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August 12, 2017 18:06

Top 10 ideas for relaxation in the bathroom : design for relaxation ( 47 photos )

Bathroom Relax
  • Delicate pastel
  • serene gray
  • Sea Breeze
  • Personal space
  • Country or French village
  • Ceiling beams
  • cozy walls
  • fire Source
  • Elements spa
  • Other stuff

Bathroom - is not only room for the adoption of hygiene, but also a place of relaxation.Where it does not in the bathroom to remove the accumulated fatigue, charge cheerfulness and resilience?And the main secret lies in the creation of atmosphere.Complete relaxation can be achieved only in a cozy room filled with peace and comfort atmosphere.

Delicate pastel

Pastel shades make the room more light and soft.Cream, milk, yellow and pink colors give tenderness.Blue, blue, turquoise shades are associated with water, sky, sea.Green, mint and pistachio colors generally act on the mind calm, relax, relieve eye fatigue.

Dark blue bathroom

If multiple pastel colors at once, it can be zoned space and set it up.For example, the wallpaper in cream and pink stripes, stencil designs, or simply paint the parts of the walls in different colors.There are c

ontrasting inserts cozy darker colors, such as brown.

Pastel shades in the bathroom
Dark blue bathroom
Comfortable beige and brown bathroom

should be very careful with the white color.Clean, white color is often associated with sterility.This suite is more like a hospital ward, and the opposite effect. fully relax here does not work.If you want to arrange the room it is in white color, choose shades should be milk, cream, ivory, etc.The main thing is that the walls were a nice pastel shade, not blinded her sterile whiteness.

Bright bathroom

serene gray

bright grays look neutral.They blend with almost any other colors, do not irritate, not Mark.You can use not one but several shades of gray, which can not only harmony, but also concise contrast between the most.But this color palette works well only in the bathrooms with natural light sources. When there are windows letting in daylight, sunlight, space ceases to be a "gray" and boring.

Grey bathroom with window
Grey bathroom with window
Grey bathroom with window

If dilute gray spots or small patches of white, then it will give serenity room.White may be stripes or patterns on the walls, textiles, and bath itself may be white, and thus stand out against the background of gray walls.

Grey bathroom with white and window

Sea Breeze

Marine and coastal themes for interior design bathroom is always relevant.Turquoise, mint, blue, light blue and shades of celadon evoke a kind of spaciousness and depth of the sea.White sanitary ware and bath curtain attached to the sails of ships or foaming waves.

And as the finishing touches - accessories associated with the sea and the beach: shells, pebbles, images gulls or sea creatures, seaweed silhouettes.

Bathroom in a marine style
Bathroom in a marine style
Bathroom in a marine style

revive this interior bright spots krsnogo color.It can be something as accessories, cans, red towels, etc.The main thing that was a little red: individual spots on the general background.

Marine theme in the bathroom

Personal space

Create your own little universe, in personalizing the bathroom. To do this, there are various things that you either belong or identify you, such as photos.It may be memorabilia, souvenirs from trips, stones from the bottom of the river or pestilences, where you rest, etc.Subjects should not necessarily be linked to the sea or travel.

Ship bathroom

All of this is located in the narrow hanging shelves.The main thing to remember that the bathroom - area of ​​high humidity, and not all subjects there will be comfortable.

Pictures in the bathroom
Personalization bathroom
Wardrobe with photos in bathroom

Country or French village

Soft purple walls or imitation wood, warm colors, floral prints, objects Old and wrought iron - all this characterizesdata styles.

Curtains in the bathroom

Interiors, made in a country differ naturalness and comfort.In such a room is easy to disconnect from the noise of the city, the fast pace and stress.A sort of area in the province of hailstones.

Country style in the bathroom
Country style in the bathroom

Style set textured walls with warm colors.They may be self-colored or simulate natural wood, for example, if the plastic panel or siding.Floral prints can decorate curtains or towels.The general atmosphere also set a variety of antiques, vintage accessories, wrought iron elements and handles on furniture, chrome taps and valves, etc. with cross

Bathroom in country style

Ceiling beams

Overhaul in this case do not have to.There are special decorative ceiling beams with an imitation wood.Lightweight construction made of plastic suitable for the bathroom.Moreover, because it is possible to visually adjust the space, making it wider by directing beams.

Ceiling beams in the bathroom
Ceiling beams in the bathroom
Ceiling beams in the bathroom

Wood will give comfort and Vivid.In such a bath will be easy to relax, because you will be surrounded by natural materials.

Bathroom with a fireplace and a tree

To make the room complete the form, should also be added to the interior elements of wood, wrought iron and textiles.If the bathroom has a window grille and grille has an interesting design, it can be repeated, causing ornament on a wall or cupboard door.

perfect complement and the completion of the design will be a luxurious wooden tub or bath installation on wooden beams.

Wooden tub
Bathroom on wooden beams

cozy walls

roughness expressed texture, scrapes, and other similar elements attached bath room views populated.In this room, cozy stay.

Comfortable wall in the bathroom

to create artificial antiques can be used with simulated wood siding, textured paint, decorative plaster, special krakelyurnye varnishes.

Comfortable wall in the bathroom

scuffed can be done in the following way:

  • started to put on the wall of the base layer paint.
  • When he is well dries, put another on top, but different in color 1-2 shades.
  • When this layer is almost dry, walk on the right places stiff wire brush or sandpaper fines.Look through the color of the base layer will create the effect of wear.
Wall with antique effect

Source fire

Fireplace in the bathroom give a feeling of luxury and serenity.

Fireplace in the bathroom
Fireplace in the bathroom
Fireplace in the bathroom
Fireplace in the bathroom
Fireplace in the bathroom
Fireplace in the bathroom

What a pleasure to take a bubble bath to the sounds of hot logs.

Fireplace in the bathroom

Unfortunately, the possibility of installing a fireplace in the bathroom is not at all.Then the perfect solution would be a candle.

Candles in the bathroom
Candles in the bathroom
Candles in the bathroom

Elements spa

bathroom - an ideal place for spa treatments.Luxury Jacuzzi, plenty of towels and wooden benches help to create the atmosphere of the spa.

Japanese style is ideal for the implementation of such an idea.

bathroom spa
bathroom spa

interesting decision - making panels and make a big or a small waterfall.

Panels and waterfall in the bathroom

Radio in the bathroom will help you relax faster under favorite music.

Radio in bathroom

Other stuff

comforts of any room is made up of different little things.The main condition - they must be succinctly fit into the interior.

When some thing stands out, too draws attention or annoying, it is necessary to remove or replace.For example, if the shape of the mirror does not fit the design of the room, or just tired of the mirror, it would be annoying.You can replace it with a more suitable.Sometimes, just enough to outweigh or to rearrange items to the appearance of the room visibly changed.

Bathroom for relaxation
Bathroom for relaxation

If you do not want to throw away, or think it is not practical, you can decorate the subject.Repaint, cause the pattern to stick various decorations.To understand how comfortable was to be in the bathroom, listen enough to their inner feelings.