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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in the Baroque style : design features and interior , furniture

Bathroom Baroque
  • Features style
  • To fit?
  • Colors
  • Furniture
  • Finishing materials
  • Lighting
  • decor and accessories
  • design features
  • Creating unique interior

Culture Baroque was born in Italy in the late Renaissance period, ie during the period from 17 to18th century.At that time, officials and nobles in the country have begun to lose their positions because of the strong influence of France and Spain.To maintain at least a semblance of its power and prosperity, the church and the aristocracy demonstrate their wealth on display outward signs of his well-being.Never have orders of Italian nobles were not as lush, and the interiors of buildings such unabashed luxury!

Beautiful bathroom interior in the Baroque style
Bathroom design in the Baroque style

expressiveness and dynamic Baroque style is reflected in art.Baroque literature, art and architecture and is now regarded as one of the brightest and most memorable events in the history of world art.

Modern Baroque largely retained its original features, so baroque interiors still dazzling richness and beauty.In this artic

le we will talk about how to decorate a bathroom Baroque.

Bathroom in the Baroque style of the room - beautiful furniture

Features style

Baroque style has its own unique features that allow you to highlight it in a separate line in the interior design:

  • compliance with principles of symmetry;
  • minimum of straight lines and angles, preference is given to a rounded shape and smooth curves;
  • furniture and building structures decorated with abundant decoration;
  • stucco on the walls and ceiling as a mandatory element of decor;
  • columns, fireplaces and sculptures;
  • the use of expensive materials;
  • large amount of jewelry, signaling the luxury: gilding, crystal pendants, inlay, etc .;
  • painting on the walls and ceiling - mainly vegetable and flower ornaments;
  • scale murals as an indicator of luxury;
  • contrasting color combinations;
  • rich color palette;
  • use original furniture items such as ottomans and canap├ęs;
  • works of classical art as decoration.
Bathroom baroque marble and glass
Furniture and fixtures for the bathroom in the Baroque style

To fit?

Classical Baroque - it is very decorative style, in which a lot of frills and ostentation.Comfortably in the interior is not for everyone, but fans in this direction in the design a lot.

you should choose as the dominant Baroque style in the interior if:

  • in your apartment spacious rooms and high ceilings, so you do not fear that the columns, sculptures and stucco ceilings simply "eat" all the space.In addition, we should not forget that, and furniture in the Baroque style is massive enough, therefore, need to be prepared for the fact that the wooden couches, armchairs and chests occupy all available space.
  • your ideas of comfort are as beautiful and comfortable furniture (couches, roomy drawers, etc.), a large number of ornaments, heavy curtains, expensive finishing materials.In this case, the interior in the Baroque taste for sure you'll be pleased.
Soft big chair in the bathroom in the Baroque style


In traditional Baroque interior there are bright, saturated colors.Dark shades - red, blue, green, bronze - a strong preference.Modern Baroque (also known as neo-baroque) offers calmer colors.

The basis of the interior design is taken no more than three colors, with the primary color pair is often a contrasting combination.The third color, tend to be more vivid and is used as additional color patches to the interior did not look like a monochrome.

Bright blue walls in the bathroom in the Baroque style
Baroque style bathroom - in a combination of white walls and wooden furniture

today in baroque interior designers are actively using light colors - pearl, ivory, champagne.Red, as well as gold, still remain the most popular colors for interior decoration in the Baroque style.

Golden color in the decoration of the bathroom in the Baroque style and furniture for her


Baroque - this is the style in which the furniture should be a lot, and it must be everywhere - even in such a small room like a bathroom. situation bathrooms baroque is not limited to a cupboard under the sink and Packaging for towels.It also includes an elegant table, a small carved chest of drawers, couch on bent legs - all that only allow room size.

An elegant table, a sofa , a wardrobe and a clawfoot bath - a bathroom in the Baroque style

furniture have to be wood in the Baroque interior, with a large number of decorative elements, such as carvings and exquisite pens.Since we are talking about the bathroom, the wooden pieces of furniture should have a special coating that prevents them from rotting.

Cabinet , countertop and under the sink in the Fine ottoman legs in the bathroom in the Baroque style

As for the color and pattern of furniture, it can either retain the natural wood texture or be painted in white, black, beige, brown or other soft hue.In the modern Baroque interior is very impressive looks furniture with a glossy finish.

Furniture in the bathroom in the Baroque style
Mirror and chest of drawers in dark bathroom Baroque
Dressing table in the elegant legs in the bathroom in the Baroque style

Finishing materials

originally Baroque - a style of very wealthy people, so the materials for decoration are used the most expensive - marble, precious woods, ivory, gold, etc.The interior, designed in a similar spirit, and today will be worth a great deal, so recreate the authentic baroque in the bathroom (and in any other room) is quite problematic.

A dark wall decoration bathroom baroque with white sanitary ware

optimal solution for finishing the bathroom, regardless of the style of its registration - a ceramic tile.Today finishing materials manufacturers use modern manufacturing and the latest materials technology, resulting in DIY stores exhibited a collection of tiles, which represent the best masterpieces.

tile, which is used for finishing floors and walls in Baroque bathroom to be expensive if you do not, then be sure to look expensive.Welcomed pattern that simulates the texture of marble, classic floral patterns, metal edging, bas-reliefs, etc.

Brown bathroom with ceramic tile finish
Ceramic tiles and natural materials in the bathroom in the Baroque style
Marble surfaces in the bathroom in the Baroque style

Lighting Lighting - these are some of the main elements of the bathroom interior in the Baroque style.It is necessary to choose the right lighting, which will contribute to the overall feeling of luxury and splendor.If ceiling height allows, it should be given a central place of the classical chandelier - a massive, multi-level, with a lot of decorations.It is the place to be ceiling lamp in the shape of an old chandelier.Of course, from these candles have to give up, but today it easy to find the bulbs in the form of glowing candles.

The chandelier in the bathroom brown Baroque
Wall sconces under the lining of the walls in the bathroom in the Baroque style and a large mirror in a gold frame

Lighting Baroque interior should not be too bright - it is better, if the light is a little muted, as if he comes from burning candles. A similar effect can be achieved by placing in different places wall lamps - sconces.The baroque bathroom harmoniously will look fixtures of metal-plated bronze or gold.Preference should be given a glass or textile plafonds classical form.

Spot lights , chandeliers and wall sconces in blue and white bathroom is in the Baroque style

decor and accessories

abundance of all kinds of decorative elements - one of the main features of the interior in the Baroque style.Even in the bathroom, which are generally present only the most essential home furnishings, accessories and decorations occupy a rather significant place.

important role for the mirror. It must be rectangular, and circular or oval.Choose a mirror in the lush, with swirls frame of wood or metal, necessarily with gold or other decorative covering.

Baroque style in the bathroom in silver gold tones with a large mirror and kamod

Baroque "loves" decor textiles, so drape of heavy, rich fabrics such as brocades and gold, are present in this style in large quantities.In the bathroom it could be curtains on the window (required bomber braid with tassels) or upholstered furniture, such as couches or chairs.

decorate the interior of the baroque bathrooms are works of art, because the Renaissance was incredibly rich in artists, sculptors and other representatives of the artistic professions.Therefore imitation murals and smaller copies of sculptures masters of that time will be in the interior can be very useful.

Dark heavy red curtains in beige interior bathroom Baroque
Baroque style in the bathroom with paintings and large mirrors

design features

Baroque architecture abounds with all sorts of excesses, and this applies not only to the facades of buildings, but also interior decoration.Marble columns, moldings on the shelves, the bas-reliefs on the walls - if funds allow the customer, it can all be present in baroque bathroom.

Marble columns in bathroom Baroque

Choice plumbing for bathroom installation in the Baroque should be given special attention, and at this point is unlikely to save money.Standard sanitary equipment do not belong here.Instead of acrylic bath is better to buy Hot artificial marble circular or oval shape.Another suitable option - the cast-iron claw-foot bathtub, stylized antique.

Bath on legs in the bathroom in the Baroque style
Bath in the bathroom in the Baroque style
Bath in the bathroom in the Baroque style

Components for plumbing must conform to it in style.Forget about chrome single-lever mixers - choose the "aged" model, coated in bronze or brass.Very impressive model will look unusual shapes, such as in the form of animal heads.

The sink in the bathroom in the Baroque style

Creating unique interior

  • designing the interior for the bathroom in the Baroque style, remember their visit to the opera, theater or museum of classical art - most of these places are furnished in this stylistic direction.In search of inspiration, explore the interiors of palaces of European monarchs who ruled in the 17-19 centuries.Perhaps some of the design decisions you will be able to repeat.
  • arranged the furniture and sanitary ware in baroque bathroom should be in accordance with the representation of the beauty and harmony that prevailed in those days, but do not forget about their own convenience.Do not try to put all the items on the perimeter - it is better if the central place will font.In a situation, try to observe the symmetry - so make sure to buy the pair interior.
  • Contrast - one of the favorite baroque stylistic techniques.Most clearly it manifests itself in the choice of color combinations.Black and white are often used together in a baroque interior.It may be a combination of black walls and white furniture or black and white tiles on the floor, laid out in a checkerboard pattern.
White tub on the feet in the bathroom in the Baroque style
Bathroom Baroque
Sink and mirror in the bathroom in the Baroque style
Bath Baroque bathroom