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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decorating a small bathroom : features , choice of colors and materials ( 49 photos )

Small bathroom in the correct design
  • Organisation space
  • Colours
  • Materials
    • Gres
    • agglomerate
    • Tree
    • Cork covering
  • Lighting
  • Bath or shower
  • Accommodation plumbing
  • Choosing furniture
  • Accessories

bathroom - one of the few places where we can fully enjoy the solitude.But the room sizes are often small, so the designer or by the owners of property have to invent ways to push its boundaries.Not only design the interior in the same style, too, it is not just in practice.And what is the explanation.The modern bathroom encounter different objects and materials.And so you want it to be beautiful, stylish and functional.

Organisation space

Unfortunately, the well-known "minimalism" of residential areas of the old "Khrushchev".And the location of the plumbing is not always appropriate. But the skillful approach, even the most cramped room can be quite comfortable.

radical methods will replan bathroom and carrying inconvenient location sewerage and water supply system.Ventured into it, you greatly increase the

area.That means posting it extra pieces of furniture - cupboards or column in which "hide" a lot of useful things.We encourage you to read our article about bathroom design Khrushchev.

The combination of a small bathroom with WC

What if I do not pursue it allows certain circumstances? Competent finish will help solve the problem.

Win-win method visually enlarge the mini-ownership - to hang a huge mirror. It erases the boundaries of the premises, it will appear larger and brighter.

mirror can be simply embedded in the wall, saving a few precious centimeters. The mirror can be made and the ceiling, or to replace the mirror, on the stained glass window or stretch satin.

The mirror in the small bathroom
Mirrored ceiling in the small bathroom
The increase in small baths with the help of mirrors

If there is a full screen - just luck. Do not hide its patch or .It will provide space, additional lighting and ventilation.Thinking about the locations of the so-called "fonts" should not be.You will have the feeling that it is floating in the air, without cluttering the space.

A window in a small bathroom

achieve increase in the area so you can replacing, conventional bath or a small corner shower.

A small bathroom with a small tub
Corner bath in a small bathroom interior
Corner mini- tub bathroom

Remember that the tile size need not be proportional to the size of the room.In a small, it looks good large tiles razmerov.Eto reduces the number of seams and visually expand a small plane.

A small bathroom with a large tiled

At low ceiling tile rectangular shape is preferable , and styling should be strictly vertical .If you have chosen a square tile, then place it at an angle of 45 degrees in the lower half of the total height of the wall.The edge in this case it is better to finish the decorative molding, and the remaining space - just paint.


The compact bathroom is recommended to use light-colored and glossy surfaces products that reflect more light. Let it be walls and ceiling.A floor concerning them dark.But if he wants to visually enlarge, use certain types of clutches, alternating opposite on the color of the tiles.

Bright tiles for a small bathroom
Small bathroom in bright shades
The interior of a small bathroom

choosing for the walls ceramic bright, saturated colors, floor and ceiling is better to make light.

Contrast tiles in the bathroom

consider the following recommendations When decorating a bathroom:

  • combining tiles with a fairly dark shades, reduce them to a minimum by making one or two horizontal or vertical lines
  • using decorative tiles with ornament, other surfaces or objects have to be neutral, "background"
  • not abuse the relief decoration of different formats, they will work against space
  • small, discreet pattern on the product can be applied to the entire surface of the walls
  • good "fit" in the interior, to increase itsglass tiles or mosaics.
Decorative tiles for a small bathroom
Tile with the decor in the bathroom
Exhibitions decorative tiles on the walls of the bathroom


texture of finishing materials, as well as color, plays a significant role.Today, facing the coating are presented in a wide range and most of them meet the requirements.

These include:

  • painting
  • plaster
  • tiles
  • cork cover
  • granite
  • wood
  • agglomerate
The paint on the walls and tile bathroom


Stoneware createdas cheaper synthetic analogue of natural granite.From ordinary porcelain tile production technology distinguishes and composition. It can be attributed to the ideal type of finishing materials because of the low water absorption. water will just roll with its surface, preventing limescale and settle harmful fungi.

The walls are decorated with granite bathroom
Porcelain tiles for lining bathroom
Porcelain tiles on the walls of the bathroom

Brushed granite - wear, with high resistance to abrasion.

much capricious polished stone.The product is more susceptible to scratches and dirt.

purchasing materials for your taste, it is necessary to take into account their limitations.As for ceramic granite, its weight often interfere with work, especially in the tiny bathrooms with fragile walls.

Matt porcelain tiles for bathrooms


One of the new coating materials for the finishing of all surfaces bathroom - agglomerate. close to the natural stone , because it consists of interconnected natural minerals, rocks, by cementitious material.It is a tile of various sizes and colors.

agglomerate easy to use, it enables the use of seamless masonry.It is a material with a high resistance to moisture.

Quartz agglomerate bathroom
Agglomerates for finishing bathroom
Agglomerates for lining the bathroom walls


It is true today as well.But who said that water and wood - things are not compatible?Products from an array of different breeds have many advantages.First of all, it ecology.In addition, the excellent heat insulation.

After treatment, waxing and impregnation by special trains product becomes impervious to water.To wood lasts even longer, you need to take care of a competent ventilation.

Its drawback - the installation "eaten" a useful area.

Little bathroom Wood

Cork covering

cork - the material has "bouquet» excellent properties and well suited for small bathrooms. It is lightweight various thicknesses, low thermal conductivity and sound transmission, hydrophobicity, resistance to household chemicals, mold and mildew. steering her wall does not dampen, they are always warm and smooth.A colorful range of versatile.It has the material and the lack of - a small mechanical strength and hardness.And since it is also a rare cover, so not cheap.

Cork wall in the bathroom
Cork coating on the bathroom floor
Bathroom lever stopper


If the area does not allow to move outwards, try to aspire upwards.With YSTEM lighting should be established taking into account the functional areas of the room. But as it is, the easier it is to do.Perfectly suited embedded point lamps.

Spot lights bathroom

If the light is not enough, you can complement fixtures such as above the mirror.

Alternatively, you can install the light cover and select the drawing for the ceiling on your own taste.Lying in the bath, you can easily imagine yourself in the open air or on the sea shore.Add spice to the interior help outdoor lights, more importantly, that such coverage was safe and not life threatening.

Additional lighting in the bathroom
Bathroom with unusual ceiling
Outdoor lighting in the bathroom

Bath or shower

saves precious centimeters bathrooms best option, at first glance, the installation will shower. carrying out its functions, it is absolutely will not clutter the space through the walls of absolutely transparent glass.

Hand shower with a fixed (dot) holder - the simplest and most cost-effective solution.

Shower in a small bathroom

Instead of the traditional soul and shower cabin can be installed or a hot shower panel. They consist of a body with mixer, shower head, massage nozzles and control unit.Such panels are compact and easy to install with bath or separately.Their installation less time consuming than the arrangement of the shower.To protect dry space from unnecessary moisture is possible by means of conventional polyethylene curtain. main advantage of panel - massage effect.

Shower panel in the bath
Shower with hot plate in a small bathroom
Hot plate for a small bathroom

Despite all the advantages of panels, small corner sitting baths also are in demand, especially in the elderly.Today, the market sales of their range is quite wide.By convenience, they are not inferior to their larger counterparts.

plumbing placement

space should be organized very comfortably.All devices must be set extremely efficiently to free movement.

begin global repair is necessary to replace the pipe and carry water and sanitation.Plumbing layout is better to hide in the box and made it oblitsevat tiles and even arrange shelves.To gain access to the pipes, it must set the revision hatches.

Towel - an essential requisite wet areas.The most common form, it is a heater and basically put in place the pipeline.The main attribute of a bath.To not clutter up valuable space, let her be round with one hand .Mount the it in the corner, or replace it with a shower.

Proper placement of plumbing in the bathroom

sink can be mounted on the floor or mounted on the wall.The shape and size are very diverse. can be purchased very small in order to save space.The best solution may be to corner sink.

Corner sink for a small bathroom
Small shells in a small bathroom
Corner sinks to conserve bathroom space

Choosing furniture

set of furniture for the tank hardly changes over time.Traditional "Moidodyr" podstolya, countertops, wall and floor cupboards, shelves, cupboards - this is a list of items that will help you to comfortably accommodate all the necessary arsenal of accessories.But at the same material and shape of the furniture can give the interior an original and unique look.

Furniture for a small bathroom

Manufacturers constantly delight us all with new models.Their equipment suggests the possibility of creation of various compositions, depending on the size of the room.Sinks, built-in cabinet or cupboard with a mirror column, perfectly suited to owners of small rooms.

Offers a bathroom with furniture
Furniture in the bathroom
A small functional bathroom

mounted shelves will be here, too, very handy.

Wall shelves in the bathroom

Zone under the bathroom can be used as extra storage.By equipping its sliding doors to give it aesthetic. Shades housing furniture must meet the colors of finishing materials, "dissolving" them. But, make sure that instead of "stylistic unity" could not dreary monotony.


trifling, it would seem, the case - selection of accessories for the bathroom, but it requires much strength!

The tiny bathroom decor should be at a minimum, in order not to "overload" a modest space.

finely decorated bathroom will:

  • Toothbrush Holder
  • holders
  • towels unusual mixers
  • soapbox
  • towels
  • mats
A small bathroom with necessary accessories
Accessories for small bathrooms
Accessories in the interior of a small bathroom

Given the acquired knowledge to make the bathroom a spacious and functional will be much easier.After all, it is to become part of the living space where we allow ourselves to relax and unwind, washing with water all the worries and negative.