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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath mat : Rubber on suckers , mini skid .How to choose?

bath mat
  • Main functions and requirements
  • Materials
  • Rubber
  • Dry Zone
  • For wet areas
  • number
  • Color Selection
  • Form
  • Mini Pad
  • Care

This room, like a bathroom, in addition to quality repair needs to improve comfort by means of various modern accessories.With their help, not only achieved a very special atmosphere in the room, but also greatly facilitated the life around.The most necessary accessory intended for use in the bathroom, is a mat.

This cute accessory, which is an original addition of space is created for human security. mats are made from a variety of high-quality materials.They have a practical, easily withstand frequent temperature changes and an increased level of humidity in the room.

mat in the bathroom

Main functions and requirements

mats, which are used in the bathroom, perform several important functions:

  • Provide safe movement of a person on the wet floor;
  • provides comfortable barefoot movement;
  • maintain and emit certain colors in the interior.

The main requirement fo

r this accessory is its high moisture resistance, so it is made of high quality polypropylene, or acrylic, and microfiber.

mat in the bathroom

Another requirement is the absence of the effect of sliding on the wet floor covering .This property allows for latex backing that provides excellent adhesion pads with a wet floor.Another option are the sucker positioned over the entire area of ​​the mat.

non-slip mat for the bathroom


mats produced from a variety of modern materials, have certain advantages.

Currently, there are the following types of carpets:

  • Fabric mats.Produced in a wide range of colors.Very soft and pleasant for the feet.The disadvantage of such mats is strong moisture absorption, which caused an unpleasant odor.In this case, help is only a constant airing pad.
cloth mats


Are water-resistant, but not very pleasant to the touch.Therefore, the materials for the creation of such rugs are constantly combined. lower part of the mat can be rubber, and the upper fabric .These mats are often impregnated with special antifungal agents.Sometimes the manufacturer adds flavor to them batted an unpleasant rubber smell.

rubber mat for the bathroom

Other materials

  • silicone mats.They are water-resistant and does not accumulate water beneath them.Currently produced in various colors and sizes, which is very convenient for the buyer.
  • Acrylic rugs similar to silicone.They differ only in the manufacture of the material.Quite similar in performance.
silicone mat
  • Wooden mats.Most often made in the form of thin strips of bamboo or cork. bamboo mats provide a massage effect on the feet, preventing the appearance of flat feet.
a wooden mat

Recently, new material, used in the manufacture of carpets, moss became perfectly absorbs moisture and pleasant enough to the touch.Also, the material easily absorbs various odors.But the disadvantage is the need for compulsory drying after each use.

carpet of moss

Dry Zone

Dry area in the bathroom is located next to the sink and just before exit from this room.Mats used in this area, are soft and warm.This accessory is not rolled and does not slip on a wet floor at the moment of it.

most often single and double layer pads are made of cotton.Due to the special structure of its fibers, they do not fade and are not subject to deformation process. cotton pad can be fitted with silicone anti-slip backing.

mat in the dry zone
bamboo mat

Rattan or bamboo mats are also used in the dry zone of the bathroom.They instantly absorb moisture, which is given to the surroundings when dry.

excellent appearance have a moisture-proof and anti-slip PVC products. but they should not be subjected to a washing machine (!) , since at this crawl into small pieces.

mats of microfibers like cotton products.They quickly absorb moisture, do not break at the joints, and is antibacterial.

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For wet areas

Wet area in this room is located near a bathtub or shower when leaving the room.

For wet areas, especially if you have small children, perfectly suitable rubber mat placed around the perimeter of suckers .

In swimming it is necessary poryt thin material, which then do not forget to wash.

mat for the bathroom
mat for the bathroom

absorbs excess moisture products with a large amount of water on the floor are not suitable for use.They long to dry, so step on them will not work.If the room is poor ventilation, the appearance of mold on the bathroom walls is provided.

therefore recommended the purchase of two sets of pads to minimize the volume of the "bare floor" area.This will protect the flooring from damage and swelling.


designers recommend the purchase of two sets of floor mats for use in the bathroom.At the time when one set of cleaned washed and dried, the other can be used.

With these two sets of pads, if necessary, to quickly change the overall style and the color of the interior room. sure the presence of floor mats, designed for both dry and wet areas in spite of the small area of ​​the bathroom.

How to choose

When selecting suggested to take into account the following criteria:

  • Light tolerated a high level of humidity and temperature changes.
  • presence of anti-slip effect.
  • Ease of purification from impurities and drying.
  • Fast drying with preservation of the original shape.
  • resistance to the emergence of different spots eats.
  • Compatibility with the general style of the room.
mat in the bathroom

Color Selection

When choosing a rug for the bathroom first estimated its appearance attractive.Currently, there are many forms and different colors of the rug, and his designs are considered to be so realistic that it is difficult to purchase only one accessory. mat first of all the surrounding accessories uplifting and gives a kind of emotional content.


color should be chosen depending on the sensations that appear when you look at him.Rug yellow, located in a small size room, gives a feeling of warmth and sunshine.Beautiful flowers outlandish type accentuate the taste of the owners and the bathroom will look great on the floor.The color varies from white to blue to the beautiful coral and even black.It should fit perfectly into the surrounding interior of the room.

mat in the bathroom


The shape of the acquired area rug affects bathroom.Sometimes this mat was covered with a small space in front of the bathroom, but most of the entire floor.Often, this accessory is made in the form of any animal, different spots or legs, which gives the design originality and liveliness.Use the form corrected visual size and shape of the room.

mats of different shapes

Mini Pad

is small in size and is used in the bathroom for the kids, because it has anti-slip function.

Most often, attached to the bathtub using suction cups and can be equipped with a special, even pimples for massage effect.

Mini mat in the bathroom


With low pollution, this accessory does not require intensive care.Depending on the extent of use of such mat about once a month tidy.He just rolled, folded, easily put into the washing tank.

Almost all kinds of rugs easily withstand careful washing in the machine.This selects a more powerful spin cycle, because the dense pile is very difficult to squeeze hands.

carpet drying time depends on the thickness of its anti-slip layer and on the density of the pile.

mat in the bathroom

But not all mats can be washed in the machine due to a rubber base which may harm the drum unit.Therefore mats made of silicone or rubber brush can be cleaned with modern cleaner.

Underfloor heating in the bathroom will not have destructive thermal effects on the mat, because these modern accessories are made from the highest quality material.Therefore, they are well tolerate fluctuations in temperature.