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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom Design Q2 .m .: layout , features , advice on design

The interior of a small bathroom
  • Features planning
  • Secrets of the visual extension
  • sink above the washing machine
  • Shelves above the doorway
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture
  • color and light
  • Accessories
  • Khruschovka

Very often, a room intended for a bathroom is small in size.In this case you should consider the interior even more carefully to visually enlarge the area.Even you need to think about bathroom design Q2.m, can be all you can correctly place and bring to room comfort, harmony, and above all - functionality.

In this case, will have to carefully calculate all the details to the result to please you, because this room is one of the most important in any apartment.

Features planning

When equipping the bathroom in the 2nd quarter.meters should take into account all the features of its layout: the location of the doorway and sewer pipes to a length of the walls.

Planning a small bathroom

Thinking interior, should undertake careful measurements, it is important to consider all the centimeter.

Secrets of the visual extension

order, to your bathroom in the 2nd quarter.meters seem visually larger , should use some tricks.For example, floor tiles laid diagonally, and the wall - horizontal.

Design a small bathroom

Along the perimeter of the bottom and the top of the room preferred contrasting tiles, it will give the effect of a high wall.

We advise you to read our article about the design of the bathroom in the Khrushchev.

Visual drawing walls small bath
Methods of increasing the visual bathroom
Contrast tile to visually increase the bath

recommended to apply decoration wall mirrors, the main thing is not to set them against each other , otherwise the effect will be reversed.Frequently used various glass paste.

Mirrored walls for a small bath
A visual extension of the bathroom with the help of mirrors
Mirrors in a small bathroom
Mirrors increase in a small bathroom
The mirror in the small bathroom
Mirrors and mirror mosaic mini - bathroom

To visually lengthen your bathroom, you should trim spreadtop down.You can lay out angles contrasting tiles.

glossy stretch ceiling also will play in your favor. vertical friezes contrasting tiles or strip visually pull the room.Decor should be placed at eye level or slightly higher.

Mirrored ceiling in the small bathroom

When making a wall is not necessary to use a combination of white top and black border on the bottom, it is visually compresses space.

alternative to this is a contrasting combination in which one wall light, and the other - dark.

Contrasting wall small bathroom
Tile for a small bathroom
The walls are lined with small bathroom contrasting trim

sink above the washing machine

In small bathrooms ideal location Shell is its placement above the washing machine.

How to put the washing machine in a small bath

In this type of shells often used in the form of water lilies. It's pretty flat, often square-shaped.The main location in a shell - a special drainage system that has been left outside the device, making it more secure.

Washing machines in a small bathroom
Small bathrooms and washing machines
Washing machine in the tiny bathroom

narrow for modern washing machines use shells with a vertical drainage system, located on the back wall.This drain is clogged less. Sink should just shut the machine so that the water does not leak to the device.

Shelves above the doorway

to save shelf space, where all the necessary things, recommended to place above the doorway.

This method of placement of furniture will reduce the space occupied, as well as very functional and perfectly fits into any bathroom.They can be made with his hands or purchase on demand, the required size. This will allow you to hide unnecessary items from the interior of the eye, to avoid clutter.

Saving space in a small bathroom
Shelves in a small bath
Shelves above the small size of the bath door

Such cabinets and shelves should be simple in form, so as not to attract attention.


To hide the sewer and water, it is desirable to place them behind the plasterboard wall or cabinet doors.

toilet can be installed pendant.This frees up the floors of the objects and visually increase the space.

Rational small placing plumbing baths

practical to use a shower, but if you still want to install a bath in your tiny bathroom, it is better to use a corner or sit baths variations without legs , not to occupy too much space.

Corner tubs for small area
Shower in a small bath

In order to save space often used shower stalls with drain in the floor. In this case, under the cabin floor is raised by 10 cm to install floor drain.This minimizes the risk of flooding from the bottom neighbors.

Small bathroom with shower
Shower for the small size of the bath
Shower in a small bath


With the right approach, even in a small room can be located a maximum of necessary interior - the bathroom can be placed in the corner opposite the doorposition the wash basin with built-in washing machine, beside them a compact toilet.

Everything you need for a small -sized bath

If space is extremely limited, furniture, use a corner and replace the bath shower.

From furniture is to use only the most necessary items, one locker and shelves will be enough , but they can be placed with the mind, combining some items and accounting for one another.

Offers a bathroom with furniture
Furniture sets for a small bath
Furniture for a small shower

Furniture is better to use light colors, it will visually increase the space.

color and light

Lighting preferably point, but you can use miniature lamps.

The color scheme of the bathroom to watch out too dark or bright colors.The room with a bright color palette will look uncomfortable and even a little more.

Choice need to stop at the light, pastel colors, mirrors and shiny surfaces. ideal white, bluish, light pink, light green and beige tones.

Light and color for small bathrooms


Among the accessories is an integral part of the mirror over the sink.

very functional fit:

  • cabinet with mirrored doors
  • hanger for drying towels
  • hooks for clothes

recommended to use a bar of soap and a glass for toothbrushes on suckers, placing them at a level slightly above the sink. as shelves for shampoos can serve as bumpers bathroom tiled.

Functional small bathroom
Shelves for accessories in a small bathroom
Using a small bath usable space
Compact bathroom incorrect configuration
Comfortable small bathroom
Bathroom and necessary accessories


In Khrushchev bathrooms were always close and the same type.They are distinguished by initial inconvenience space planning.

The best method in such apartments is redevelopment, combining bath with tub in one room, while it will be more spacious and will allow to place the objects of interior with the highest functionality.

hruschёvok big problem is the improper placement of communications, and therefore the need to create additional routing pipes, trying to save space. In turn, communication can try to hide in the walls, at the same time aligning them, because they do not shine Khrushchev special evenness. In such cases, the most appropriate option becomes the construction of new walls, alignment than the old one.

The combination of a small bath with WC
Bathroom and toilet in one room
Beautiful design combined bath and toilet

Competent design approach will help turn even the smallest room in the exclusive bathroom, with all the amenities.