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August 12, 2017 18:06

Placing the washing machine : the best accommodation options in the kitchen , in the toilet

Placing the washing machine

Deployment of a washing machine and there is a limited footage apartments, and at a sufficiently spacious apartment.

In theory, such a technique can be put in any place where it is possible to draw water:

  • bathroom;
  • toilet;
  • kitchen.

In practice, the selection of the place, which is convenient to place the machine, may cause difficulties.


  • Ideally, the plan should be placing the washing machine during the journey to the major maintenance.In this case, you will be able to achieve the most convenient installation of such equipment.
  • typewriter must be installed on a flat surface.If there is a bias, it is necessary to adjust the position of the machine adjustable feet.
  • When selecting space for a washing machine in the first place take into account the dimensions of the unit.Also, very often the machine is selected based on the size of free space, which is located in the apartment.
  • sure to draw a plan of the room, consider space for easy movement between the objects.
Washing machine - floor plan
plan bathroom with washing machine


dream of any housewife is a separate room where you can wash, dry and iron clothes.However, this ideal option of a room with a large washing machine, dryer, place detergent, ironing place, accessible to few.

Washing machine in the laundry room of his

Standard accommodation


most popular place where to place the washing machine, a bathroom. If its area is quite extensive, the machine is convenient to hide in the closet with hinged doors, in which the above units will be shelves for storing bath accessories.

Built-in washing machine for the doors in the bathroom
Built-in washing machine in the bathroom
Washing machine in the bathroom
Built-in washing machine

You can also put the washing machine under the table top, the overall with a washbasin (with him).

Washing machine in the bathroom with a sink on one table top

When the bath room is very small, it is necessary to consider the installation of the washing machine under the kitchen sink. This, however, affect the choice of most machines, because under the sink units are placed only with a miniature format (up to 45 cm deep and up to 73 cm).

Lately appear very stylish solutions.

Washing machine over the sink

Sinks, by which is possible to install such equipment, called "water lilies".They drain located behind the washing machine, which is important for the use of electrical appliances.With such a useful area sink saves space.

The shell of the washing machine
Washing machine under the sink
Washing machine under the sink

Another solution, which is very common and can be considered a standard - setting the machine-machine in the kitchen.

Washing machine in the kitchen under the sink


There is only one caveat - even with the most careful backfilling powder and other detergent into the machine of the particles are exposed to air, and therefore may settle on the products and dishes.So you should try to cook, wash and eat food at different times.Economical and convenient option would be placing the machine under the table.If you want to hide from the eyes of the machine, it can be hidden in a cabinet.

Washing machine in the kitchen built


Often in small-sized housing hesitant to place the machine in the bathroom, although this room is usually very tiny.If the toilet is spacious enough, the machine can be placed next to the toilet, but for small bathrooms we have to consider the possibility of installing equipment over the toilet.

over the toilet

idea to hang the washing machine over the toilet can not be attributed to the ergonomic and rational.It is unlikely that it will be comfortable visiting dressing room during operation of the equipment.Also not ruled out problems with loading the laundry, if the owners of cars low growth.Difficulties can be a machine installation, and with its repair.

Washing machine above the toilet

If you do decide to install the machine-gun on the toilet, make sure of the reliability and soundness of the structure where the equipment will stand.It is also recommended to make a rim that protects the machine from "slipping".The height of the installation of the machine should be chosen so that the equipment did not block access to the sink.To remove the underwear without fear to drop it in the toilet is installed below the table top racks.

should also mention the existence of a special washing machine, which can be mounted under the toilet.It collects the water after washing, and you can use it for flushing.This option saves both water and square centimeters, but needs a special mount.

Doubtful options

Recently, a washing machine is often installed on a balcony or loggia.However, this solution is only good for the warm season.Most balconies glazed and insulated enough for wintering machine-gun.Therefore, before you install a good think over the matter and Insulate the room.

Washing machine on the balcony

fallback installation machine-gun is the placement of such equipment in the hallway, pantry or closet.Thus it is necessary to carry out all the necessary communications to the machine and take care of its design (that technique, for example, fit into the interior hallway).