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August 12, 2017 18:06

Glass blocks for the walls in the bathroom : the size and price of glass blocks , assembly and installation , are 27 images in interere for shower

glass partition of the blocks
  • What is the glass block?
  • Dimensions
  • Price
  • Variety
  • Partitions from glass blocks in the design of the bathroom
    • Conventional partitions
    • Shower
    • Windows
    • Inlays
  • Installation

Very often when decorating a bathroom is used glasswhich resembles a frozen water.It brings to light the interior space, expanding space.That is why the use of glass blocks is very popular in the regeneration of the bathroom.This material is like everyone, without exception, even the most demanding customers prefer glass blocks for zoning space.

white bathroom with a partition of glass bricks
Blue bathroom with glass blocks

What is the glass block?

glass blocks - it is a simple product that has the shape of a brick, made of glass and has an empty interior.Its wall thickness is from 6 to 8 mm.This material is in demand when creating partitions in the bathroom due to the non-standard light distribution.The glass block has many properties that make it possible to create a reliable sound and thermal insulation thanks to the thin air, located inside.It is produced exclusi

vely from environmentally friendly materials.Glass bricks stands a good fire resistance.

One of the most important properties of glass block - that's moisture, so it can be used for decorating the bathroom.This material allows you to create original forms partitions without limiting imagination of the designer.With it you can select different effects, give a room of luxury and glamor.Bathroom will be bright, stylish and comfortable.

a wall of glass blocks of different colors
bathroom design with the use of glass blocks

glass block has become very popular the past few years.Manufacturers offer a wide range of products.They create a variety of forms:.. Square, rectangular, angular, round, etc. Today you can buy glass bricks of any color or texture.At the peak of popularity today glass blocks with decorative fillers or decorated with lights.

glass blocks is an excellent choice for decorating the bathroom, because on the surface can not survive any fungi or bacteria.In addition, glass is easy to clean and disinfect.

colored glass blocks


Glass blocks for decorating rooms have standard sizes -. 19h19h8 cm 24h24h8 see one glass block has a weight of 2.5 to 4 kg.product thickness ranges from 7.5 to 10 cm.

the combination of opaque and transparent glass blocks for finishing bathroom
partition of transparent glass blocks


Today you can buy glass blocks at different prices.The buyer chooses the option that meets his needs.The price of glass blocks depends on many factors - size, color, shape and manufacturer.But on average, glass blocks are available to all.One such "brick" can cost from 110 to 310 rubles.

installation of glass blocks
glass blocks make the room lighter


Glass blocks represented manufacturers in different colors.Their surface can be corrugated, glossy or matte.The choice depends entirely on the customer's preferences.To play the world you can find a suitable option, because they are translucent, light-scattering and light guide.

Glass blocks can be of different shapes: rectangular, square, round, oval, triangular, with rounded corners, in the form of angle pieces or other irregular shapes.

partition made ​​of colorless glass blocks
blue glass blocks in the design of the bathroom

Partitions from glass blocks in the design of the bathroom

Conventional partitions

translucent glass blocks can be used in a variety of walls when decorating a bathroom to create multiple zones.They reflect light well, and at the same time creating a blurred image.Often the walls of glass blocks used in the separation of the shower and toilet.This design creates a perfect tandem with ceramic tiles.

partition of glass bricks in a small bathroom
Combined partition with glass blocks


Shower cubicle with glass blocks are often used by designers who want to create an elegant and modern interior.If you use the shower walls, glass blocks, then the room becomes lighter, because they miss about 85 percent of the light.Glass blocks can be of various shapes, which allows the designer to create.Using the glass blocks in the wall as a shower cabin, you can simultaneously achieve several objectives: to divide the space, reliably protect the room from the spray of water while taking shower, create privacy, and decorate the interior of the bathroom.

shower of glass blocks
shower in the cockpit of glass blocks
original shower


Not every bathroom has a window, but its presence can also add originality due to the use of glass blocks.They allow you to add unusual, to create a soft lighting, as well as high durability and variety of shapes.Plus a very many, but there is one small drawback - the lack of ventilation.Therefore, before you put the glass blocks in the window, it is worth to take care of the room ventilation.

windows from glass blocks
glass blocks in the design of the windows


Very often, designers use glass blocks to create walls in the bathroom.The stones of glass allow the interior to add originality and style.But it is necessary to know the measure, not to overload the partition decors.

inlays of glass blocks
the use of different color glass blocks


The installation of glass block walls a difficult, but it can be done independently, even without special skills.

You can use one of the existing methods of fixing:

  • special frames, modules, and profiles;
  • cement-sand mortar;
  • adhesive composition.
frames for the installation of glass blocks
installation of glass blocks on glue

With special carcasses of installation glass blocks can be trusted with even a novice. units should be placed in a special cell module, using a rubber gasket for fixing.Even without plumb and level of construction you will be able to quickly and easily build a partition.This glass block installation method allows you to move the partition to another location if desired.The whole structure remains consistent.If you use the adhesive composition or cement-sand mortar, its location can not be changed.

Each glass block has a protective film.Before installing it is not necessary to take off, because you can not just block dirty, but damage it.

basic rules, subtleties, as well as professional advice on installation of glass blocks are assembled in the video, we recommend you to look before you start work:

in DIY stores you can buy a special high-quality glue, which providesquick and easy installation of glass blocks. Thanks to the transparent texture of it remains invisible, so no way Vliet on the appearance of glass blocks.

glass blocks during installation

The cheapest way to partition the installation of glass blocks is the use of cement-sand mortar. more you will need spacers crosses for smooth masonry.installation process takes place in several stages:

  • Sand for solution must be small, because the large grains of sand can scratch the glass;
  • glass blocks have a special film, which can be removed only after installation.If this film is damaged, then it helps ordinary adhesive tape;
  • work should start with the markup, thus it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room, and glass block joints, which will be placed between them.If the bathroom is more than 15 meters, then it is necessary to put the frame of the profiles.In order to achieve high rigidity, the frame is fixed in three ways: on the floor, ceiling and wall.If the frame is not used, then it is possible to produce stitches with reinforcement means of metal wire;
  • only three rows of glass bricks can be laid per day.The solution is poorly grasped the glass, so you need to give him time to safely engage;
  • this installation method is used exclusively for low walls.Lower ranks can not withstand large loads because the solution can result in a large weight flow;
  • for structural strength necessary to purchase special metal rods, which have a cross section from 4 to 6 mm.They are used before laying the next row;
  • after installing glass blocks need to treat their grout to hide solution.But you can immediately perform the installation by using a color solution for saving time.
installation of glass blocks of cement
installation of glass brick without mortar

-step instructions for the installation of glass block walls in the bathroom, see here: