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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in retro style : retro bath , faucets and furniture ( 25 photos )

Bathroom in retro style
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retro-style - the concept is very abstract.When we say that the object or phenomenon belongs to the retro style, which means that they have a relationship to the past.But can it be called "retro" dress that you wore in the past decade or household items nobility of the 17th century?The views of experts in the field of fashion and design on this matter differ.According to the most popular point of view, retro include recognizable areas of fashion and style of the late 19th - early 20th century.All older - it's antiques, and all that the younger - vintage.

Speaking of the bathroom, decorated in a retro style, we will bear in mind this is the time period.In this article, we will tell you about the characteristic features of retro style and on how to build a modern bathroom, keeping it in the spirit of antiquity.

Bathroom in retro style

Features style

For the interior in retro style is characterized by the use of a large number of items from past eras.This does not necessarily have to be true antiques, taken out of grandmother's trunks (although they certainly welcome), because in front of us is not the task of gathering museum of historical artifacts.What we need - a modern furniture, bathroom fixtures and accessories, stylized antique.

Preference should be given to subjects of an interior and decoration, made of natural materials or metal.Welcome things made of wood, leather.Among the metals give preference to cast iron, brass, bronze, copper.Avoid items with chrome finish.

Features a retro style bathroom
Retro style for the bathroom and its features

As for the decorative elements, they are retro-bath contains a much lesser extent than in the classic interior of the 19th century. abundant curls and floral designs gave way to strict geometry.Figures in the form of strips, lozenges or chess cells in retro style quite popular. This does not mean that the decor in the retro interior is completely absent: almost mandatory elements - it mirrors the classic, lush frames and chandeliers with crystal pendants.

Decorative elements for retro bathroom

Color solution room

in retro style dominated by soft, muted tones, but it should not be exclusively brown-gray-beige color scheme (because artificial dyes had already invented).However, bright saturated colors are rarely found in the decoration of the walls or floor.As a rule, for this purpose, light colors - white, milk, beige, coffee, light lemon.Popular as a combination of light walls and dark floor, such as the contrast of black and white.

As a bright color spots in retro style furniture and accessories are used.Cabinets mahogany, turquoise or yellow lights footstools make recovery in the restrained interior.

Color solution in retro style
The color scheme of retro style in the bathroom


central place in the bathroom, furnished in retro style, of course, occupies a very Hot.Her choice should be given special attention.Below we describe the characteristics of retro-bath.

Distinctive features

Centuries ago tub still had a classic shape and sufficiently small size.So if you have decided to issue a bathroom in the spirit of old times, will have to forget about the huge, square or angular plumbing fixtures.The bath should be slightly oval or irregularly shaped.There are no angles or straight lines: the font should have a smooth, rounded shape.

The retro interior looks harmonious standing bath, as built-in models of sanitary equipment - is a sign of our time.The bath is required to install on decorative legs - in the form of lions' paws or neat curls.

Some fans of retro style can not find authentic old bath.Because such artifacts are usually not less than 50 years, they are not intended for connection to modern communications.Before you install a bath in the apartment, it will have to upgrade.

Form bath in retro interior bathroom
Distinctive features of the bath in retro interior bathroom


In the intervals in question, plumbing made mostly of iron, so the best decision will be purchasing the bath is made of this material. The problem is that modern cast iron baths are nothing like the authentic, which were used by our ancestors.Of course, fashion has reached and sanitary ware manufacturers in the retro style.Therefore, commercially available cast-iron bath, stylized vintage font: unusual shape, plated brass or colored enamel.But such products are quite a lot.

The cast-iron bathtub in a retro interior bathroom

Another option - this acrylic bathtub. He is considered a budget, so how to work with light, acrylic plastic is much easier than with a massive cast iron.Acrylic can be given any shape, so manufacturers of acrylic baths are made that mimic the old samples.Acrylic Bathtubs can be decorated with the help of spraying a metal or wood sheathing.The performance of the acrylic sanitary ware are at the highest level, so the comfort of the bath will be provided.

Acrylic bath in the interior retro bathroom

Popular manufacturers


This is a major American corporation, which was founded in the 19th century.It produces not only a bath of modern materials, but also from the traditional cast iron retro style.Baths, invented by designers and constructors of the company, combines the spirit of antiquity and the latest manufacturing technology.

Kohler Bath in a retro bathroom

Imperial Bathrooms

This British company employs real fans of old.They are doing a great job of recreating the full sample of old plumbing, have been preserved in palaces and museums.The collections of this company can be found baths, identical to those that were in the houses of the nobility in the English Victorian era Queen or King Edward.

Bathroom in retro style and a bath from Imperial Bathrooms


German company, still little known to our customer.Its products are characterized by the present European quality in everything from the enamel coating and finishing accessories.The company produces original cast iron baths.The model range is very diverse: Retro tubs on legs or resting on a massive basis, white or metallic-coated - lovers of retro style to choose from.

Bath Elegansa bathroom decorated in retro style


basic requirement which is presented to a mixer for the retro bath - it should be in harmony with her style.So you need to forget about the massive, chrome-plated faucet with long spout. Our choice - a tiny teardrop-shaped air valves with valve control. The color mixer should be combined with decorative elements in the font itself (for example, with support legs). Preference should be given to models for the aged coated metal such as copper or brass. Shower heads should be the classic design: the shape they resemble the old handsets.

Retro for vintage bathroom faucets
Mixers for bath and sink in a retro style
Bathroom Faucets decorated in retro style


When making a bathroom in retro style should be preferred natural materials, not only in decoration but also atmosphere. For retro-style characterized by elegant wooden furniture. This is not a large chest of drawers, countertops and cabinets for storing clothes and a small light tables, coffee tables, stools funny.Small pot-bellied cabinets and chest of drawers with legs perfectly fit into the interior of "antique".Furniture can be a natural wood texture or be painted in bright, vibrant colors.

Bathroom furniture in retro style
Bath in a retro style with retro furniture

Mirror Mirror - is a mandatory element of any bathroom, not only decorated antique. The retro bathroom should buy large mirror inserted in a wooden or metal frame.

frames attached particular importance: it is desirable that they were laced with floral ornaments and flourishes - are the same as can be found in the classic interior of a Baroque or Rococo.

Mirrors for the bathroom in retro style
Retro mirror for a retro bathroom
Bath in a retro style with a mirror


The decoration of the bathroom retro can safely use genuine antiques that have no practical value, but only need to formthe general style. example, candlesticks, porcelain figurines, paintings and posters.All kinds of hooks, soap dishes, towel holders and other things can be both ancient and stylized retro.To heighten the chic may be staring at an elegant table, a real retro phone or desk lamp from an antique shop.

Bath accessories in retro style
Retro bathroom and accessories for her

Tips design

  • choosing finishing materials should be given preference for all natural bathroom in retro style.If wood trim for you too expensive option, then look at the finishing materials, simulating a real tree.The classic solution that harmoniously look in almost any interior - a ceramic tile.
  • trying to recreate the old interior, do not ignore the achievements of art, sacrificing his own comfort for the sake of aesthetics, otherwise the bathroom is beautiful, but it is not adapted for the needs of the family.Modern, high-quality sanitary ware, handrails and headrests, hydromassage panel - this is what makes our lives more pleasant and convenient.
  • To create a harmonious interior is not only a bath, but the rest of sanitary equipment - sink, toilet, bidet, etc.It must be maintained in a retro style.Pick the appropriate components to the chosen style.So, should abandon Rychagova mixers and choose the gate "lambs."
Tips to design a bathroom in retro style