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August 12, 2017 18:06

Trendy bathroom : modern trends , design features , tile

Stylish modern bathroom
  • style and form
    • Minimalism
    • high-tech
  • Materials
  • Colors
  • bathroom, sink - new shapes and paint
  • Decorating

manifestation of fashion, wewe can be seen in many areas that surround us.Even in interior design, because in order to match the pace of modern life, and in the apartment, it is necessary to rely on the latest trends in the fashion world.It is important to be able to unite in the interior design style and comfort, underlining the exclusivity.

Design nterer bathroom is particularly important, since here begins our morning, and here we can relax and unwind.Naturally, the environment of this room should be not only modern, but comfortable.Choosing fashionable design of the bathroom, consider styling house as a whole and your personal preferences.Given the large amount of material, to issue a design that will be modern, and comfortable at the same time, it will be quite simple.

style and form

main features, which can be traced in modern design works are clear and simple lines, decorated with natural materials. clear structuring geometry and focus attention on the nature of the business of modern life, no extra details and more widely distributed in the interiors of modern bathrooms.

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Beautiful modern bathroom


minimalist tendencies take a leading role in the design of fashionable bathrooms.It is based on simplicity, lightness and austere beauty.The minimalist interior room allowed only the most important things, but for low-key decor here too there is a place.Design features such bathrooms are characterized by brevity and directness.

Beautiful and fashionable bathroom
Simplicity and style in the decoration of the bathroom
Fashionable bathroom in yellow


quite popular style for the design of bathrooms is also a high-tech style. ultra-modern style, which was created on the basis of high-tech constructivism.

Features of this style:

  • clear straight lines
  • excellent lighting (usually dot)
  • perfectly smooth shiny surface
  • abundance of chrome parts

color scheme used in the interior calm, non-aggressive.

Making fashionable bathroom in style hi -tech

Naturally, the main object of the bathroom is a bath itself.She is given a separate, clearly demarcated place.However, sometimes it is combined with a shower.However, modern designers prefer their separate location.

Bath and shower in one room
An interesting bath form minimalism style
Shower and bath in a trendy bathroom

Showers in modern baths are replaced with built-in shower.Available partitions are not necessarily.If the partition is still necessary, it is generally used, transparent glass.

Shower fashionable bathroom

When choosing shells should be guided by a clear geometry, which is advantageous to emphasize the severity of the interior space.

Very impressive, beautiful and fashionable design will look in a bowl mounted on top.

Stylish sink for the bathroom
Unusual bathroom sinks for fashion
The rectangular sink for the bathroom


Regardless of the fact that the overriding style in the design of bathrooms - this is minimalism, materials for finishing the bathroom can be used by a variety of.

Bathroom finished in different materials

Pretty bold experiment was use of natural wood , which was made possible thanks to a specific moisture-proof material processing, which has expanded its functionality.Now we will be able to easily recreate the closeness to nature, putting it in the bathroom or laminate flooring.

Finishing can be solid wood bathroom
Natural wood finishes for a trendy bathroom
Bathroom decorated with natural wood

Wood surfaces are perfectly combined with tiles of marble, softening and filling the warm room, decorated stone.

choosing tile for the bathroom, it is necessary to give preference to materials, simulating natural stone.The use of such tiles accentuate style of the room, without unduly burdening it.

Bathroom decorated in marble and wood


most popular shades are:

  • white gray beige

Their use may both separately and in combination.

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The stylish white bathroom
Fashionable gray bathroom
Stylish bathroom in beige

very effectively looks bathroom, executed in shades of gray. Sometimes gray is considered dull and uninteresting, but if it is able to correctly use it to recreate the atmosphere of pomp and comfort.Very advantageously in the interior looks combination of several shades of gray.

should not be abused too dark shades, using them only in details, otherwise the room will seem heavy and uncomfortable.

Fashionable bathroom in gray

It is worth to take into account that the combination of gray and other shades can be quite diversify the interior, bringing it closer to the natural landscapes in combination with the warm brown hues, or, on the contrary, will create a sense of coolness and freshness in combination with green hues.

Gray- brown bathroom
The combination of gray and green color in the bathroom
Gray- pink bathroom

Never out of fashion does not leave white color that fills the room clean and fresh.Minimalist interiors are often drawn in white.Create a feeling of natural peace and comfort makes it a classic combination of white and gray colors with a touch of natural wood.

Fashionable bathroom in white

Using white color as a basis, we can always diversify its bright elements.It is important that it was only one focus, for example, bright curtains, decorative panels or artistic image.

White bathroom with bright accents
Bright accessories for white bathroom
Color solution for fashionable bathroom

Shades of beige perfectly combined with the natural wood color and variety of brown tones. This combination could be called successful and a positive effect on eyesight and emotional background.

usually beige shade diluted, since by itself it makes the space of the room inexpressive and monotonous.The successful color combination of beige and white color is created, which allows to achieve volume and structure of the room.

Fashion beige and white bathroom

bathroom, sink - new shapes and paint

Design solutions so varied for the bathroom, you can always pick up a model to taste.

quite popular right now rectangular bath with wood veneer or other material that simulates the tree.

Wooden podium bath
Bathroom with bath podium
Finishing bath tree

Another feature modern bathrooms - bath, built-in special podium quite impressive size. rounded shape baths are also quite acceptable.

Beautiful built-in bathtub with a podium

Plumbing also preferably rectangular snowy white hue.

Very original look pendant design tables and toilets.An important detail is the masking of all communications in the wall panels.

Hanging bathroom furniture fashion
Suspended toilets in the bathroom
Stylish sink in the bathroom


For trendy decor bathroom would be appropriate to the presence of unusual lighting system with different lighting options.The modern bathroom is difficult to imagine without the built-in light.

The original lighting in a trendy bathroom

This may be different options illumination of mirrors and bath themselves, that will fill the bathroom a feeling of comfort and coziness.Bright lighting is not necessarily, it is quite possible to replace the spotlights on the perimeter of the room.

Interesting lighting fashionable bathroom
Original lighting bathroom
Electric light bulb for the bathroom

Mirror - the main attribute of a bathroom.

Original mirror in a stylish bathroom

Today is especially popular mirrors without frames - simple and yet spectacular design.In small bathrooms mirror helps to visually expand the space.

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Large mirrors in the fashionable bathroom
Beautiful stylish bathroom mirrors
Stylish small bathroom with large mirror