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August 12, 2017 18:06

Big bathroom - styles , design features and finishes spacious bathroom

Beautiful large bathroom
  • premises Planning
  • Color
  • Styles
    • Classic
    • Baroque
    • Eco-style
    • Country
    • Minimalism
  • Furniture
  • Decorating the walls
  • Lighting
  • Windowsand mirrors
  • Textiles

No matter how much space takes a bathroom, large or small, its design must be flawless.People whose work is not related to interior design, confident that the design of a large bathroom will have no difficulty.But in practice it is not so.

The large bathrooms one of the conditions for a comfortable stay is the proper zoning, as well as placement of furniture and sanitary ware.The main thing - to find the line that does not create the impression is too cluttered or too empty space.Such harmony is not easy to achieve as it may seem at first glance.

Planning premises

room Fitted always start with the technical part .

necessary to establish:

  • wiring
  • pipeline

It plays an important role not only appearance, but also safe location.

The pipeline in the bathroom

next step - to identify the location of the toilet, bidet, sink, batht

ub itself.In a large room is easier to achieve the desired result, and you can try a larger number of options.

desirable divide the room into several zones, where:

  • bath will be on the podium
  • bidet and toilet - for the original screen or partition
  • area for washing is highlighted by semantic factors
Proper placement of plumbing in the spacious bathroom
Proper location of the plumbing in the bathroom
Functional arrangement of plumbing


When choosing a design for a large space for the bathroom you need to decide on the color scheme that you want to see constant for a long time.Preference is given to those colors, surrounded by whom you feel comfortable and confident.

Color solution for spacious bathroom

most interesting combination in this respect is the combination of:

  • yellow
  • green
  • brown
  • gray
Gray- yellow bathroom
Brown bath in combination with the yellow accessories
Gray green bathroom

Very elegant will look room, when you make dark colors:

  • blue
  • red
  • emerald
Large emerald bathroom

The interior of a bathroom is quitemay be present in the color contrast.

That combination is calm white and red excitation.From what color you choose for the bathroom, it may depend on what style it will be executed.


style solutions in modern bathrooms is rich in a variety of unique, distinct, beautiful styles.Large room look great when you make a in historical styles, for example, Rome, and in the modern, such as high-tech.

Trendy interior designers carefully spreading such styles as:

  • country
  • kitsch
  • ethno
  • eco-style
  • art deco
  • Art
  • classicism
  • minimalism
  • Baroque

Ceach time for them are more and more new applications.

Bathroom Art Nouveau
Bathroom in the art deco style
The spacious bathroom in ethno style
Bathroom in country style
Bathroom Baroque
Bathroom in minimalism style

Now it is very difficult to use a single style in general.

best option here is to use the same style as the basis for improvisation from a mixture of other styles.

now in fashion eclectic, ie, a mixture of styles. But there is still topical, most got accustomed styles in interior


  • classic
  • Baroque
  • eco-style
  • country
  • minimalism
The mixture of styles in bathroom


in this style, a lot of bathrooms that are always in fashion.With such a bath is easy to stress of status, respectability.Pertinent as Greek classicism and Empire style.

characteristic features of classicism are:

  • column
  • pattern "meanderĀ»
  • stucco
  • vintage decorations

solemn symmetry indicates the tradition in the selection of style.

Classic style in the bathroom
Classic bathroom
Bathroom in classical style


This style can be called a classic in combination with court glamor.

Features Style:

  • palatial luxury
  • theatricality
  • brightness
  • redundancy jewelry
  • lush decorations
  • saturated colors mimic the rich materials of noble origin

There are often present medallions, various panels, fanciful designs.

The spacious bathroom in the Baroque style


He has to like very much.This simple, clean design and sincere if you brings with nature.Naturally, the design is only allowed to use natural materials.In the modern world there is a large array of unique natural materials, which looks very difficult to distinguish from the real thing, and they are much cheaper.

forms of furniture and accessories can also remind nature.Carpet in a clearing with grass and wash basin with a small waterfall will be an excellent complement eco-bath.

Eco - style in the bathroom
Eco - style in the spacious bathroom
Bathroom decorated in eco- style


it is closest to the style of eco brother, inspired by nature and village life. main thing in it - the simplicity and naturalness.In such an interior looks bulky appropriate candle holders, wrought iron fixtures, sinks, reminiscent of the pelvis or wooden barrels.

color combination of country style:

  • beige
  • green
  • brown with green and red stripes.
Big bathroom in country style


This style in the bathroom is always relevant. graphic clarity of style ceases to amaze. monochrome and availability of natural material are not left alone.Ideal appear in a transparent bath showers or shower fixture which is located on the ceiling.

Minimalism in the bathroom small room
Large bathroom in the style of minimalism
Minimalist style in the bathroom


choosing furniture, important to make sure that it coincides with the plumbing in color and style.

Furniture for a small bathroom

Prostrornaya bathroom may include a large list of interior items:

  • Jacuzzi or bath
  • toilet
  • sink
  • shower
  • bidet

The spaciousthe room will look great with a massive double sink countertops.Bathroom on fine forged legs can also be an element of decor.

Bathroom with all necessary plumbing
Large functional bathroom
Large functional bathroom

necessary to choose a roomy wardrobe or cupboard in which it will be possible to place all the necessary things.Cabinet doors can be mirrored.The large bathroom can fit upholstered furniture.

chair or ottoman will be a good addition, bringing comfort.Wicker chairs give the design some ease.Many rugs will bring warmth and comfort, protecting you from slipping.

Upholstered furniture in the bathroom
Built- in large bathroom
Wardrobe cabinets and a large bathroom
Bathroom with upholstered furniture
Spacious stone for large bathtub
Furniture for a small bathroom

Decorating the walls

When making floors and walls also need to think about,what works best in your case.If the space is large enough, perfect ceramic tile. It has all the necessary features you need the bathroom.

Namely :

  • watertight
  • durability
  • hygiene
  • wide color range
Ceramic tiles for a small bathroom

Ceilings can be designed using the design tensioning or ceiling panels.The luxury bathrooms for walls often used artistic mosaic, marble, wood with a special water-resistant treatment, glass.

Large bathroom with wood trim
Luxury mosaic tiled bathroom
Bathroom with stretch ceiling and marble


main rule bathroom is that not worth saving on light.Lack of light can be bad for any room, even well-designed.The large bathroom, you can afford to use luxurious chandeliers and a large number of downlights.

Lighting large bathroom

Harmony in selecting one style to be not only between the lighting devices with a bathroom en-suite, but also to other rooms in the house.Only then you will be able to boast of good taste.

Crystal lamps in the bathroom
Chandelier in the bathroom
Lighting appropriate general style bathroom

If the furniture in the bathroom too pretentious, it is better to use a concise lamps and lamps, small lamps.

Quiet lighting large bathroom

If the furniture is very simple shapes and looks decent, you can let the beautiful chandeliers and head to be in the spotlight.

Bright lights big bathroom
Bathroom with a chandelier
Electric light bulb for a large bathtub

can highlight the bathtub spotlights, most importantly, to all lights conform to safety.

In no case should not have the light above the mirror, it distorts facial features, making it difficult the process of applying makeup or shaving.

for some romance in the bathroom perfectly replace artificial light candles.They can be located in the beautiful wrought iron candlesticks and hanging them to the walls.

Candles in the bathroom

windows and mirrors

The large bathrooms are almost always present window, and, quite large.

This room has a number of advantages, becauseallows:

  • fulfill the most unusual design ideas
  • save electricity during the day
  • enjoy the view from the window during the adoption procedures
Bathroom with large window
The window in the bathroom
Large bathrooms with windows

on the window you can place the pots with plants, which perfectly fit into the interior of any bathroom.To close the window so you can come up with original curtains in general or classic style shutters.

Flowers in the bathroom

mirror in the bathroom is an essential subject. This gives the room elegance.A large mirror gives a high level of comfort and allows you to see yourself in full view. Visually, the room seems lighter. Mirrors in bathrooms often complement shelves or small lockers for small items, skin care and body treatments. very fashionable in the interior mirror is illuminated, but then you need to position it away from water.

A large mirror with light Bathroom
A large mirror in the bathroom
Bathroom with mirror

best designs bathrooms, see the other articles, you will find lots of interesting ideas.


Now it is very popular to have in the bathroom a large number of textile. Bath screens, mats, fabric curtains on the window, towels - without all this bathroom is gray and dull.Already at the end of the repair is necessary to try to understand what is lacking for the full completion of the interior, and what kind of accessories should be added for convenience.

Textiles in the bathroom

on the market today offer a huge range of blinds for the bathroom. curtain fabric is one of the most convenient, because it is easy to wash. There are fashionable curtains, which are mounted on the magnet, it is convenient to remove at any desired moment.

Beautiful curtains for bath
Textiles in luxurious spacious bathroom
Mats in the spacious bathroom

Coming out of the bathroom, you always want to feel underfoot something warm and dry.Various mats will help you find the way out.They may be quite different textures - from leather to terry.Towels should also acquire 100% cotton.This longer keep them in good shape.

Comfortable bathroom with lots of textiles

Big bathroom requires a serious approach to the design, the interior should be original, complete and harmonious, to stay in the room to keep a good mood and adjusts to positive emotions.

Large comfortable bathroom
Functional large bathroom
Large comfortable bathroom