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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom design in five-storey apartment with a washing machine : tips from professionals

Washing machine in a small bathroom
  • Increased area
  • Shower or bath
  • Choosing a washing machine
    • With the installation under the sink
    • Installation Options
  • tips on optimizing space

Small typical apartment,the so-called Khrushchev, are quite common.Household premises they occupy a small area so that often have to give up many necessary things.How to manage to put on a few square meters necessary appliances and how to properly think through a bathroom design in five-storey apartment with a washing machine?

Set the washing machine under the table top

Increased area

First of all, it is necessary to do a competent redevelopment the bathroom, you need to think carefully about how to efficiently locate all the necessary elements of the room, given the characteristics of the room and interior dimensions.After Khrushchev bath design is not so easy because of the small area.

optimal solution in this situation is the union bath and toilet. If possible, use good and part of the hallway or corridor, after two or three square meters will never be superfluous in

a modern bathroom.

Another feature of the old layouts - unfortunate location of communications, therefore when remodeling a bathroom, most often completely change the wiring, carefully thought out in advance the location of the necessary plumbing. The design small bathroom is better to choose the angle and miniature models of sanitary ware.

combined bathroom
Using mini plumbing in a small bathroom
The machine built- in wardrobe

Shower or bath

Recently, making repairs in the bathroom, the bath immediately replaced with a shower.But many do not even think that the shower has not only advantages but also disadvantages.However, as tub. Before deciding on a replacement bath shower, would do well to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Bathroom with shower

main advantages showers:

  • Compact , which is very important in small rooms.When installing a shower enclosure freed up some space, so that there is never enough.
  • functionality , because most models are equipped with those or other advanced features.
  • Cost - taking a shower, you save your precious time and water.

But there are downsides, which in some cases can be a decisive argument:

  • depending on the strength water pressure.Many additional features, such as hydro, acting only when a sufficiently strong water pressure.And in the old fund apartments are frequent problems with normal water supply.
  • quite complicated installation. you have to necessarily do major bathroom renovation: completely change the communication to update the walls and floor.
  • is not possible to take a bath. But many prefer this relaxing procedure quick wash in the shower.
The idea of ​​a small bathroom with shower without shower tray
A small bathroom with shower and washing machine
Washing machine and shower in the bathroom

Traditional baths have their advantages over showers:

  • Possibility to take a bath.
  • bathing small children in the bathroom is very comfortable, unlike the showers.
  • If necessary, easy to wash things by hand.
  • Replacing old bath will not bring big trouble, because to change all the pipes do not have to, and they come to a new model.
  • Large bath size can be attributed both pluses and minuses.Bath takes a lot of space, but at the same time, it is very convenient to stay comfortably upright.
  • The main disadvantage of the bathroom can be called the high water consumption during its filling.
Bath and washing machine in a small bathroom

But modern plumbing market offers an excellent compromise for those who like to take a bath.This shower with bath, that is with a deep tray, which is used as a sitz bath.So, if before you there was a question of choice, a good look at all the details, and select the model of modern plumbing, which will be to your liking.

Washing machine in the bathroom
Deep shower in the bathroom
The idea of planning a small bathroom

Choosing a washing machine

automatic washing machine - the most important assistant of every woman.Few people can do without her help and that is why every woman, even a small-sized apartments, will go to any tricks, just to find a free place to install the machine.Immediately the question arises: What kind of car you choose? hosts Khrushchev, first of all need to pay attention to such parameters of the washing machine, as the size of the size and type.

Narrow the washing machine for a small bath

Washers are:

  • embedded type;
  • classical type;
  • with vertical load of laundry;
  • with a horizontal load of laundry.

Embedded machines are most often used when installing the kitchen, while maintaining the overall design of the room.

The bathroom is typically used classic type washing machines or embedded under the removable table top:

  • machines and dryers have a small size, about 90/45/60 cm.These machines are ideal for small bathrooms.
  • Models front loading presented standard, narrow and compact versions.Dimensions of a full-size car 85/60/60 cm, narrow 85/60/45 cm, compact 70/50/50 centimeters.Model sizes can vary by several centimeters.
The standard machine in a small bathroom

So, if you have a small area of ​​the bathroom, you should pay attention primarily on narrow or compact models of washing machines and dryers.Do not forget about automatic boot volume.

small family car is well suited to load 3,5 - 5 kg, a family of three people, of course, you need to choose a model with lingerie load of not less than 5-8 kg.

Remember and additional functions that are necessary for you, for example:

  • protection of children,
  • delicate wash,
  • extra rinse, etc.
The narrow front-loading machine

With the installation under the sink

When installing all the most necessary plumbing in the bathroom, you are left with very little space, and the washing machine has not yet found its place, you can consider the option of machine location directlyunder the sink. This arrangement is the best option to save space and to create a multifunctional space vannogo.

for this type of placement of plumbing, need special equipment:

  • best to use a ready-made kit, consisting of a washing machine and sink-lilies.In this case, all components of the kit are fitted carefully and agree with each other.
  • If you are linking individual elements, choose compact models with narrow front-loading.

The advantages of this accommodation include a washing machine a certain space saving and aesthetic appearance without spoiling the overall design of the room.The disadvantage is the high cost of such equipment, and small capacity machines.

Washing machine for washbasin
washing machine at the sink
Wash over integrated machine

Installation Options

Residents of small apartments - Khrushchev, often have to look for a suitable place for the washing machine.Some manage to find a place for it in the kitchen, others inserted them in a closet or hallway.But this is a last resort, because the washing machine must be connected to the communications, and such options involve the complete replacement of the plumbing layout.

Even in a small bathroom there are a few options for placement of the washing machine:

  • The easiest option - to put the washing machine available, without tying it to other subjects. Most importantly, the machine does not interfere with the movement of family members.Therefore, the best option is to place in a corner or along a wall.To increase the usable space, located above the machine a mirror with shelves, a small bookcase or towel holders.
  • Another option - to build a machine under the table top. This option leaves a free trip to the bath, toilet, sink.Washing machine, built under the table top can be decorated with curtains or extra doors.
  • Another current option for a small bathroom - hide the machine in the closet. For many pre-planned small bathroom cabinets, you can hide the necessary equipment, such as machine and boiler.In addition to these niches is a few shelves for storage of detergents, towels, toilet paper.
Freestanding washing machine
Built-in washing machine in the closet
Washing machine under the table
The machine under the table top with a shutter

tips on optimizing space

Besides technical expansion space, you can use visual methods of expansion space.Such methods include the play of light, color and shadow.

few basic techniques that designers are advised to apply:

  • To the ceiling seem higher, make it glossy, light-colored;
  • horizontal pattern on the walls make the room visually larger and vertical - above;
  • illusion of a large area can be obtained by alternating colors.For example, on the wall to make a light rhythmic insert a darker color that create depth effect;
  • Large mirror surfaces will expand the visual space in all directions;
  • floor should be darker colors, the tiles should be placed diagonally;
  • expand the space and add a space will help harness plumbing;
  • minimalist in decor and increases the feeling of a larger space;
  • Prefer objects that are made of glass, they give light and airy design of the room;
  • Be careful with the pure white color.There is a risk of getting a cold hospital room design.
  • is best taken with the naked eye a different combination of cream, milk, beige and chocolate hues;
The interior of a small bathroom with a washing machine
Design Ideas small bathroom
Design a small bathroom combined