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August 12, 2017 18:06

3D tiles for the bathroom : 3D effect and features ( 17 photos )

3D- tile bathroom
  • What is it?
  • Pros Cons
  • 3D photo tiles
  • How to produce?
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Technology laying
  • Care

every day in the interior design, including the bathrooms, are increasingly using new technologies.One such innovative approaches to the design of the room is the use of tiles with the volumetric image.They are called tiles with 3D effect.With the help of these tiles, you can create a unique of its kind, stylish and extremely beautiful design bathroom.A 3D effect will help revitalize the chosen picture and find yourself in another world.

3D- tiles for the bathroom

What is it?

3D-Tile - is, above all, a type of cladding material consisting of conventional tiles, which are applied several layers of polycarbonate and any image.These layers create an effect of three-dimensional image.

3D- tiles for the bathroom - ocean, fish , corals

tile in 3D can be wall, floor and even the ceiling.On the ceiling, it can simulate a cloudy or clear sky;on the floor - texture from nature, such as grass with dew drops, sand or pitfalls;and on the wall of the room

can display an entire city, forest or field, spread out to the horizon, etc.

In addition, with the help of 3D tiles - normal bathroom can be issued in the form of the underwater world with its diverse inhabitants.Similar paintings on 3D-tiles so bright and clear that they created with the help of an interior, are striking in their realism and give the most pleasant sensations.

3D- tile walls with palm trees for bathroom
3D- tile floor bathroom - water effect
3D- tiles on the bathroom wall - beach, boat, sea, palm trees


The advantages of 3D-tiles lot:

  1. They have the same positive properties as ceramic tile,ie are durable, resistant to moisture, fire-resistant and hygienic.
  2. A floor model, moreover, are very resistant to abrasion.They can withstand up to 200 kg per 1 cm2.
  3. 3D-tile can affect the visual-spatial perception inside.
  4. Variety of design options premises with their help is so great that to create your exclusive and extremely beautiful design of your choice will be easy.
  5. They are durable.According to some manufacturers, 3D-tiles can last for more than a decade.
  6. These products are hygienic: they do not constitute a mold, and they do not contribute to the development of fungi and other microorganisms.
  7. 3D-tiles are fairly resistant to various detergents, including aggressive.
  8. completely hypoallergenic.
  9. Their surface is anti-slip character.
3D- wall tiles bath room with dolphins
3D- tiles for the bathroom - sea gulls, beach with palm trees


  1. 3D-tile can be placed only on the perfectly leveled surface.Due to the irregularities and defects on the wall or on the floor of the visual effect of volume may be lost or distorted.
  2. It can not be cut or uukladyvat with a bend of more than 2 degrees.
  3. tiles can not be used in exterior decoration home decoration and seasonal living homes that are not heated in winter.
3D- tiles on the bathroom walls - fruits in water

3D photo tiles

Essentially 3D photo tiles - the same thing-and 3D-tiles.The only difference is the first that can be enjoyed by the photo tiles.To do this, take a picture with a very high resolution.The selected picture is applied to the tile at high temperatures.As a result, the influence of thermal ink receiving gaseous form and penetrates into the polymer coating and secured in the tile.Thereafter, the product is coated with glaze.

3D- photo tiles shark Bathroom

How to produce?

the production of 3D micro-tiles used technology.The essence of this technology is that the surface of the tile is applied to a conventional multiple special layers are able to protect and create the effect of a dynamic pattern.First of all, the base layer is applied to the polycarbonate.Cushioning layer is then applied, after which the surface is coated with a reflective film image.Above the figure is applied superprozrachny layer that performs the function of the lens.It is this pattern layer and making voluminous.For greater strength the product coated with a protective layer of shockproof.This layer makes the product more wear-resistant and prolongs its life.

3D- photo tiles with dolphins for bathrooms - production

Tips for Choosing

  1. not recommended to take a small bathroom too colorful 3D-color tiles, as the abundance of bright spots and bright dynamic image may give the impression of close rooms.
  2. also advised to be careful about the selection of accessories, as any item can skrast a little more space.
  3. For larger bathrooms can pick up the tiles in a wide color palette with a variety of forms and more interior.
  4. main thing is not to forget about moderation and sense of taste.It is important that all elements of the interior in harmony with each other.
3D- photo tiles for bathroom or swimming pool
3D- tiles for the bathroom - the seabed with its inhabitants and the surface of the sea
3D- tile bathrooms - beach , palm trees , sea, sky

Technology laying

process facing room 3D-plate slightly different from the cladding process with a standard ceramic tiles.Place the 3D-tile can be yourself, but you can with the help of specialists.

for self-assembly of tiles you need:

  1. ensure perfectly flat surface on the walls and floor.Make sure that the surface is completely dry and nesypuchaya.
  2. Prepare facing products.
  3. Prepare a mixture by means of which you will glue the tiles on the wall or floor.In the mixture, usually must be present silicone, cement or gypsum.The tiles can be installed with the help of double-sided tape.And for the underfloor heating system uses heat-resistant mixture.
  4. If you plan to install lighting in the bathroom, make a pre-electrical work.
  5. In this case, you will need to install guides, which you can then attach the tile.The guide should be cut from materials such as polycarbonate, acrylic or PET.
  6. After installation guides you can begin mounting 3D-tiles.When laying the tiles should be left between them a small gap of about 3-4 mm.This is to ensure that the image is "moved down" due to differences in the amount of tiles.
  7. If the lights do not need, 3D-tiles should be fastened directly on the main surface.Do not forget to leave a gap.His later you fill the sealant with color colorless silicone-based.Apply grout to the joints should be gently with a spatula to avoid damaging the coating tiles.The remains of the Hermetic
  8. mixture remove with a wet cloth.
  9. When laying tiles with a three-dimensional image on the floor to create a perfectly flat surface, you can use self-leveling compounds, which can flatten even small height differences.
3D- tiles for a bathroom wall - its styling


For 3D tiles are easy to care.Clean them using a damp sponge, then wipe with a dry cloth.The only difficulty may be caused by the use of hard water.It can be left on a tile plaque.And to avoid the need to clean the plaque to add special water softeners.

3D- tile dolphins for bathroom and pool

Remember that tiles must be handled very carefully, as its top layer can be easily damaged.Any scratch or chipped may fully or partially distort the whole picture.Furthermore, as a result of deformation, tiles may lose its glossy appearance.

Yet all manufacturers 3D-tiles assured that with proper maintenance, these tiles can last more than 25 years, while retaining all its qualities.

3D- photo tiles for the floor bathroom - water and starfish