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August 12, 2017 18:06

The colors of the bathroom : the selection criteria , a review of the most popular color schemes

Bathroom in yellow
  • Choice
  • techniques to visually increase the space
  • Colors
    • Innocent white
    • Luxury black
    • Energetic Red
    • Happy orange
    • Positive yellow
    • Exquisite purple
    • original brown
    • refreshing green
    • Marine blue
  • most popular
  • color schemes

choosing a color scheme for a particular bathroom, people often rely on previously seen, viewed in the Internet options, trying to eliminate all the disadvantages, to take into account all the shortcomingsand come to the most appropriate color combinations.

color should be considered not only in the overall design of the room, but also in every detail.Designers working with only flowers replacement very quickly can reach a certain stylistic solutions.


One of the most important criteria is to choose the color of the bathroom, because it affects the whole atmosphere of the bathroom and adjusts the visual space.For example, a small room is not painted in dark colors, it's just harder to reduce it.Large rooms, on the contrary, give vent to ima

gination and field experiments.

Color combining for a small bathroom

second important criterion implies conformity to all the objects of the interior single style. example, unacceptably large amount of our time in the style of "Provence" or "classic".Such a solution of the interior will look confusing and does not lead to a good result.It is important to clearly define the scope of style, for that is not intrude.

Match the color and style in the bathroom
A single bathroom style
Stylistic decision for the bathroom

next criterion is certainly very important, it is their own perception of colors. Here you have to choose the color, focusing not only on your personal affection, but actually assessing how it fits to this size room.It should be taken into account and that a light source is used.Bathroom wall aqua, for example, in low light will look like moldy.

Color solution for the bathroom

Search color solution is a very complex task.If you decide to choose such an interior, which should last you for decades, should examine all upcoming trends, or to work with the classics.

techniques to visually increase the space

rooms designed for the bathroom, are often small in size.In such situations, the design is to think more carefully, trying to visually enhance the area. well-planned design can not only bring comfort to the room, but also to organize its functionality.

Some techniques to visually expand the room:

  • floor tiles laid diagonally, and the walls - horizontal
  • on the perimeter walls of the top and bottom is preferred to use the tiles of contrasting colors, to increase the visual height of the room
  • if put contrasttiles only corners, the room will also seem more spacious
  • use mirrored ceilings or glossy stretch

  • vertical friezes, contrasting stripes on the walls

  • decor placed at eye level or higher

Laying the tiles to visually expand a bathroom
Special tiling bathroom
Laying the tiles in the bathroom
Bathroom with a glossy ceiling
Decorating a bathroom for increasing the visual
Bright bathroom with simple decor

Making walls, in any case impossible to divide them horizontally in a combination of black bottom and white top, itvisually compresses space.

better to use alternative variant - one wall completely painted in a dark color, and the other in the light.

Contrasting wall in bathroom

should beware of overly dark or saturated colors , it becomes less comfortable and a little of that room. pastel, light colors, and smooth surfaces are ideal for small bathroom.You can use blue, pink, light green and beige tones.


Consider the popular colors.For each of them we have a separate article.We recommend to get acquainted with her.

Innocent white

White is a classic bathroom.White - a symbol of the true chic and industrious housewife. This shade is ideal for small spaces, and if choose the right shades of inserts, you can visually enlarge the space to fit your needs.

White bathroom

White does not have to be pure white, it can be milk, pearly shades that create the effect of purity, elegance.Under this color is easy to pick up the sanitary equipment, is a great background for placement of specific items.

White bathroom with gray accents
White bathroom with bright accents in the form of accessories
Elegant bathroom in white

only negative in heavy cleaning and thorough care of the plumbing.

Luxury black

Black color used in the creation of high-end design, it is very rich in classics, which looks especially good in combination with gold trim. Black - it's a great option for large room, where you can apply not only blotches in furniture and fixtures, and make it completely dark.

Black bathroom looks strict, stylish and expensive.

Black bathroom with gold inserts

main thing is not to use this shade in a small room if you do not want to be in a dark closet.

Black bathroom with mirrored wall
Bathroom in black
Air in black color in combination with wood

Energetic Red

This shade in any environment dominates the other colors.It is invigorating, exciting emotions.

It should be used only when you want to get in the morning in the bathroom of energy.If you use the bathroom you want to achieve peace, you should choose a different color.

Red bathroom

Red interior objects seem closer and larger.Red bathroom, as well as black, requires a large spacious room.

Red and white bathroom
The red accent in the bathroom
Red furniture and sanitary ware in the bathroom

red combined with white often.The bathrooms look great red wooden tables and shelves.

Happy orange

This shade is very popular, but like red, visually brings the wall.Orange bathroom easily raise your spirits.

Bathroom in orange

saturated orange hue should be diluted in green, gray and blue colors, with which it interacts perfectly.Orange and white is most often used in the style of "high-tech".

addition of orange bath for design, you can use its shades - pastel peach, beige, cream, apricot.

Orange and white bathroom
Bright orange bathroom
Dark orange bathroom

Positive yellow

Such as the yellow hue - a sea of ​​positive emotions, joy, solar energy.He not only looks great in combination with other colors , but also is an excellent solution for the original children's room.

Yellow bathroom

bathroom in this color looks cozy and brings warmth.

Yellow bathroom is easily changed.Suffice it to change the accessories.

Yellow- white bathroom
Bathroom with bright yellow walls
Yellow bathroom with black contrast

Exquisite purple

Shades of colors are also periodically used to decorate bathrooms.To he did not seem boring, it is used only in conjunction with anything or for decoration.

Purple bathroom looks stylish, but this color should be properly dosed .

Purple bathroom

There are positive shades of purple - lilac and pink. These colors are very light, fresh.These colors desirable to use only any accessories.

Pink bathroom
Shades of purple in the bathroom
Bathroom in purple color

original brown

Brown shades have an inner warmth and comfort.This color looks great in combination with its sister shades - beige, pearl.Brown bathroom looks noble and elegant.

There are many shades of brown:

  • terracotta
  • chocolate vanilla
  • brick
  • sepia
  • wenge
  • ocher, etc.

Choosing Interior wenge shade, you can create a great corner in the "country" style or "classic", it can be used in the design of the bathroom in almost any style. Chocolate color will give your bathroom of style, respectability.

Noble brown bathroom

main thing is to use it properly, otherwise instead of decorating the room will absorb themselves.

The original bathroom in shades of brown
Brown color as an accent in the bathroom
Brown- beige bathroom
Dark brown bathroom
Brown shades in the bathroom
Brown accents bathroom

refreshing green

Green - natural.It is associated with nature, plants.This color symbolizes freshness, humidity, are precisely the qualities that are inherent in the bathroom.

Green bathroom

too bright or dark shades such as green, marsh, should be used with caution.They can create an unpleasant feeling of dampness, mold and rot.To avoid such problems, it is best to combine green not familiar with white and with a cream or yellow.

Bathroom in green with inserts neutral shades
The bathroom is decorated in green and beige colors
Green bath in combination with other colors

Green bathroom calming effect on the psyche.Excellent bathroom will look in turquoise or aqua.

Marine Blue

bright shades of blue as well as green, act on the person reassuringly . dark blue shades are oppress, degrade health. pleasant shades of blue in combination with white or silver symbolize purity and freshness, and it is precisely this sense of want to feel in the bathroom.

Blue bathroom

To avoid cold room in blue, you should dilute it with orange, yellow, beige, golden color.

Blue bathroom is a good choice for a small area because it has a visual extension of the space.

Bathroom in a marine style
Bright shades of blue in the bathroom
The combination of blue in the bathroom

converge in energy blue is blue.About Blue bathroom read another article.

most popular

The colors that are most often used in the design of the bathroom:

  • most popular is blue.Often for decoration bathrooms are choosing maritime style.If you combine blue with green, your bathroom will remind Mediterranean style.
  • In second place is the pink bathroom.Shades of pink relax and cheer up.When adding gold bathroom accessories become very graceful.
  • Purple, which is the third most popular, is very complex, but has the advantage that is suitable for rooms of all sizes.
  • Next on the list of the most fashionable colors of modern bathrooms are yellow, green, red, white, brown and black.Grey bathroom gaining popularity.
Blue- green bathroom
Beautiful pink bathroom in the style of Provence
The bathroom in shades of purple
Yellow bathroom with black decor elements
White suite with blue accessories
All shades of brown in the bathroom

This does not mean that black and gray shades are notIt is fashionable, but they are often afraid of people who do not have professional skills in design. These shades should always be combined with the companion colors to achieve the desired result and harmony.

Color Schemes

should identify immediately with what is planned bathroom: monochrome or multi-colored.

color combination:

  • when combining colors and shades should be included in registration 2-3 colors, but not more than 6, the furniture here should be contrasted with the floor and walls
  • best option - a combination of three colors: light, mediumand dark or bright colors, to create further focus on anything
  • if we take from 4 to 5 colors that are not complementary shades, just get the odds, this design tires and suppresses
The combination of the two colors in the bathroom
The combination of the three colors in the bathroom
The abundance of bright colors in the bathroom