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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in the Art Deco style : design, furniture , tiles or wallpaper , interior ( 28 photos )

Bathroom in the art deco style
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Art Deco style originated in France in the second decade of the XX century.Painters, sculptors and architects were inspired by the events that have shaped the cultural, social life of the era.This emergence of jazz, and an unprecedented rise in popularity of Russian ballet and sports development, and have become one affordable travel to exotic destinations.

in art deco style merged all popular art trends of the last century: neoclassicism, futurism, cubism, constructivism.Works by artists who worked in the art deco style, combine the order and strict geometry with luxury finishes, complex patterns and ornaments.Capturing the beginning and the end of World War I, art deco was the reverse reaction to the limitations and moderation in all things, which were dictated by military necessity.Over time, the art deco was perceived as unnecessary luxury, flashy style, and by the middle of the XX century grad

ually forgotten about it.

Bathroom in the art deco style

A few decades art deco regained its former popularity.Today it is - one of the most beautiful and unusual trends in interior design.The combination of the achievements of XX century art, modern materials and production technologies allows you to create a truly elegant and luxurious interiors.

The bathroom in the art deco style

Features style

Among other styles of Art Deco can be easily distinguished by several features:

  • modern, expensive materials - silver, ivory, rare breedswood, steel, enamel, leather;
  • sharp angles, curves, steps and zigzags;
  • recurring motif of piano keys;
  • restrained colors - mostly black, white, gray, beige, purple;
  • plant and animal ornaments;
  • a solar symbolism - a recurring image of the sun and the sun's rays;
  • vertical bar as one of the most common patterns;
  • ancient Greek ideas of beauty as harmony of form and content;
  • ornaments and decorative elements that refer to the primitive work of the peoples of Africa and South America;
  • mirror frames, pictures in frames, framing elements for furniture and other interior items.
Features Art Deco bathroom
The characteristic features of the style of Art Deco in the bathroom
Bathroom in the art deco style and its features

Color solution

Despite the desire for luxury, for the Art Deco is characterized by relatively quiet colors where bright colors are used very dosed. classic style for this combination - a black + white. most clearly embodied in one of the favorite motifs of Art Deco - the alternation of black and white keys of musical instruments.Wallpaper in black and white vertical stripes and the same upholstery sofa associated with piano keys and remind us of lingering jazz tunes.

Color solution bathroom done in art deco style

addition to the classic combination of black and white, art-deco interior often occur following color pairs: Black + gray, gray + purple, gray + pink, white + purple, beige + gray, beige + brown. The decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling less than two colors are used, but the dominant color can be dark.The rich red, yellow, green, orange colors may appear as a bright color accents.

Colours Art Deco bathroom
Bathroom in the art deco style and its color scheme


surface finish in the style of Art Deco given special importance.

Preference should be given expensive, impressive materials - natural stone, glossy ceramic tile, wallpaper with silk-screen printing, etc.Geometric patterns - diamonds, squares, zigzags - it is a required element of decoration.Stone slabs on the floor, lined with intricate ornaments immediately asked a certain tone for the interior.

Materials for finishing the bathrooms in the Art Deco style

geometry can be repeated on the walls, but in smaller numbers, to bathroom did not look overloaded strict lines. With regard to the ceiling, then his finishing can be used and tiles, but very good quality. The art deco style is often used in the design of the ceiling reception frame in contrasting color.However, we can not frame the entire ceiling, and the only place in the chandelier - but in this case it has to be big enough.

Decorating the bathroom in the art deco style - materials
Finishing materials for the bathroom in the art deco style

tile or wallpaper?

If we talk about the interior art deco in general, the wallpaper can be described as the most optimal solution for walls. Modern finishing materials manufacturers produce entire collections of wallpaper in the style of Art Deco.They are characterized by a soft and noble colors and unusually beautiful, fancy patterns.However, our task - a design bathroom, where appropriate wallpaper is not always.After all, in constant contact with water and steam will not be able to withstand even the most expensive washable wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the bathroom decorated in the art deco style

So ceramic tile can be considered an ideal option, but only in that case, if you are the owner of a very small bathroom in which there is no place where the water does not get to spray.

If the bathroom in your home is spacious enough, the one wall (away from the bath, shower and sink) it is possible to select a wallpaper.Just try to find a really suitable style wallpaper - deep color, with a large ornament, preferably made gold or silver threads.

Wallpaper on the walls in the bathroom in the art deco style
Bathroom in the art deco style with wallpaper on the walls
Making wallpapered bathroom in the art deco style


Furniture in the bathroom, decorated in art deco style, should be a classic - a massive, but, at the same time elegant.Standard cupboards and shelves of plastic and chipboard should be replaced by sturdy chests, cabinets, countertops made of wood or other expensive materials (or their quality imitation).Items of furniture must have a simple form, but the rich finish of metal, glass, inlays, etc.

Bathroom furniture in the Art Deco style

If you allow the size of the bathroom, put it things uncharacteristic of the premises, such as an easy chair or coffee table.

Bathroom in the art deco style and the furniture for her
Furniture in the bathroom in the art deco style
Bathroom furniture in the Art Deco style

As for the plumbing, it must also be large.Since we are working on a modern interior, there is no need to purchase sanitary ware, stylized beginning of the last century.On the contrary, try to find the use of the latest achievements of sanitary ware manufacturers.Bathtubs, sinks, toilets and bidets can be the most incredible forms.Welcome rounded shape, smooth, curved lines.As the production of materials suitable simple sanitary ware and acrylic, the main thing that they were of good quality, or feeling of luxury disappear, we seek to create an interior Art Deco style.

Plumbing in the bathroom in the art deco style

Accessories Accessories in the interior art deco represented in small numbers, but they have attracted the attention of luxury and splendor.As a rule, it is decorative and applied art, mirrors, lamps, etc.

Paintings and sculptures are accustomed in the living room, but the room in the bathroom, they still look very unusual.Of course, the original paintings on canvas or paper posters in high humidity hold out for long. Therefore our choice - it is a reproduction printed on a special, water-resistant materials. Since Art Deco is largely based on the art of the twentieth century, the most suitable picture of our bathroom - a web-futurist painters Cubists and other representatives of the fashion trends of the era.When this pattern must be inserted into the classic frame.

Sculptures can also be carried out in the spirit of abstraction, or be a small copy of the works of ancient masters.If this kind of art you do not like, and add a chic room still want to, look at the tiny stone fountain.

Bathroom in the art deco style and accessories to it
Bath accessories in the style of Art Deco
Accessories in the bathroom in the art deco style

mirror in the bathroom should be mandatory. If this suite, decorated in art deco style, the mirror should be chosen large, in a massive frame - a silver, gilt, or simply black.

The mirror in the bathroom in the art deco style

in art deco style favored classic fixtures. as the main source of light, select large but elegant chandelier with metal and glass elements, decorated with pendants - that is styled as a ceiling chandelier.On the walls you can place small lamps from the same collection.

Fixtures for the bathroom in the art deco style


  • interior in Art Deco style - is now the embodiment of glamor.Therefore, in the bathroom the light should be as much as possible - from the glossy surfaces of the floor and walls and finishing with sparkling chandeliers and mirrors.
  • Art Deco originated in the heyday of the cosmetic industry, so all kinds of bubbles and bottles occupied the place of honor in the boudoirs and bathrooms secular women.Modern plastic packaging bear little resemblance to those used a century ago.To maintain an atmosphere of luxury and glamor, you can purchase a set of beautiful glass vials and pour them into their own shampoos, conditioners and shower gels.
Tips on creating an interior in the bathroom in the art deco style
Recommendations for the design of the bathroom in the art deco style