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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom Feng Shui : the rules , the mirror , the form of furniture and light ( 31 photos )

Bathroom Feng Shui
  • Location Rooms
  • forms of furniture and plumbing
  • Mirrors
  • Light
  • Basic Principles
  • our disposal all the places
  • Rules

energy movement in the bathroom can both improvehealth hosts and attract money into the house, and worsen the state of health and financial status.Proper correction of Qi energy flows improves the atmosphere in the house and establishes the current situation.It is therefore important to organize the bathroom according to Feng Shui.

Bathroom with the correct design of feng shui

Location Rooms

most preferred location in the north of the bathroom.

highly undesirable near the bedroom or in the center of the house.Such an arrangement flush out your luck in all affairs.

For this reason, it is unfavorable bathroom on the south-east - the area of ​​wealth.Money will "leak" into the pipe.

Location along the direction of the compass

And if the front door is on the contrary, the money will just go through it.Location bathroom door plays an important part. not good, if it can be seen from the front door and out of the kitchen, becauseHob is

responsible for the health of the household.Adjust the flow of energy can be, putting in the hall tree or a potted plant.

Location bathroom in the house on Feng Shui
Location door in the bathroom feng shui
Proper location of items in the bathroom feng shui

If the bathroom has a common wall with the bedroom, to the wall should not abut the headboard.Otherwise, the penetration of negative energy will contribute to poor sleep and poor health.

If there is no possibility to make a permutation, the bathroom should hang a mirror on that wall so that it reflected the toilet and the tank (in the case of combined bathroom).

Location bath on Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui bathroom and toilet facilities should be separate. If the layout of the apartment has a bathroom with toilet, separate plumbing inside wall or curtain.

forms of furniture and plumbing

symbol of wealth, prosperity, and prosperity - oval tub. This shape has no sharp corners and resembles a coin.As you can put a corner, but the round bath as an alternative.If you get rid of a rectangular bath is not possible, replace the wash basin is much easier.You should choose a round or oval shell.

plumbing Color choose white.

as decorative items for bath and furniture, as well as handrails and handles better to use metal.Strengthen the movement of positive energy and chrome or nickel-plated faucets and pipes.

Sami pipe on Feng Shui is recommended to hide. is most easily done with a plastic box.

Oval bathtub of feng shui
Correct plumbing in the bathroom feng shui
Forms of plumbing in the bathroom feng shui
Oval bath in a small bathroom on Feng Shui
Little bathroom feng shui
Feng Shui bathroom with shower

desirable to have in the bathroom of a hinged cabinet or organizer forstorage means for care and other things. cluttering space hinders the smooth flow of positive energy flows. fewer small things on the exposed surfaces, the better.

Accessory storage in the bathroom feng shui


Because small apartments is not possible to properly place the furniture and bathroom fixtures, the energy flows corrected using mirrors.

The bathroom should hang two mirrors, but so that they do not reflect each other.Preferably, they are placed on the north and east walls.

It is important that people do not wash, his back to the door. But if the plan does not allow to move the shell, then just hang up on her mirror to the front door was reflected in it.Another can be hung on the outside of the door.In case of unfavorable arrangement of the room is a mirror will reflect the negative energy.

Feng Shui in the bathroom mirrors
Mirrors Feng Shui in the bathroom
Location bathroom mirror feng shui


But the lighting in the bathroom should be bright!

  • Firstly, it is practical.In low light it is difficult to shave or make a neat makeup.
  • Secondly, the bright light evens the balance of Yin and Yang, stimulating the flow of qi.
Bathroom Lighting Feng Shui

Basic Principles

In the interior is preferable to use smooth, shiny, but not mirrored materials.


  • tiles,
  • glass,
  • marble,
  • ceramics.

This room is neutralized by negative energy.But the mirror elements, on the contrary, to confuse and slow down the flow of energy.

also slow down the positive Qi abundance of wood and soft carpets.For spacious rooms their presence is permissible, but for the small - absolutely contraindicated.

Feng Shui bathroom marble room
The tile in the bathroom feng shui
Ceramic tiles in the bathroom feng shui

Sharp edges are a source of negative energy.That is why you can never lie or sit across from an acute angle.And in a small room of their influence even more.Therefore, the more smooth and rounded corners, the better.

It is important to monitor the cleanliness and serviceability of sanitary ware.Dripping or flowing water symbolizes the leakage of your money.The resulting smudges, dirt and plaque accumulate in itself negative.

as interior solutions make better use of all that is associated with the water element. Blue gamma, white color, the image of underwater creatures and landscapes. Bright, red and yellow shades and all that relates to the element of fire, have not allowed in the bathroom.The elements of water and fire conflict with each other, causing an imbalance of energy.

Rounded plumbing and blue- blue decorative elements in the bathroom feng shui
The semicircular sink in the bathroom feng shui
The color scheme in the bathroom feng shui

our disposal all the places

  • best location of the bathroom - the south-west.If WC is combined, the toilet should be placed as far away from her, but on the south side.
  • Over the sink to hang a mirror.Choose mirror Plaani sleek.
  • hang on the wall mounted cabinet for household chemicals and cosmetics without mirrors.Either remove the organizer under the sink.
  • Shopping for clothes should be light with rounded corners.
Feng Shui in a small bathroom


All these principles of Feng Shui can be summarized in the rules for the bathroom:

  • steps and thresholds in the bathroom desirable.
  • mirror surface must be flat, it is very closely adjacent to the wall and does not have the effect of increasing or distortion of the image.
  • Do not use mirror tiles, decorative elements or the doors of lockers.Such an abundance of small mirrors shattered the image of man, will have a negative impact on his personal chi energy.
  • categorically can not be used in the design of the bathroom Black and brown becausethey attract negative energy.The best solution for the interior: soft pastel colors or the water element (blue, blue, green) different shades and light wood.
  • Green textile color and decorative elements in the bathroom counterbalance the power of the water, attracting the house well-being.
  • smaller acute angle, the better.
  • All jars of household cleaning products and cosmetics to hide unused and empty - throw.
Proper bathroom Feng Shui
Feng Shui in the bathroom
Rules of Feng Shui in the bathroom
The color scheme of the bathroom feng shui
Feng Shui Bathroom
Rules of Feng Shui for the bathroom

It is important to monitor the cleanliness of the bathroom.After the adoption of procedures is required to rinse the plumbing.Do not forget to ventilate, ventilation grilles are undamaged.Then the flow of qi in the bathroom will move correctly, charging you with energy and attract wealth into the house.