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August 12, 2017 18:06

The bathroom in style hi-tech : the design features and interior ( 27 photos )

The bathroom in style hi-tech - neon lights and a round bathtub
  • nuances of style
  • Colors
  • Finish
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • Interior features
  • Tips

high-tech as the design directioninterior appeared in Europe about 50 years ago, but in our country it began to develop only with the 90-ies of the last century.The occurrence of high-tech obliged sharp increase in technical progress, which was held under the sign of XX century.Flying in space, development of information technologies - all inspired creative professionals to create works of facing the future.In literature and film this is reflected in the growth of interest in the genre of science fiction, and in architecture - in the creation of futuristic structures, which then seemed to be a real challenge to classical art.

Unusual bathroom interior in high-tech style

Today, high-tech is seen as a sign of prestige, because afford the construction of the building or interior decoration in this style can not each.Hi-Tech is to use modern high-tech materials and designs, which, of course, affects the cost of the work.W

e suggest you start dating with a high-tech style to create a futuristic bathroom.

Modern bathroom interior in high-tech style - a bath with a podium

nuances of style

high-tech style is very recognizable, it is really difficult to be confused with some other direction.

For the high-tech interior is characterized by:

  • simple forms, straight lines, right angles;
  • monochrome colors;
  • neglect of natural materials;
  • use of glass, plastic and chrome-plated metal;
  • minimum of decoration;
  • use spot lighting, well-lit places;
  • most functional use of space;
  • references to the works of modern artists;
  • built-in furniture and plumbing fixtures;
  • hanging plumbing;
  • illusion of lightness, airiness, which is created by a large number of glass and light;
  • walls undecorated - "naked" brick, concrete or plaster;
  • metal pipes (structural elements are design elements).
Interior bathroom inherent in high-tech style
Shower in the bathroom high-tech style


If you have decided to issue a bathroom in style hi-tech, it is at your disposal there is a rather meager palette.For this style is characterized by the use of only three basic colors: white, black and all shades of gray.Allowed touches of red, blue, green, purple flowers, but you need to choose a bright, neon shades.

Despite the monochrome color scheme, the interior does not look dull due to metal and glass glitter, and thanks to good lighting, in which the high-tech style is emphasized.

Style high-tech bathroom with black and white - unusual interior bathroom

pattern, ornament and other figures in the high-tech interior is almost never occur. and finishes, and furniture is usually monochromatic, with minimal decor - nothing should detract from the shape and material.

Black and white bathroom with high-tech style
White bathroom in style hi-tech


For the bathroom, regardless of design style, your best option is considered to be wall decoration tiles. If we are talking about high-tech bathroom, then it must be a large square or rectangular tiles. walls in a room mostly monochromatic, but perhaps a combination of the two are similar in color tones or the use of ceramic mosaics - also in tone and, preferably, with a metallic sheen.

Hi-Tech does not seek to use the original decorative materials, so the floor is also suitable for ceramic coating.Possibility to simulate marble or other natural stone, but in a monochrome version.Another good option - it is self-leveling floors, allow you to create perfectly smooth glossy or matte finish.

The walls of the bathroom in the high -tech ceramic tiles , plaster and tiles imitating stone
Rectangular white ceramic tile for wall decoration bathroom in style hi - tech and large dark tile on the floor

Now let's talk about the ceiling finish. Since the high-tech style of "likes" a smooth, flat surface, the better option than the suspended ceiling to think hard. Today you can choose a stretch ceiling absolutely any color, including such popular in the style of high-tech, high-gloss black.

The unusual high-tech ceiling in the bathroom


By choosing plumbing for the bathroom in style hi-tech must be taken very seriously.Forget about the traditional baths and toilets - look at the novelties in the market of sanitary equipment - a recessed and suspended models to mortise mixers strict, geometric forms.

Bath in the high-tech interior, in principle, can be anyone. course, preferably rectangular model without rounded corners, but they are quite expensive. Equally naturally would look and asymmetric baths of irregular shape.The only thing that should be avoided - it is traditional fonts on legs - after all, they belong to the classical style, which is a high-tech manifestly contrary.

Rectangular mirror bath in the bathroom in style hi -tech
White bathtub with light in the bathroom in style hi -tech

perfect alternative to the bath - a modern shower. of glass and metal design like nothing else helps to maintain a given style.If possible, choose a large, square or rectangular pattern.

Shower spacious bathroom in style hi -tech

Sink can be plain, sanfayansovaya, or of standard material, such as glass or metal. main thing is that she has an unusual shape, reminiscent of the fact that we live in an era of high technology.

Modern faucet in the bathroom in style hi -tech
Crane sink in the bathroom in the style of hi-tech and mirror with TV


When setting a bathroom in style hi-tech must adhere to the basic line - the desire to get away as far as possible from a classic interior.So you need to forget about wooden furniture.What we need - a high-tech products made of glass, plastic, metal.The furniture in the first place should be functional, so high-tech shelves and cabinets quite roomy, but due to the large number of transparent and glittering elements, they are not massive look.

Rectangular hanging closets for living room in high-tech style
White and black hinged cabinet with sink invoice bathroom in style hi -tech

High-tech furniture is distinguished meager decor or its complete absence. allowed only metal casing or glass inserts.As well as sanitary equipment, furniture in high-tech bathroom should have a simple structure, that is, composed of a minimum of parts.Shelves, cupboards and drawers in high-tech style is distinguished by symmetrical shapes and rigorous, clear lines.

White furniture symmetrical shape for the bathroom in style hi -tech

Lighting Lighting in high-tech bathroom plays quite an important role, because this style is characterized by good lighting, as well as the play of light and shadow.There are two ways to organize the lighting in the high-tech interior. first of them - is the use of spotlights. They practically do not take up space (which is crucial for this style), create a uniform illumination, plus allow you to selectively highlight specific functional areas.

Bathroom with shower and bath in high-tech style with bright spotlight
Bright spotlights in a dark bathroom in style hi -tech

second way - is to use the main ceiling light. where preference is given to the fantastic designs of the chromed metal tubes - minimalist with glass shades or no.Look closely at the spot - ceiling models with rotating shades.They represent a kind of alternative to spotlights, because they allow direct rays of light in different directions.

Unusual ceiling lights in the bathroom in style hi -tech

Efeektnaya light will make your room even more contemporary and unusual.

Illumination in the bathroom high-tech
Illumination in the bathroom high-tech


in any environment, even this ascetic as a high-tech, can not do without accessories - details which are not only "enliven" the room and give it aindividuality, but also bring practical benefits.

main requirements that apply to accessories for the bathroom, decorated in the style of hi-tech - it's strict adherence to the chosen style.The fact is, no porcelain figurines, mirrors in wooden frames and curtains with a floral pattern.Soap, mats, holders for hygiene items should be made of the same materials and have the same coloring, which dominate the surroundings bathroom.If possible, try to replace the classic accessory to a more modern.For example, instead of the usual curtain bath buy plastic sliding design.

Mirror TV , mechanical toothbrushes and other bathroom accessories , modern hi- tech

Interior features

high-tech style is ideal for small bathrooms because it involves the use of a minimum number of interior items.Rationally use a small area of ​​the room as possible, refusing excesses and leaving only the bare necessities.Even small-sized bathroom, decorated in the style of high-tech will be comfortable and functional, because the functionality - is the main requirement of this style.

Install instead of bulky compact bath shower, but instead of hinged plastic cabinets - glass shelves - and the room immediately becomes more spacious.If properly organized and well illuminated to use glossy and transparent surface effect will be even stronger.

Oval bath and shower on the catwalk of marble in hi-tech bathroom


  • high-tech style is good that there is no need to hide all the communication, which greatly facilitates the work.Water and sewage pipes (especially if they have a chrome finish), not only does not violate but, on the contrary, emphasize the stylistic direction of the interior.
  • The high-tech interior of the order is very important, so try not to let any type of cosmetics, towels and other toiletries.All this is best kept in the lockers, and get only when necessary.
  • Learn to leverage mirrored surface, because they are nothing more than allow you to visually enlarge the space.This can be not only a mirror above the sink, and mirror inserts on the furniture and other interior elements.
Unusual bathroom interior in high-tech style