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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in the Greek style : design and interior design, tiling and decoration

Bathroom in the Greek style
  • Features style
  • To fit?
  • Colors
  • Finishing materials
  • Lighting
  • decor and accessories
  • design features
  • Creating unique interior

When we talk about the Greek style in the interior or in the clothes, they usually do not mean modern Greeceand the period in the history of this state, which is referred to as antiquity.In just a few thousand years of its existence, the ancient Greek civilization has done an incredible amount for the development of science and art.In ancient Greek culture and knowledge it attached great importance.In the writings of ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians of all modern science is based.And the works of sculptors, architects and artists of ancient Greece to the present day are considered to be examples of classical art.

ancient Greeks, more than any other nation in the history of humankind, were able to appreciate beauty.Beauty for them - it is harmony and order.Search for harmony, the desire to express the unity of form and content - that determines t

he development of ancient Greek art.

Greek style in the bathroom - a spacious bathroom with columns lined with mosaic tiles
Greek style in the bathroom

interest in the achievements of the ancient Greek civilization was revived by the end of the last millennium.It is reflected in the formation of such styles as classicism and baroque.Influence of ancient Greek culture was very much not only on theater, literature and art, but also architecture and design.In the modern interior Greek theme also remains popular.Today we tell you about the creation of the Greek interior in the bathroom.

Bathroom in the Greek style

Features style

Often confused with the Greek style of wealth and luxury of the Roman trends in design.And this is natural, because these two civilizations is very closely related to each other and have many similar features.But they should not be identified: for a Greek-style characterized by restraint and elegance, the Roman style is more "pompous".

Bathroom in the Greek style

So, the main features of the interior in the Greek style:

  • spacious rooms with high ceilings and large windows;
  • frequent use of columns;
  • use of the Greek national ornament - meander loop as a decor element;
  • stucco ceilings, columns and other structures;
  • themed murals on the walls;
  • pastel color palette;
  • minimum brightness, including gilding;
  • Covering tiles made of natural or artificial marble;
  • use mostly natural materials;
  • copies of works of art masters of ancient Greece as a décor elements.
Bathroom in the Greek style, lined with ceramic tiles of light shades with decorative Kalona
White Bathroom in the Greek style with traditional patterns on the floor
Bathroom in the Greek style

To fit?

Greek style - it's one of the classic areas of design.It can be called universal, because the tranquility and nobility of this style is suitable for processing a wide variety of rooms and like very different people.However, there is a category of people who have Greek interior especially the shower:

  • owners of large apartments in the "Stalinka" or new buildings, as well as those who live in suburban homes.In order for a Greek-style interiors looked properly, you need a large area and high ceilings.Only in this case, arches and marble columns will look harmonious.
  • Lovers of the classics.If you are far from modern culture, the latest trends in the design of the apartments (such as loft or fusion), it is unlikely you will like.In this case, simplicity and harmony of the Greek style, where nothing is superfluous and every thing has its place - this is your option.
High ceilings , columns , spacious room in the bathroom in the Greek style


Like any other room, decorated in the Greek style, the bathroom should be made in bright colors.Since it is assumed that all surfaces in the room are lined with marble (even if it really is - just an imitation of natural stone), dominate in the interior is white and close to his tone: milk, cream, light beige, light lemon.It is also possible a light shade of blue - still completely snow-white marble in nature practically does not occur.

Bathroom in the Greek style

If you want to add to the classic Greek interior a bit of bright colors, you can bring it more modern varieties of Greek design trends - Mediterranean style.It involves the use of bright, saturated, but do not cause color - turquoise, coral, yellow, olive, green.

Decorated wall in the bathroom in the Greek style
The spacious bathroom with columns in the Greek style
Yellow wall with Greek patterns in the bathroom

Finishing materials

Ancient Greek rulers and noble citizens are actively used to furnish their homes marble.They stones walls, laid flooring, sculpted of his columns and carved reliefs.Today, the purchase of natural marble in an amount sufficient for the finishing of even such a small room like a bathroom, will result in a tidy sum.Afford such a luxury not everyone can, so as an alternative to natural marble, you recommend that you use a ceramic tile.

Decorating the bathroom with marble room in the Greek style

Modern technologies allow to produce ceramic granite and tile, imitating natural marble.The composition of finishing materials can include real marble chips, which makes the texture of the stone even more realistic.

For walls and floors should choose a large light-colored tile. as original features, you can use a ceramic mosaic and curb.Border a meander pattern (continuous pattern of straight lines and corners, simulating sea waves) can be placed on the floor as the edge or on the walls.Almost all stores selling finishing materials, tiles collection presented in the Greek style.

Ceramic tiles with ornaments in the Greek style bathroom
Ceramic tiles with Greek patterns for the bathroom
Greek interior bathroom


Ideally Greek bathroom main light source should be a large window overlooking the sea coast.But, if you are not a happy owner of a private house in one of the seaside towns, make this design decision into practice will be very problematic.

If we can not provide in the bathroom natural light, so you need to properly organize artificial.Light in the Greek bath should be as much as possible, and it should reach all corners of the room.But, at the same time, the light should not be too bright, and hit in the eye.

Ceramic tiles with the Greek pattern , wooden furniture , a chandelier and wall lights in the bathroom in the Greek style

as the main source of light, you can use the classic chandelier - but only if the ceiling height allows it.Supplement the ceiling lamp can be a couple of bras from the same collection.The bathroom with the low ceilings make better use of spotlights.At the same time try to choose models without noticeable chrome elements - better lighting will look at housing in bronze, brass or gold leaf.

Spot lights and ceiling lights , wooden furniture , artificial marble on the walls in the bathroom in the Greek style
Large windows as natural lighting in the bathroom in the Greek style

decor and accessories

Since people inhabiting ancient Greece differed a great love for the fine arts, objects of art itself should be the main decoration of the bathroom, decoratedin the Greek style. frescoes depicting scenes from the myths and legends - this is a typical element of the decor for the room in the Greek style. The only problem is that the painting on wet plaster in conditions of high humidity, under the influence of hot steam and water droplets will last for long.Therefore it is better to replace it with tile panels on the relevant topics.

Painting walls or tile - pattern in the Greek style bathroom

But porcelain and marble perfectly tolerate moisture, so all kinds of statues, vases and amphorae can be safely used as accessories for the bathroom in the Greek style.Miniature sculpture may depict the ancient Greek gods, mythological creatures, heroes or animals.

Decorative elements in the bathroom in the Greek style
Greek patterns on the furniture in the bathroom
Greek fresco on the furniture in the bathroom as a decor
Marble sink and Greek patterns on the walls in the bathroom

design features

elegance and simplicity - this is the most appropriate definition for the Greek style.This also applies to the selection of furniture for the bathroom.Furniture should not be too much, but if you allow the dimensions of the room, you can add an interior daybed on bent legs or the classic armchair. best solution is wooden furniture upholstered in bright cloth.

Bright Bathroom in the Greek style with a meander on the floor

Greek Plumbing in the bathroom should be a match for all other elements of the interior - the correct form, discreet, but in a noble design.Very impressive, and the place will look great bath of natural or artificial marble.The font must necessarily be the right shape - round, oval or square.If you chose a small bath of cast iron or acrylic, we recommend to install it on decorative legs coated with bronze or brass.

Shells made ​​of natural stone in the bathroom Greek
Marble countertops in the bathroom Greek style
Sink made ​​of marble in the bathroom in the Greek style

Creating unique interior

  • Greek ornaments can not only decorate the floor itself and the wall, but also present in the decoration of furniture and plumbing fixtures.
  • large mirror in a simple openwork frame have to be in the bathroom, the equipped in the Greek style.
  • If the room has a window, you need to decorate it with air, a translucent curtain, which on a warm summer day will develop a little breeze.
  • When making a bathroom in the Greek style should try to adhere to the principles of symmetry and harmony.For example, the font itself can become a composite center around which will be built the rest of the interior.
Greek ornaments for decoration on the floor in the bathroom , towels green as bright accents
Traditional patterns on the walls of the bathroom in the Greek style
Unusual mirror and Greek ornaments in the Greek style in the bathroom