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August 12, 2017 18:06

A niche in the bathroom : design, how to make a niche of plasterboard with their hands

A niche in the bathroom
  • Purpose
  • Pros Cons
  • How to Drywall?
    • choice of material
    • Preparation tools
    • Creating drawing
    • Preparations
    • frame construction
    • Liner communications
    • Sheathing plasterboard
  • finishing
  • Design and layout
  • Tips


Niche - an architectural element, which is a hole in the wall.The interior of the premises used by a niche for a long time - since the time of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.Initially, this structural element adorned the walls of temples and served for the storage of objects of worship, such as statues of pagan gods and other relics.Later, there were niches in the walls of palaces.In wealthy homes in niches placed valuables and works of art - vases, figurines, etc.

Niche as shelves in the bathroom

In the modern interior appointment niche more practical.Increasingly, when designing housing for a niche in the wall fix certain functions.Thus, it can serve as a cabinet for storing household items.When it comes to the interior of the bathroom, the wall niche is commonly used for towels, hy

giene items, household chemicals, toilet paper and stuff.If you carefully consider the location of the recesses in the room, you can get a universal storage system and, thus, do not completely lockers, drawers and shelves cluttering the bathroom.

addition to its main purpose, the niche in the wall can be used to organize the spotlight, as it is convenient to install built-in lights.

Niche backlit bathroom


  • The main function of a wall niche - is the storage of all kinds of things.Depending on the size and location, it can be used as a shelf or rack.But, unlike these pieces of furniture, a niche in the wall looks quite fresh and original, recalling the style of antiquity and classicism.
  • niche allows the benefit to use the space that is usually left unused, for example, over the bath or on the toilet.If the room has an internal plumbing equipment, all fittings which are hidden behind a wall of plasterboard, wall niche would be a great solution, saving space in a small bathroom.
  • If the walls in the bathroom are a large number of communications, that spoil the appearance of the premises, this problem is easily overcome by hiding all of the false wall of plasterboard.And to a useful space is not wasted in the wall should organize one or more niches.Even if you do not need extra storage space, a niche can be used for interior decoration, for example, to place them in a candle or potted plants.
Shelves in the niche for bathroom accessories
A niche in the wall of the bathroom - its advantages
Shallow niches in the wall of a bathroom


  • For inexperienced masters arrangement niche in the wall can become a real test.To do this, in general, not too hard, but you have the right to make some calculations.In addition, you will need to go to the hardware store to buy the necessary materials and tools.However, if you do not have time or desire to mess with the repair, construction of niches you can always trust the professionals - experienced master easily cope with this task.
  • Compared with conventional solutions for storage in the bathroom, wall niches have limited functionality.Firstly, they do not protect things from dust and water splashes.Secondly, recesses do rarely deep enough so that they could put large items.Finally, always in the recesses things remain so since they store personal hygiene is extremely inconvenient.
  • Another negative niche in the wall is that if you want to get rid of this architectural element, it is necessary to make dismantling.Therefore, planning a niche, you need to be sure that in the next few years, you will not want to get rid of it in the bathroom.
Deep niches in the bathroom - their shortcomings

How to Drywall?

As we mentioned above, make a niche of plasterboard with their hands quite easily, so if you have at least a minimum construction experience, you can safely get to work.

Consider the work stages for the production of a niche.

choice of material

Since we are talking about the bathroom, the drywall have to be moisture-resistant.It is easily recognized by special coating of blue or green.Such drywall resists moisture, so it does not appear signs of mold and rot.In addition, the need to purchase a metal profile, which will go for construction of frame construction.The profile must be of two varieties - and the guide rack.

Preparation tools

Depending on the material of the walls in the bathroom, you will need the dowel-nails or screws.Screws other size you need to purchase for covering the profile sheets of plasterboard.In addition, prepare a screwdriver, cutter for work on plasterboard, drill or rotary hammer, hammer, tape measure, angular range, building level and scissors for metal.

Tools for working with drywall and profile :

Creating drawing

No special skills in drafting you do not need.Just draw a sketch, all carefully, measure and once again make the drawing of future construction is already showing all sizes.


First of all you need to prepare the work surface.Section of the wall that will hold a niche, should be exempt from the remnants of building materials and contaminants.Then, armed with a spirit level and a tape measure, draw on the wall layout for fasteners and guides.If you wish to use a laser level - it will help to make everything perfect.

frame construction

In accordance with the markup needed to fix the guide profile on the wall.Make sure that the guides are not rejected, or twisted structure.Profile is attached to the wall using screws or dowels.Then, the guide profile mounted rack profile with a pitch of not more than 60 cm. The shorter the distance between the segments rack profile, the stronger will be the final design.

The construction of the frame of metal profiles in the bathroom for a niche
The frame of metal profiles for a niche in the bathroom

Liner communications

If wall niche will serve, including, for concealing pipes or wires, after the carcass assembly need to take care of the communications, asthe next step will be accessed closed.

Sheathing plasterboard

Once the frame is complete, most of the work is left behind.Pencil or marker on the drywall sheets to apply a kind of "pattern" by which a sharp cutter cut out the necessary details.Then fasten parts to the metal profile on the screws.The optimal distance between the screws is 10-15 cm. Gently butted sheets on the corners, to design looked presentable.

Casing frame profile plasterboard recess in the bathroom

On the following photo you can see the entire process sequence.

Partitioning for niche
The markup for the niche of drywall
Profiles for plasterboard niches
Profiles for niche
Sheathing niche plasterboard
Profiles for niches in the ceiling
Profiles niche plasterboard
Profiles niche plasterboard
Profiles niche plasterboard
Additional profiles for niche plasterboard
Sheathing niche plasterboard
Sheathing niche plasterboard
Appearance niche plasterboard


In the final phase of the resulting structure is necessary to give a neat appearance.To do this, the surface should be putty, eliminating all the drawbacks and flaws in the material work.Over plaster applied paint or glued ceramic tiles.

A niche in the wall of the bathroom - of plasterboard finished with ceramic tiles

Design and layout

design options niches there are infinitely many.If you would prefer that this element does not stand out, you need to implement it in the same colors, or using the same finishing materials, and the entire bathroom.If your goal - to draw attention to the niche, you can select it using contrasting colors and textured materials.Experts do not advise to do a dark niche on a light background, as this creates the effect of holes in the walls.

Most niche with lighting in the bathroom
Niche backlit near the baths as a shelf for various accessories
Small niches in the walls of the bathroom

Pay attention to items placed in a niche, it is possible by arranging lighting - LED tape or integrated spotlights.

LED lights in niche bathroom

Thinking appearance niches need to consider many important points - its size, shape and depth.Niche can be rectangular or round top, reminiscent of an arched vault.Sometimes it is more expedient to make two narrow niches instead of one wide.The space in the long recesses can be separated by means of transparent glass shelves - it looks very impressive.

Small niches with wooden shelves in the bathroom wall near the mirror
Nishi different sized bathroom wall
Niche with shelves of glass in the bathroom wall


  • If the niche is located in close proximity to a water source, for example, over the bathtub or in the shower, itbetter to construct an angle to the underside of the shelves and freely dripping.So in the niche will not form puddles.
  • Shelves in the niche you need to choose a special tempered glass, which is characterized by high strength and resistance to aggressive cleaning agents.If you do not want the glass was a greenish tinge, ask the sellers of glass with a minimum iron content in the composition.
  • In the house where there are small children, shelves in niches do better with stronger and safer material than glass.For example, firmly fixed shelves made of artificial stone will stand, even if your child decides to use a wall niche as a ladder.In addition, these shelves look incredibly beautiful.
Niche backlit bathroom located just above the bath and the sink
Location deep niche with lighting and a shelf above the toilet