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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in the chalet-style : style and features beautiful photos ( 24 photos )

Bathroom in chalet style -
  • Features style
  • To fit?
  • Colors
  • Lighting
  • decor and accessories
  • design features
  • Creating unique interior

French word "chalet" is usually referred to as a small construction made of wood with a characteristic overhanging roof.Chalet - a kind of Swiss national property, which has become popular due to the alpine resort town.

The chalet-style country houses are usually built or small, cozy hotel.The chalet is not necessarily to be built entirely of wood, often the first floor made of stone.Despite the fact that the first chalets were herding huts (this is translated this word), modern buildings built in this style, do not look like a house for the poor.As a rule, the chalet - it is well made, two-, three-storey building, furnished in accordance with modern ideas about comfort.

The house is in a chalet -style

Today chalet-style run not only the house, but also separate rooms.This trend in design has become so popular that even the owners of city apartments tend to recreate in your home interior, reminiscent

of the snow-capped Alps.Begin the transformation of an ordinary apartment in an alpine hut, we recommend to the bathroom.

Bathroom in chalet style - wooden ceilings , a large bath , stone walls and floors

Features style

style chalet has much in common with the rural and eco-style, but he is quite distinctive.Consider the features of interior spaces, made in the style of a chalet:

  • Wood and stone as the main finishing materials.Welcomed and other interior elements from these materials, such as wooden beams or ceiling stone oven as a heat source.
  • Except for plumbing fixtures, the whole situation room, including furniture and doors made of wood or materials imitating him.
  • style chalet does not aspire to the interior refinement.Furniture and sanitary ware chosen the most simple, traditional models.Now encouraged or made old retro interior.
  • soft, calm colors.How to finish, and the furnishings are mainly used natural color palette.
Bathroom in the chalet-style - the basic materials - natural stone and wood
Style chalet in the bathroom - wood, glass

To fit?

each direction in design has its admirers and opponents;style chalet - is no exception.Rural romance in the interior of a modern home will have to their liking is not for everyone.Below are the categories of people who will feel this style is as comfortable as possible.

So, interior, chalet-style will suit you in the following cases:

  • If you can just relax in nature and prefer to spend your vacation at the cottage or in the village: to breathe fresh air, walking in the woods, steam bath and enjoy otherthe delights of country living.
  • If you - a lover of skiing and other winter sports.In this case, the interior of the apartment, decorated in a chalet style, the whole year will remind you of cherished ski resorts.
  • If your idea of ​​comfort are the use of natural materials, a simple, good-quality furniture and a minimum of decoration.
Bathroom in the chalet-style - quiet, gray-white color scheme , wood and stone


It is expected that, in chalet style, which in its essence is close to the village, preferred natural colors.This is true not only of materials, but also furniture and accessories.As for the walls and floor, we use wood and stone, it is obvious that in the finishing of the surfaces will be dominated by all shades of brown and gray.

White and stone walls in the bathroom in chalet style,
Wooden surfaces in the bathroom in chalet style,

furniture in the interior of a bathroom in chalet style is usually also made of wood, so the color is in harmony with the walls.Brown, red, burgundy, beige - in that color scheme is executed interior space.

Kitchen furniture in the bathroom in a chalet -style
Wooden cabinet in the bathroom chalet style room
Wooden cabinet with sinks made ​​of stone in the bathroom in chalet style,

addition of colors of wood and stone chalet-style there are other colors that can be found in the alpine nature, such as white, dark green, blue, yellow.But these colors should be used very carefully, since Chalet preferred light, neutral color palette, almost devoid of bright spots.

Green tiles on the walls in the bathroom in chalet style,


Do you remember what the lighting is in the village houses?It is not bright, the light does not hit in the eyes, lights do not seek to cover all corners of the room.It is necessary to achieve this effect by designing the lighting in the bathroom, decorated in a chalet style.

However, we should not forget that we are talking about a modern bathroom, where we spend a lot of time, including doing a beauty treatment.Therefore, some areas, such as near the mirror, you should highlight the good.

to remain subdued light, can be dispensed from the main ceiling lamp and break lights on the area with the help of wall lighting.Turn them all at once, you'll get a good, uniform illumination.And if you need a soft, almost intimate light, it will be enough to light just one of the fixtures.

Wooden beams , ceiling lights and white-washed walls in the bathroom in chalet style,
Wooden ceilings, a single metal lamp, whitewashed walls , stone floors - a bathroom in chalet style
Candles with bathroom chalet style

to the bathroom in chalet style, should choose the most simple and compact lighting fixtures.A perfect solution will be spotlights, which take up almost no space and allow you to adjust the degree of illumination of the room.

Spot lights on a wooden ceiling with exposed beams in the bathroom in chalet style,

decor and accessories

decor in the interior of the bathroom, done in the style of a chalet, also reminded that served as the starting point for the formation of this style.Nature Alpine mountains and villages is reflected not only in the use of exclusively natural finishing materials, but also in the choice of accessories.

Bathroom in the chalet-style - a combination of stone and wood

example, the chalet is traditionally heralded hunting trophies - stuffed animals.Of course, in the bathroom a decor element will not be out of place.First, it takes place in the bathroom which already does not happen a lot, and secondly, these products simply will not tolerate constant contact with water and steam.If you want to make the interior of the bathroom certain color, limit antlers hanging on the wall.They can not only decorate the room himself, but also to perform the function of the holder for towels or be the basis for the creation of the original lamp.

Sinks stone bathroom chalet style
Decorative elements in the form of paintings , vases in the bathroom in chalet style,

also welcome the paintings and statues depicting the animal and plant world of the Alps.Try to choose such products, which increased humidity will not cause harm.

design features

traditional chalet style, the following types of finishing: flooring made of natural stone slabs, wood-paneled walls, the ceiling, too, a tree or a white plaster.But the stone floor would cost a good amount, in addition, constantly cold stone - not the best option for the bathroom, at which we often go barefoot.The best solution is ceramic tile, stylized natural stone.It is perfectly withstands contact with moisture and is much better than the stone retains heat.And if you install in the bathroom system "warm floor", there will be a full sense of walking on the sun-heated stone or wooden boards.

Natural stone slabs on the floor , wooden walls in the bathroom in a chalet -style
Wooden furniture in wood - Chalet bathroom

furniture should be as small as possible in a bathroom - just what you need to store your necessary things.At the same time it should be very simple: modern built-in models and high-gloss surfaces are discordant with the overall style of the room.

As for plumbing, you should also choose the most uncomplicated model of traditional materials - cast iron, acrylic and sanitary ware.Experts advise to choose for the bathroom in chalet style is not snow-white, beige and plumbing.Many people prefer to conceal such modern bathroom attributes, like a washing machine or shower with wooden boards and strips.Try it, you get a very unusual!

Simple geometric shapes stone sinks in the bathroom in chalet style,
Stone floors and walls , wooden furniture in the bathroom in chalet style,

Creating unique interior

  • As with all other like-minded styles chalet widely used manual labor items.It can be both personally made wooden cabinets and shelves and accessories manufacturing hand-Maid.For example, woven mats sewn lampshades on the lights, etc.
  • Potted plants in the interior of the chalet are fairly common and a bathroom - is no exception.It is necessary to choose potted plants that tolerate moisture and plant them in the rough clay pots.
  • furniture and fixtures in the bathroom, made under the chalet, must necessarily have a patina of antiquity.In order not to spend money on expensive designer models, a similar effect can be achieved independently.With skins you can create abrasions, and in stores for creativity has a huge selection of varnishes and paints, with which you can quickly wear out the surface.
The interior of the bathroom in a chalet -style