more original?Take a bath under the legs of your own - use metal pipes, remnants of building materials, cut down a tree.The main thing is to ensure the reliability of the resulting structure.After the legs have not only decorative, but also supports the function.

Bath on chrome legs
Bath Art Nouveau
Bath on wooden legs

How to choose the right feet for the bathroom?

Feet can be purchased complete with a bath or they may be sold separately.If you decide to pick up the legs to the bathroom by yourself, then you should consider a few important points.

legs options for bathroom

According executed bath legs functions are divided into three types:

  • Decorative legs are intended to provide only an ornament;
  • Support legs support a bath. Installing fonts on the support legs - this is one of the most popular ways baths installation.
  • Intermediate view - is supporting legs that are used along with other supporting structure.

Your choice will depend on the type of bath and on what way it will be installed.

Bath on the support legs

There are also several types of baths for feet, as to the manner of their attachment to the bottom of the bath.

legs with duct tape are easy to install, but can not boast a particularly reliable fastening.

provide greater strength the legs, which are mounted to the bottom of the bath by means of special mounting hardware - brackets, plates or screws.

Install bath on adjustable feet

important factor when choosing a bath legs is their appearance.It is necessary to harmonize both legs with the font, as well as with the entire bathroom, making them the stylistic unity.

Finally, buying legs, be sure to consider the material of construction of the bath.

Modern bath


Under the cast-iron bath

Cast iron baths returning to our apartment, along with the fashion for vintage furniture and sanitary ware.Oval cast iron bathtub on curved legs give the interior of your bathroom the spirit of antiquity and discreet luxury.

Today, cast-iron bathtubs combine a vintage look with modern technology. For example, in stores you can find a bath of cast iron with built-in hot tub, thermostat, water, lighting and other pleasant and useful functions.

Bath cast iron - a product rather heavy, heavier than her, except that the bath made of natural stone, so choosing the legs under a bath, you need to pay attention to the weight that they can withstand.

Cast iron bathtub on legs
A cast iron bath with whirlpool
Beautiful cast-iron claw-foot bathtub

Baths of cast iron were discussed in detail in another article.In it you will learn about the benefits, features, sizes and manufacturers of cast-iron bathtubs.Under


steel baths advantage is that they are lightweight, durable and affordable. The only drawback - the water is cooling down rapidly.But for those who are not accustomed to soak in the foam for hours, it's not much of a problem.Easy material causes a large selection of designs for feet baths.It is best to buy the adjustable feet in order to later bath easier to install in the desired position.For steel baths produce special frames that allow you to install a bath anywhere, even in the middle of the bathroom. Bath, standing on the frame looks very beautiful and unusual.

Bath on a metal frame

Another interesting solution - a decorative overlay legs, that you can buy to decorate standard support legs for the cast-iron baths.The choice of such overlap is very large, so you are sure to find the ones that will be in harmony with the overall ambience of your bathroom.

Decorative overlays on legs bath

Under acrylic

advantages of acrylic bathtubs were painted more than once - it is relatively inexpensive, beautiful appearance and, more importantly, a great variety of designs.Today you can find acrylic bathtub for every taste - in the shops are a wide variety of options of shapes, colors and sizes.

Baths of acrylic were examined in detail in our other article.In it you uznatete lot of interesting things.

Corner acrylic bathtub on legs

legs under the acrylic baths are installed mainly as a supplement to the main supporting frame, as these baths do not have a high rigidity.

In all other respects the choice of the legs under the acrylic bathtub will remain yours.There are no special requirements for material or weight.The main thing is make sure that the tub was based on anything else but the legs.

Install bath on legs

bath installation on legs it is possible to produce with his own hands.The amount of time elapsed, the required tools and materials depend on the chosen installation method.However, no matter what method you choose, be sure to zagotovte building level.That it will help you fix bath in a strictly horizontal plane.

easiest by option - is glued legs using the "Velcro." If you choose legs that are fixed in this way, you only need to turn on the bath side, glue the feet, to wait for this amount of time, and again lower the bath on the floor.The most common bath is installed next to the wall.In this case, we need only two legs, because on the one hand bath is attached to the wall by means of special hooks.On the other hand fasten the legs to the bath.

There are several options for fastening, the choice depends on the model purchased legs.If the legs already affixed to the thread, they are screwed into prepared holes in the bottom of the bath.Otherwise, you will need screws or bolts.

If it is assumed that the load on the bath is very large (ie, it will be quite large people), it is better to provide additional support.As such, you can use bricks or cement blocks.Entire construction is fastened by means of cement mortar.Close the space under the bathroom can be a decorative screen.

Metal decorative screen

Features Operating

Operation baths, standing on legs, is no different from the operation of baths with a different installation method.We talk about the few differences that we found.

The main difference from the bath on legs mounted on a podium, or in another way that in this case there is an empty space under the bath.

positive moment - wash the bathroom floor no longer be a problem.

negative - space under the bath is always in sight, so at the slightest contact or contamination of water you will have to take up the mop.

Bath on the forged legs

Another plus - to get a sunset bath soap or baby toy becomes a breeze.With the same ease you can check or repair the plumbing equipment, access to which is under the bathtub.

We need to make sure that the bathroom floor remained consistently dry, because water promotes corrosion.In addition, if the bath is based only on the legs, on the wet floor and they will slip bath will lose its stability.It is therefore necessary to periodically check the reliability of the fixing.

Additional fixing bath

Results and conclusions

So, roll-top bath - this is an unusual and stylish solution that still looks fresh and original, especially in the appropriate setting.Buying a bath, care should be taken to make it fit into the interior and not discordant with the rest of the fixtures and furnishings.

It is best to buy a foot bath at the same time with mixer, shower valves and hot and cold water.So you will be able to observe the stylistic unity that will make your bath a real gem of an updated bathroom.

Feet bath in the same style with the interior