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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in the loft-style : design and interior design, furniture and fixtures ( 29 photos)

The bathroom in the loft -style - brick walls , freestanding bath
  • Features style
  • To fit?
  • Colors
  • Lighting and lamps
  • decor and accessories
  • design features
  • Creating unique interior

loft word in the English language is indicated by an attic space.But the "attic" - this is not quite the right definition for this style.Homeland loft is the United States, or rather the industrial centers of the country.In the mid-twentieth century, the value of land within the boundaries of the major cities has risen so high that manufacturing companies quickly began to leave the industrial districts and move to the countryside.After they have left a lot of space - factories, shops and factories, which began to be leased at a reasonable price, as we believe it is not livable.

first tenant to vacate the premises were the representatives of creative professions that equipped them at studios and workshops.Unfinished brick walls, open constructions, remnants of industrial equipment - it was spectacular décor for exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and photographs.Since t

he loft was considered bohemian style.

Bathroom in the loft-style - Masonry walls, plumbing simple forms

Fashion for finishing residential loft-style appeared much later, but the real popularity of this trend has only recently acquired.In this article we will talk about how to decorate in the style of a loft bathroom in a city apartment or in a private home.

Features style

So initially loft - a former industrial space, remade under the other objectives.Thus, there is preserved characteristic of interior decoration - "naked" walls, at least a decorative coating.Ceilings and interior doors in an apartment decorated in the style of a loft, are virtually absent (except bathrooms).Most often, the loft - a studio, which functional areas are combined into a single space.

Bathroom and bedroom in one room in the loft-style - no walls, open communication
Bathroom in the attic for finishing walls in the loft

feature loft style consists in the fact that all the engineering designs are on view. This also applies to the wiring of communications, which is important for the bathroom.The production facilities are usually quite high ceilings and large window openings - it has also become a characteristic feature of this style.

Bathroom with brick walls , large windows , and not hidden in the loft-style communication

To fit?

Many see the interior in the style of a loft uncomfortable and little use for everyday life.However, fans have plenty of styles.How did people actually like the style loft?

  • Those who are engaged in creative work - artists, designers, writers and other representatives of the bohemian society.As the artistic nature are not usually very busy forging a life, and direct all the energy into a creative channel, devoid of all sorts of excesses Loft certainly have their liking.
  • Those who after the purchase of real estate no money left for repair.The apartment is decorated in a loft style, no need to worry about the decoration of walls, ceilings or tension expensive flooring.Make room finishing, imported furniture - and you will have a modern apartment in a loft style.
  • Happy owners of their own homes with high ceilings and large windows.Such buildings are best suited for creating loft interior.An additional advantage - the opportunity to save on finishing works (after all, the greater the area of ​​the room, the greater the need of expenses).
Bathroom in the loft -style - brick walls without decoration , glass partitions , large mirror
The spacious bathroom combined with bedroom - loft


Interior style loft is usually carried out in the cold, low-key colors, often with a hint of metallic.The walls, floor and ceiling is almost never painted in bright colors.The main "trick" - a brick wall, which does not cover.Since the brick itself is bright enough, the rest of the surface is made in bright colors.As a rule, the dominant colors in the bathroom, decorated a loft, is a white and gray - concrete and plaster.

The bathroom in loft style with brick and stucco
Bathroom in the loft-style - metal wall
The brick and plaster walls in the bathroom in the loft

bright color spots are present in this style in the form of accessories, but they can not be too much.

Bathroom in loft style with brick and white-washed walls , with bright accents in the form of colored towels

Lighting and lamps

Loft "loves" natural light, so if you have a window in your bathroom, even a very small, it's just perfect!Only it is not necessary to curtain curtains or tulle - no curtains in the loft should not be.

Since initially under the loft altered production facilities, they remained characteristic lighting - powerful ceiling lamps, without lampshades.

Style Loft bathroom - Lamps without plafonds , open communication

simple light bulb hanging from the ceiling, will be in the loft interiors can be very useful.However, we should remember that we are talking about the bathroom, so the lamp must have an appropriate degree of protection against moisture - otherwise problems with the electrician could not be avoided.Fortunately, manufacturers of lighting fixtures are up to date fashion trends, so the lights in the loft are now at the peak of popularity.Construction of aged metal tubes and glass flasks of unusual shape in a living room look very impressive.

Style loft for a spacious bathroom
Backlit mirror in the bathroom in the loft style combined with brick walls
No bright lights in the spacious bathroom in a loft style with walls of brick and white sanitary ware

decor and accessories

Loft is interesting because it allows the presence of accessories from other areas of design.That is, you do not have to turn their own bathroom in the bathroom of an industrial enterprise.The loft-style welcome art objects - paintings, sculptures, photo panel - it's direction appeared thanks to the artists.

The picture in the bathroom in the loft
The decor and accessories in the bathroom in the loft

also quite organically in a modern loft look past the electronics and technology trends.For example, in the bathroom a large plasma screen in the background brickwork looks very stylish and unusual.

In general, try to use the bathroom in the loft unexpected accessories - simply beautiful stones brought to rest in the mountains of fresh flowers in pots, buckets, mirrors in classic frames, covered with patina.Loft - a style of creative people, so bold experiments with the decor are welcome.The main thing - do not overdo it: one or two bright accessories will be enough.

Bathroom in loft style with paintings , chopsticks and other accessories
Bathroom in loft style with the decor of Art Nouveau
Table lamp in the bathroom in the loft
Design a bathroom in loft

design features

Favorite designers materials which are making room in the loft-style - is a brick, white plaster and concrete.Masonry in combination with white plastered walls - one of the classic methods of the loft.However, a brick in the interior can be found in the most unexpected places, such as on the ceiling.

The walls of the bathroom in the loft of a simple brick and painted
Full brick walls in the bathroom in the loft
Combined walls of brick , stucco and tile in the bathroom in the loft

Wooden beams - another feature loft interior. Massive beams of untreated wood will be in stark contrast with modern equipment bathroom.However, in the bathroom is constantly a high level of humidity, so wooden elements must be pre-soak composition that prevents rotting.

Wooden beams on the plastered walls and ceiling in the bathroom loft style

As for the furniture and fixtures, there are no strict limitations. The bathroom, made under the style of a loft, look equally good interior, borrowed from different directions in design.Therefore, you can safely experiment with the classic Hot legged, modern built-in furniture - all this would be appropriate in the loft bathroom.But do not mix things up from conflicting styles.

Brick walls , white bathroom fixtures and glass furniture in the bathroom in the loft
Bathroom in the loft-style with furniture in modern style

Creating unique interior

  • Loft - a style of a big city, so in the design of the bathroom, you can use decorative elements associated with urban culture: Wall graffiti, roadsigns, posters, and signs.
  • The loft should be as much space.Therefore, if the bathroom in your apartment is not large, it is better to combine it with a toilet.Generally, the interior walls in the loft should be avoided, it should be open.Even the shower.The only thing that is allowed - absolutely transparent glass partitions.
  • Loft - is virtually the only style in which welcome defects in the finishing of surfaces.Cracked plaster, crumbling brickwork, neobstrugannye wooden beams, metal parts, untouched by rust - all this will be very out of place.But remember that today, a loft - it is only a pastiche, so you need to choose artificially aged materials, and do not install in his own apartment are old, unreliable designs.
Bathroom in the loft -style - a steel tub , large windows , brick walls
Bathroom in the loft -style - windows, brick walls